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Acts 3:24-26

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 24 Yes, and all the prophets from Samuel and those after him, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.

 25 You are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant that God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, 'And in your seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed, [because you have obeyed my voice].'

 26  God, having raised up his servant and Son Jesus, first sent him to you to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities [sins]."3

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3 Notice, He "blesses you by turning away every one of you from his iniquities [sins]." For this purpose the Son of God is revealed [in us], that he might destroy [in us] the works [sin] of the devil. 1 John 3:8. Turning away is more than forgiveness, it is to be released from the desire to sin; it is the destruction of sin within a man — like the remission of cancer. Jesus preached repentance with remission of sins. When he destroys the sin in your heart, he replaces it with his Spirit, the anointing (Christ) by which you learn all things and know all things.

You say you never heard your preacher speak of this ability to have Jesus sent to you to destroy sin in you, and so you could know all things? If your preacher were a true minister of Christ, he would have been called, trained, restored, authorized, and gifted the position of a preacher; who would then be told to preach as Jesus told Paul: I am sending you to open their eyes that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may thus receive forgiveness and release from their sins and a place and portion among those who are consecrated and purified by faith in Me. Acts 26:17-18. But your preacher has no clue on how to release a person from their sins, or how to become purified by faith. As Jesus said: Leave them alone and disregard them; they are blind guides and teachers. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a ditch. Matthew 15:14. What makes them blind? Jesus tells us that an unperfected disciple is blind, but when a disciple is perfected then he is like the master, able to remove a spec from your eye. Luke 6:39-42. Jesus said the false prophets in sheep's clothing would come. John said the antichrists and false apostles had come and had gone out from among them. Peter saw the false teachers had come. Paul saw the false apostles had come, and warned the brothers night and day for three years of more coming. And in Revelation, John saw where the whole world was to go after the false prophets and the false church, which occurred shortly afterwards.