The Missing Cross to Purity

Part 8

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Gyles Fermin, called pastor of the church at Shalfor in Essex, his book called, ‘Stablishing against Shaking.’ His principles follow.

Principle. He said, ‘Take away learning, and England becomes a dunghill.’

Answer. Peter and John were unlearned men, yet were no dunghill.

Principle. He said, ‘True teachers plead hard for their people's ears. The Quakers say we are not ministers, because we preach for hire; and are covetous and divine for money; and the apostles took wages and maintenance,’ and said, ‘they eat, and drank.’  He also said, ‘The Lord did ever bestow upon his ministers honorable wages,’ page 5. And ‘the laborer is worthy of his hire,’ page 6.

[Nowhere in the Bible is there any reference to the apostles taking wages and maintenance. Nowhere does the Bible say the Lord bestowed upon his ministers honorable wages. This man is twisting 1 Cor 9, in which Paul's last verse is: What is my reward then? Truly, that when I preach the gospel, I may offer the gospel of Christ without charge,1 so that I do not abuse my right in the gospel. 1 Cor 9:18. The Bible clearly states that the Lord forbids preachers to solicit money, and sudden disaster overcomes any who do.]

Answer. When the apostle speaks of taking wages, of eating and drinking, to those who examined him, he speaks this among the saints, gathered out of the world, from among Jews and Gentiles. This was not spoken to such as held up temples, tithes, and priests, but a gathered, separated people from them. And the gospel they preached, the power of God, opened the hearts of the people to give unto them, and not by an outward law. And the great work of the apostles was not to wrangle about their maintenance, as is the great work of the man-made ministers now in our age, such as divine for money, and prophesy for money. Hire was always looked upon to be wages of the false prophets [hireling], who are without the spirit of God that gave forth the scriptures; for the spirit of God would never value, equal, or measure his gift with the earthly things. And when the apostle speaks of the laborer being worthy of his hire, [which is to eat whatever is set before you, not ask for money], he said, ‘Who goes a warfare at his own charge?’ They who were taught, were to communicate every good thing to them. This still was spoken among the saints, this was not spoken in temples, and synagogues, and to those who took tithes; for those were warred against by those who were in the substance; and the warfare was to bring people to the substance, out of the first Adam to the second; and out of the shadows. The reference to the ministers having the double honor, was the life and the power; such measured not a gift with earthly things; which brought them to lay down all their estates at the apostles' feet; which was more than tithes. But this gospel we do not see among you, nor this power, the power of God; neither in preachers nor their hearers. The apostles did not order the Gentiles, nor the Jews that were in their forms and inventions, and traditions, that had elders among them; they did not order them to obey those who had rule over them; but they brought them from under those rulers, from those elders to Christ the substance, the elder brother; and so who was grown more than another in the life, was the elder, and watched over the weak. It is manifest that you never received the gift of God, whose work is thus to contend for outward things. For the gift of God which is perfect, would break through the imperfect, and raise up the witness to give freely. [A true minister of Christ would never ask for money, solicit a contribution, take a salary from his congregation, have a collection box displayed.]

[For a complete refutation of all the scriptures used by false prophets to justify their salaries, see Some Common Scriptures Quoted by those who want to ignore Peter's and Christs commands to freely give and preach not for filthy lucre.]

Principle. He said, ‘No man can be a good text man unless he have attained to the languages which have cost us so much; and he cannot know the errors but by learning.’ And said, ‘he may thus speak for the necessity of arts, without which men cannot be sufficient ministers.’

[A good text man is of no value to learn of God because that which may be known of God is revealed in them; for God has shown it to them. Rom 1:19. It is only by revelation from God, that one learns about God. All the books in the world, in all the languages of the world, will not help learn about God.

If men can learn about God from the Bible, then why are there 41,000 different opinions as to what the Bible demands? There are 41,000 sects in Christendom, and the number is growing. Yet, if all men learned from God, and did not start teaching until he specifically told them to, then there would only be one Church, in unity of faith: one mind, one spirit, one body, one mouth. But unity of the faith only occurs between men who have come to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, Eph 4:13; so the problem is unperfected, untaught directly by the Spirit of God, and instead taught from a book.

So, learning about God from the Bible is a disaster, which has created heaps of sects with millions of blind guides and billions of deceived followers in the ditch.

Jesus is supposed to perfect his disciples, himself. Luke 6:39-45. The Holy Spirit is supposed to gift the office of preacher, teacher, evangelist, etc.; and this gift of authorization is not to be assumed.

Some people say that the Holy Spirit can teach you while you are reading the Bible. But that is like walking into a classroom, opening up the book at wherever you chose, and then expecting the teacher to start teaching where you have chosen.

The Holy Spirit starts teaching a man about the sins in his heart, so that he can remove them, purifying a man, making him eventually fit to teach, as all true Christians teach each other. The Holy Spirit only explains scriptures as that man is capable of receiving the teaching with full understanding. And the Holy Spirit speaks in every man's language in the world, in exact words that impart clear understanding; so studying Latin, Greek, or Hebrew is worthless.

The Holy Spirit guides a man into all truth.
So if two men differ in what is truth, then one or both of them has not been taught by revelation from the Holy Spirit. And if someone insists that learning comes from colleges and/or books, then that man has no concept of truth or God.

And the reason we have the disaster of 41,000 sects today is because man is not waiting daily on God to speak to them, so he can teach them, as he wishes to teach every man, but rather are reading about him and then rushing out to teach others what they think they have learned from a book. They think to please God in doing so, but they are an abomination to him, venturing into those things that he has not seen [not been taught by the Holy Spirit], vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind; the prophets prophesy lies in my name. I did not send them, neither have I commanded them, nor spoken to them. Col 2:18, Jer 14:14.]

Answer. None are made ministers of Christ by arts, nor by languages; let them get all the languages upon the earth, they are still only natural men, and men learning other men's natural language; he who has learned only what is natural, knows only what is natural, what another natural man can speak; and all their arts are there. Now what makes a minister of Christ is beyond the natural: yes, beyond all the natural languages upon the earth; and sees before they were. Let it cost them never so much, yes gold and silver, a wedge of gold, and the most precious things upon the earth, cannot purchase, nor make a minister of Christ; what makes a true minister of Christ is the spirit of God, and none know the scriptures given forth from the spirit of God, but with the spirit of God. Nor do any know the errors but by the spirit of God. Now if all men upon the earth have scriptures, in every one of their natural languages; yet none of these know the errors, nor the scriptures without the spirit of God from which they were given forth.

Principle. He said, ‘If the magistrates could find out any other way for maintenance for ministers, they would part with tithes, which have been these many hundreds of years.’ See page 9. And ‘there are many ministers will not take their tithes, but they compound with the people for their tithes.’ And ‘we dare not trust the people for maintenance. But we see care has been taken for us many hundred years before we were born.’ See page 10. ‘And why do not the Quakers charge us with idleness, as well as with taking wages.’

Answer. Are you not all a company of idle fellows, bred up at schools in the pride and filthiness of the earth? And when you come out you raven after great benefices, and trouble parishes, and stir up the people to envy against one another, like a company of madmen, and sue, and hale people up and down to courts for maintenance. Are not these the works of belly-gods? And is the magistrate the lord of the vineyard, that he must allot a maintenance to the laborers? Has not Christ already told his ministers what they must have? Were not the apostles to go forth without anything, and to trust the Lord, and the people, which you dare not trust? You dare not trust the gospel to maintain you; but you have a set benefice, or augmentation, or a magistrate's power to give you maintenance before you go out to a parish. Oh! How are you biting and devouring one another for such things as were not accounted of, or esteemed among the saints, who suffered joyfully the spoiling of their goods, by such devourers as you are! And is that your deceit, to compound with people for their tithes? Is that your cloak then, to say you do not take tithes? And since the days of the apostles, in the apostasy, since the power of God, the gospel, has been lost, which men should have preached and lived on, have tithes been set up. So you who have had the form of godliness, denied the power, (the gospel), and have ravened from the life of God, your gospel will not maintain you; and you cry, ‘help magistrate, help law, cast into prison, summon up to courts,’ and this has been your work for many hundred years for maintenance. And so all sober men that stand and look on [what you are doing] are ashamed of you. Thus the poor people are deceived with your false covers, and wolfish spirits. You have gotten the sheep's clothing upon your backs; but now are the vials, and hail storms fallen upon your heads, which make many of you gnaw your tongues; and now are the thunders coming out, and the plagues, which make many of you fret yourselves.

Principle. He said, ‘False apostles and deceitful workers, and Satan transforming himself into an angel of light.’ See page 11.

Answer. Christ said false prophets, and antichrists, the inwardly ravenous in the sheep's clothing, should come; the apostles saw they had come before their decease, who were devouring, as most of the epistles declare of them; the apostles saw them before their decease; that made a prey upon the saints; that served not the Lord Jesus Christ but their own bellies. Now since the days of the apostles has the world run after them; and they have devoured the world, and they have gotten the sheep's clothing upon their backs: therefore have you deceived the world. Now, you have been the outskirts, and the suburbs of this great city; the day has declared you, your city is besieged, and the Lamb and the saints have conquered it; the city by whom the saints have been slain, and their blood drunk. In which city has a trumpet sounded, and the piping has been, and the mourners have gone about the city. But now have come to her lamentation, desolation, and woe, and to all her merchandise, that has built up and thrown down, whereby the world was brought into confusion; the faith, and truth, and life, and love being reprobated from, and that the saints were in, that gave forth the scriptures. What the apostles saw coming in before their decease, who Christ said would come, has ruled and reigned, since their decease, until this day that Christ has come and made it manifest.

Principle. He said, ‘The devil could not do mischief in the church where the candle is burning, and light shining: but he gets on his garb: and the weakest of children are carried about with every wind of doctrine.’ See page 17. He said, ‘The prince of darkness is transformed into an angel of light, he walks in the churches.’ See page 18.

Answer. The church of Christ is the pillar and ground of truth, which truth the devil is out of, and abode not in it; he walks on the outside, and is not in the church. So there are the children who you do not know, who are heirs of the kingdom of Christ, and are of his church, the pillar and ground of truth. And the devil, and false prophets, and mother of harlots, though they have all the sheep's clothing, they cannot get into the church where the candle is, and the burning shining light; not the devil with all his ‘garb,’ as you call  it. The whore who has ravened from the spirit of God, is not arrayed so gorgeously, as is the is the church, the pillar and ground of truth, which true church is in the spirit of God, where the candle is burning and the light is shining; this true church the whore, devil, wolves, false prophets, antichrists, and beast, are out of, raging on the outside, in the earth. So the church of Christ is the pillar and ground of truth, and here the elect is known who cannot be deceived. The devil, the prince of darkness, though he transforms himself into an angel of light, he does not walk in the church, for the church is in God, the pillar and ground of truth, and he is out of that, including all his apostles, and his messengers; and truth is atop of him, and them all, and with it they are shut out.

Principle. He said, ‘Honor is the expressing of the inward respect that we bear to persons,’ and many scriptures he brings for bowing and for master, page 23, and so stumbles at thee and thou.

Answer. Which shows he never learned his grammar, nor Bible, and is a transgressor of Christ's commands, who said, ‘Be not of men called master; for you have one master even Christ, and you are all brethren;’ and a transgressor of the law, for ‘they who respect persons commit sin,’ and are convinced of the law as transgressors, and reprobate concerning the faith, which is held without the respect of persons. And though they bowed in the old time, as several bowed before the angels, yet Christ is come by whom all things were made, the salvation to the ends of the earth; to whom powers, principalities, thrones, and dominions must be subject: to whom angels, and thrones must bow; yes things in heaven, and things in earth, and every tongue confess him to the glory of God, and ‘every knee bow;’ and there people come into the unity, and there they hold the head.

Principle. He said, ‘The Quakers' light teaches to forsake the scriptures; and set up a spirit in man, which will not be examined by scriptures.’ See page 26.

Answer. He is out of the truth who speaks it because the Quakers have not received the spirit of the world, but the spirit of God; by which they know the things which are freely given of God, and know the scriptures given forth from the spirit of God; and with the same spirit the scriptures are owned again.

Principle. He said, ‘Paul swore, after Christ, and the angels swore,’ page 27. And said, ‘I wonder Paul should so forget himself, and sin so fearfully in swearing.’  ‘So the Quakers' light that denies swearing, is of Satan, and not the light of Christ,’ page 28.

Answer. Christ the light, (which Satan is out of), who is the oath of God, ends all oaths sworn by prophets or angels whatsoever. And who swear are fallen into the condemnation of the devil; and nowhere in scripture is it said that the apostle swore; but such as you are, it matters not what the scriptures say. So that spirit that preaches for swearing is not the spirit of Christ, but is the spirit of antichrist, preaching up what Christ and the apostles preached down, who preached condemnation to them that did swear.

Principle. He said, ‘The light in the conscience that takes them from the law of God, is the light of Satan.’

Answer. The light, Christ, in the conscience is the end of the law for righteousness' sake. And what keeps men from what does end the law, is not the doctrine of the true apostles, but the false.

And the light ‘which enlightens every man that comes into the world,’ which is the substance, leads men off from all types, and figures, and signs; who come to enjoy him, enjoy the end; who come off from all outward elements, as bread and wine, and such things, to the substance itself, to look at things that are not seen. ‘For things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal.’

Principle. He speaks of ‘a new creature distinct from Christ,’ and said ‘while we live sin lives.’ And said, ‘I deny that the righteousness of Christ, whereby a believer is justified, does dwell in him,’ page 36.

Answer. Is not the new creature in Christ? ‘He who is in Christ is a new creature,’ and is not distinct from him; and how have you divided the word here? Christ is justification, sanctification, wisdom, and righteousness; and if he is not within you, you are reprobates. Where Christ is, he is not without righteousness. Therefore they are not without righteousness, and wisdom, justification, and sanctification, if Christ is within; for, where he is, that is not lacking. The apostle said they were ‘made free from sin.’ And ‘let not sin have dominion over your mortal bodies;’ mind, ‘mortal bodies,’ which sin was not to have dominion over. And ‘old things pass away, and all things become new.’ Sin is an old thing, from the old deceiver. So while any sin is standing, all things are not made new, and sin has its dominion.

Principle. He said, ‘he has not read where a believer dwells in Christ's righteousness,’ page 37.

Answer. Every true believer is born of God; and ‘he who is born of God does not commit sin.’ And he who dwells in Christ, dwells in righteousness and truth, in what sin and the devil are out of, which blots out sin and transgression, where the body of it comes to be put off.

Principle. ‘And the light which teaches men to say they have no sin, is of Satan.’ And said, ‘The Quakers' light teaches them to deny prayer.’

Answer. The apostles' light taught them to say, they were made free from sin, they had put off the body of sin, and their sin and transgression were blotted out. The sins of the ‘little children’ were forgiven, they who walked in the light, ‘the blood of Jesus Christ cleansed them from all sin,’ taught them to know the faith that gave them victory over the world, that purified their hearts, held in a pure conscience. And this is the Quakers' light, which teaches them the path of the apostles; and it teaches men to be holy, as God is holy, and perfect, as he is perfect. This was the light of Christ, and the apostles told them to be as Christ is, and said, ‘as he is, so are we in this present world.’ And the light that guides the Quakers does not teach them to deny prayer, but brings them to pray correctly, with the spirit and with the understanding; without which all prayers are in the hypocrisy.

Principle. He said, ‘We acknowledge there is a thousand perfect men in England, as perfect as children, tossed to and fro,’ page 40. But he said, ‘I deny that any man has that perfect knowledge of Christ in this life.’

[So that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the deceptions and cunning craftiness of men, by which they lie in wait to deceive. Eph 4:14.

This man admits he is is no more perfect than children that are tossed to and fro, carried about with every wind of doctrine.]

Answer. ‘Christ is in you except you are reprobates.’ And the scripture speaks of such as had both the son and the Father. And all those children that are tossed to and fro, are carried about with the windy doctrine, which has got up in the apostasy since the days of the apostles, among those who are ravened from the spirit of God. Such their doctrines are windy, and do not settle, nor perfect, nor ‘bring into the unity of the faith, nor the knowledge of the son of God, the faith that gives the victory;’ nor to a perfect man, nor ‘to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,’ which was the work of the true ministry which was before the apostasy. None come to the knowledge of Christ but by the light.

Principle. He said, ‘The church teaches to pray without ceasing; but you told, stay till the spirit moves us.’  

[When you have received the Holy Spirit, who gives you the words to pray, pray without ceasing, for the Spirit also helps our infirmities for we do not know what we should pray for as we should, but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Rom 8:26. Wait in silence until the Spirit teaches us what we shall say unto him; for we cannot order our speech by reason of darkness. Job 37:19. What am I to do then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with understanding, 1 Cor 14:15.]

Answer. The church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, does not pray without the spirit. And such as pray without the spirit, pray without understanding. And they who pray as the spirit does move them, know what they ought to pray for. So ‘every man that comes into the world,’ being in the ‘light that lights every man,’ it will direct him to pray, and to pray aright, and to ask in the name of Christ, ‘who is the way to the Father.’

Principle. He said, ‘The children of God never assumed to themselves an infallible spirit.’

Answer. Did not the apostles say, ‘they who had not the spirit of Christ were none of his?’ and is not the Spirit of Christ infallible? And were not all the scriptures given forth from the spirit of God, and is not that infallible? [If you deny the infallibility of the Spirit that wrote the scriptures, then the scriptures are worthless.]

Principle. ‘The spirit of Christ is a spirit of wisdom, and a rational spirit. The light that brags of an infallible spirit, and cannot speak sense nor reason, is the spirit of Satan,’ page 46.

Answer. The spirit of Christ that was in the apostles, which led them to speak to the world, who were in their own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, was always judged foolishness by that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; for they ministered to the spirits in prison. And Christ the covenant of God, who was promised to come, and who should say to the prisoners, ‘show yourselves forth,’ was accounted as a madman by the wise Jews; and the apostles and prophets likewise were accounted as fools. Were not the saints ever judged, by the sense and reason of the world, to be madmen, and fools? Christ, a madman? the prophets, fools? and the apostles mad, and babblers? They who are in the spirit of the prophets, of Christ, and the apostles, by this generation are judged the same. So is the spirit of the Quakers tried and know of all men; the witness in all men's consciences shall answer them.

Principle. ‘You shall not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treads out the corn. And they who plough in hope, and thresh in hope, are made partakers of their hope. And we are denied our corn, and are willing to go to the magistrates, our nursing fathers. And so we thresh half a year, and can get no wages, then are we willing to go to the magistrate,’ page 47.

[The ox treads corn and eats from it. This man implies a minister's job is to tread out money from his congregation, of which a minister is then is entitled to take some money for himself; that sounds more like a gangster than a minister. A true minister of Christ works out of love for Christ and his children, working to bring them to perfection and the stature of fullness of Christ, working to perfect the love of God in his flock; and his reward is to share in that love, to have them knit into his heart. But this man looks for money, not love. He fulfills the words of Christ, speaking about those who are hired to watch over the flock:

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. John 10:11-13

Jesus is making the point that since the hired hand does not work for the love of God and love of the flock, at the first sign of adversity, he will flee; he doesn't care about the flock, or else he wouldn't be extracting money from them. ]

Answer. How can you thresh or plough, and have not the infallible spirit? Can any get out the corn, or the wheat, that have not the infallible spirit? Now we say, they who have not the infallible spirit cannot get out the corn; they may beat the air, they may get the sheep's clothing upon their backs, and go out, and beat the air; and so when their gospel will not maintain them, then they are willing to run to the magistrate; and to the hills, that must be beaten as chaff, because they cannot live of the gospel they preach; which does not open the hearts of people, does not get out the seed of God.

Principle. He said, ‘The Quakers' light condemns such as the light of Christ approves.’ And said, ‘Tell us what it is to walk in holiness, as the holy men of God did.’ See page 49.

Answer. Who walk in holiness, walk in the spirit that the holy men walked in, that gave forth the scriptures, which spirit is infallible. And none walk in holiness, but who are led by that, out of the self-righteousness. And the light which the Quakers are in, is the light with which Christ enlightens every man that comes into the world, which comes from Christ, and is one with him. And no one upon the earth owns Christ but who owns the ‘light which enlightens every man that comes into the world,’ which the Quakers are in, which you calls a light from Satan. And they must all come to the Quakers, if ever they own the light, and if ever they own Christ the way to the Father, and come into the power of godliness.

[The man does not understand holiness, and so asks what it means. The reason he doesn't understand is because he still sins, and holiness is a reward for being freed from sin, as Paul plainly states: But now being made free from sin, and having become slaves to God, you have the reward of holiness, and at the end, everlasting life. Rom 6:22. Curiously, he doesn't just pretend he is holy, like he pretends he is righteous, justified, saved, and a Christian.

To be holy means to comply with the following:

be perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect. Mat 5:48
be merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Luke 6:36
be holy in all manner of conduct; 1 Pet 1:15-16
every man who has this hope in him purifies himself, even as He [Jesus] is pure. 1 John 3:3
He who practices righteousness is righteous, even as He is righteous. 1 John 3:7
as he is, so are we in this present world. 1 John 4:17

Principle. He said, ‘It is wretchedness to say that Christ has redeemed them perfectly, and now lives in them the Lord of all things, by which they are the sons of God,’ page 50.

Answer. The scripture said, he is ‘in all and through all, who is God blessed for ever.’ Are they who are redeemed not redeemed into perfection, into Christ? Are they not redeemed perfectly? Are they not redeemed out of imperfection? And does not Christ, who is Lord of all, say, he will dwell in the saints? And are not all they in the wretched state, who will not have him to reign over them?

Principle. He said, ‘The ministers of Christ received the gospel not by man, nor were taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ, but we own no such revelation as this,’ page 51.

[This man owns no revelation and therefore admits he knows absolutely nothing about God, Because that which may be known of God is revealed in them; for God has shown it to them. Rev 1:19.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Heb 13:8. So the early Church had revelation yesterday, the true Church has revelation today, and there will be revelation forever. Anyone teaching without explicit authorization and training from the Holy Spirit will not have revelations. This man thinks that since he and his fellow false prophets have not had any revelations, then there are no more to be had; and accuses anyone claiming revelations to be deluded and evil.]

Answer. We do believe you, who are apostatized and ravened from the spirit of God, having only the sheep's clothing, and are the wolves gone abroad in the world, who, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect; but the elect are kept in the arm of Christ, you cannot pluck one of them out of his hands for his Father and he is greater than all. None know the gospel, but who know direct revelation; for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and this is direct. So all you in the apostasy, since the days of the apostles, are gone from the foundation, Christ Jesus, which enlightens every man that comes in the world; with it you are all seen and fathomed, over the world does the light reach, answered with that of God in every one, the salvation to the ends of the earth; which light comes to fulfill scriptures. The apostles were judged deceivers; who came to bring the people to the substance the scriptures spoke of; so they were judged deceivers.

Principle. ‘If the Quakers say that the ministers have not the spirit that the prophets and apostles had, then positively we say we have not. And if the Quakers say they have it so, then I say the prophets and apostles had it not,’ page 53.

Answer. We do believe you, when you say that you do not have the same spirit that the prophets, and apostles, and Christ had. This is made manifest in that you are all on heaps about their words, and are willing to run to schools and colleges to be made ministers by men, and not by the spirit. But the Quakers witness the spirit that the prophets, the apostles, and Christ had, with which they own their words; with which spirit they see you who have gotten their words, and made a trade of them, and are all on heaps about them, and fall out about church and ministers.

Principle. He said, ‘The infallible spirit did not guide Isaac when he blessed Jacob, for he missed the person,’ page 53.

[Admitting no revelation or guidance from the spirit, nor hearing his voice, this imposter then reaches back into the Old Testament to try to prove the spirit did not guide Isaac, while ignoring hundreds of scriptures relating to the spirit guiding the early church and apostles.]

Answer. God with his eternal spirit did direct Isaac what to do, for that stood in his counsel, though of that spirit you have shown your ignorance, and your fallibility, and yourself to be one of them in whom the devil is transformed into an angel of light; which Christ said should come, the false prophets, and deceivers, and false apostles; which the apostles saw were come, which, since their days, have had the reign over the world. But now to what they ravened from, and into the truth, (in which the devil abode not), are the saints come; and the Lamb reigns that is the substance of the scriptures, the end of the scriptures, that has dominion. Glory in the highest for ever.

And as for all the revilings, lies, slanders, vilifying, hard expressions in your book, they will fall upon yourself, and to you they will be sad, and you shall feel that every one of your own words shall be your burden, and they shall come home unto you; in the day of your judgment the witness in you shall answer. All along you have showed your ignorance of the infallible spirit, that is poured upon all flesh; for whosoever prays, or has a humility, or sings, and not by the infallible spirit, they sing not with the understanding, nor pray with the understanding. And under the judgment of God you have brought yourself, and all your generation.

Thomas Collier's book, called, ‘A Dialogue between a Minister of the gospel, and an Inquiring Christian.’ His principles follow.

Principle. He said, ‘that the scriptures are the absolute rule of saints, that are endued with the spirit and faith,’ page 7.

Answer. Such as were endued with the spirit and faith, had a rule before the written scripture was, and they knew the seed, and they knew the promises, and they knew Christ more than the Pharisees who had the scriptures, but were no more value to them than the apostates since the days of the apostles that have the scriptures, and the Epistles, and Revelation. For by faith they saw the glory, they were in the foundation, they saw Christ the everlasting covenant, and that is the foundation still, Christ Jesus, him by whom the world was made; and all who have the scriptures, but do not possess him, can do nothing. What ruled the saints before the scriptures were written is the saints' rule after the scriptures are written, to know what is written, and to know God of whom they learned that gave it forth, or wrote it; with that they know to what state and condition it was spoken. The spirit is the record, and he who has all the scriptures, and lacks the true record, which is the spirit, he cannot know all things.

[The Spirit leads into all truth, and teaches all things. The Bible does not contain knowledge about all things, neither does it contain all truth, including the many mysteries which only the spirit of God can reveal. 41,000 sects with their noses buried in the Bible have no idea of what they worship, for until the Spirit reveals God, there is no knowing him by reading about him: And by this we know that we know him: if we keep obey his commands,1 John 2:3; not two commands, not three command, but all of his commands; click to see a list. ]

Principle. ‘And the scripture of the New Testament is the saints' rule, and the rule of judgment,’ page 10.

[18 year old James Parnell, the first early Quaker to die from cruel imprisonment, wrote and outstanding paper on this exact fallacious claim, titled Does Scripture Rule or Christ Rule. Click here to read it.]

Answer. The scriptures being given forth from the spirit of God, people do not know to what state they were spoken, until they come into the spirit that gave them forth. And besides, the epistles were written to the saints in several conditions, according to their growth; and some of them grew higher than others, for in the hearts of some of them the day-star was not risen, and some of them were children of the day. So that still was the rule that led them to give forth the epistles, and revealed to them the states and conditions of the saints, and to ages, and to generations, and to nations, and the condition the world was in, and should come upon it, that was the rule, and is the rule by which all these words are seen again: and there is the record of the spirit of God. And he who has found the true record, the spirit of God, with this he shall know all the scriptures; and is come within the book where all things are written, and which writes all things forth, the spirit.

Principle. He said, ‘The scriptures are that word which makes the devils to stand in awe and tremble. The written word for after generations, by which men's souls are brought to Christ,’ pages 14, 15. Again, ‘the scriptures are the sword of the spirit,’ page 16.

[The Word of God is the Living Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Voice of the Lord.
Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow;
A book is not a two-edged sword, but Jesus had in his right hand seven stars; and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword; and his countenance was as the sun shines in his strength. Rev 1:16.
The scriptures do not come out of Jesus' mouth. Jesus speaks words, and they are written into scriptures by the hearers of his spoken words, which are spoken with Spirit.
This is Jesus. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. Rev. 19:13
Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Eph 6:17
And a sword will pierce through your own soul also--that the secret thoughts and purposes of many hearts may be brought out and disclosed. Luke 2:35. Out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword; and his countenance was as the sun shines in his strength. Rev 1:16.
So, the sword of the spirit is not the Bible, it is the spoken words from the mouth by the Spirit of Christ, the Word of God.]

Answer. [When Jesus began his ministry the devils trembled at him, but not at scriptures.] The Pharisees had the scriptures, whom Christ said were of the devil, and were swallowed up in his power; and they stood against Christ, the life, the substance. The devil came with scriptures (who is out of the truth) to tempt Christ the word, [without trembling and without awe, rather with disdain], but the word [Christ], the substance of scriptures, hammered down the devil, and the Pharisees that had gotten the scriptures, but were out of the life that gave them forth. And they have the sword who have the word of God [in sufficient measure to speak what they hear from the Spirit], which was before the scriptures were given forth, and they are in that in which the devils are out of. So if the devil and wicked men bring scriptures, they hammer them under, and redeem the scriptures out of their ungodly mouths. The written word brings no soul to Christ the life, but who comes to the life that the written words speak of; and so it testifies of him, the life, that brings them to Christ that gave it forth.

Principle. God is willing that all should be saved; but he works not all into a saving condition.’ See page 21. He said, ‘It is true, there is a spirit and life in the scriptures.’ See page 22.

Answer. The spirit and life are not in the scriptures, but the scriptures testify of the spirit and life; and the light, Christ Jesus, (the salvation to the ends of the earth), enlightens every man that comes into the world with a saving light. The light which every man has that comes into the world is saving; but many hating the light which has enlightened them, and not coming to it, neglect and slight their salvation, and not believing in it, they walk in darkness, and so not come to the light of life. But they who believe in it, come to the light of life, and do not abide in the darkness. And ‘the grace of God which brings salvation has appeared to all men.’ Such as turn it into wantonness, and walk despitefully against the spirit of grace, own it not for their teacher, but set up teachers according to their own lusts; so turn against what brings their salvation, and walk despitefully against it, and follow their own lusts, and trample upon the covenant of grace, and the blood of the new covenant. And all that see the bishop of their souls, Christ Jesus the savior of their souls, it is with the light that comes from him; and God wills that all men should be saved.

Principle. He said, ‘To use Christ's name to catch souls, when indeed it is but juggling, and to stab him, and crucify him afresh.’ See page 42. ‘If Christ enlightens every man that comes into the world, &c. if this were truth, then Christ died in vain, and in vain has Christ spoke of himself, saying, I am the way, the truth, the life, the light,’ &c. See page 45.

Answer. Such as do not believe that Christ enlightens every man that comes into the world, such as mention his name, and are haters of the light that comes from him, are in the juggling state, and deceivers of the souls of people. And none see Christ the one offering, but with the light that comes from him. Nor do any know the savior Christ Jesus, but with the light that comes from him;  and that lets them see the body prepared, Christ who was the seed of Abraham, according to the flesh, the one offering, who ends all offerings; and his blood that is the atonement, is the saints' drink, which, who drinks of it, shall live, with which their consciences are purged from dead works to serve the living God. And no one knows the foundation of God that stands sure, nor feels it, nor sees it, but with the light which comes from Christ the foundation, which breaks down all other foundations; which light that every man is enlightened withal, gives him the knowledge of the foundation of God.

Principle. He said, ‘I do believe that there was never a saint perfectly free from sin here; but they shall have the body of sin and death, which will be their burden to keep them humble.’ See page 52. ‘And it does not appear that they attain purification, or perfection, before the change of body.’

[So he denies Paul was perfect, who said:

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, Gal 2:20;

Giving thanks to the Father, .. Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son; Col 1:12-13.

Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom, so that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Col 1:28.

And he denies John was perfect, who said:

If we love one another, God dwells in us, and his love is perfected in us. 1 John 4:12

In this [abiding or dwelling in God] love is brought to perfection, so that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as he is, so are we in this present world. 1 John 4:17

Answer. What is the true humiliation bears the sin and iniquity, and is Christ; such as are not brought down with the judgments for their sinful actions, never knew the seed that puts off the body, (from which all the roots proceed), in that is the true humility, and the righteousness of Christ, and the glory, revealed. The saints witnessed the body of sin and death put off, while they were upon the earth; and such as were in Christ were new creatures, all things had become new. And the apostles spoke wisdom among those who were perfect; and that was before the change of the body, you speak of. And the work of the ministry was ‘for the perfecting of the saints, until they all came into the unity of the faith, (that gives victory), and to the knowledge of the son of God; unto a perfect man unto the measure; and stature of the fullness of Christ.’ This was the ministers' work. Not as children tossed up and down with every slight, and windy doctrine of men, who lie in wait to deceive. So you have tried the work of your ministry, and brought it to the light.

Principle. He said, ‘Such a trembling as a way to perfection, is to set it in the room of Christ, beside the truth, and slight and undervalue the word of God: and let all men beware of this trembling.’ See page 78.

Answer. All who own the word of God, that reconciles to the Father, and hammers down, and brings out of the fall, and cuts down and burns up, must know their salvation wrought out with fear and trembling. And these own the word of God, and the words of God, the scriptures; and these own this trembling; there is a cloud of witnesses in the scriptures. None will deny this trembling that own the salvation wrought out, or to be wrought out unless they are out of the truth; and they who get scriptures, (being out of the truth), and deny the power of God, are with it judged. Those that have the form, but deny the power, deny the trembling, so they deny the salvation to be wrought out with fear and trembling, and none know the salvation but they who know trembling. And such may say, (who are the devil's messengers), beware of this power that makes to tremble.

[So said the LORD. "But this is the man I will look on [favorably]: he who is of a poor and contrite spirit, and trembles at my word." Isa 66:2. No one trembles at the scriptures, but when the Spirit of God searches a man, he trembles.

But alas, Christendom has been fooled into believing God excuses all their sins, and so there is no fear: Do you not fear Me?’ says the LORD. ‘Will you not tremble at My presence, Who have placed the sand as the bound of the sea, By a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass beyond it? And though its waves toss to and fro, Yet they cannot prevail; Though they roar, yet they cannot pass over it. Jer 5:22.

But there will be a time, if not in this life, in the next life: when all men who are on the face of the earth shall shake at My presence. Ezekiel 38:20.

The false prophet who denigrates trembling, does not know the scriptures he worships. Because he has not experienced trembling, he arrogantly assumes no one else could possibly be more spiritual than himself, or he is a deliberate deceiver.]

Principle. He said, ‘The scripture is truly the ministry of the spirit to us.’ See page 67.

[The is no way a book can minister to anyone. When the spirit ministers to us, the spirit shows us the secret sins of our heart and then removes them. The spirit reveals the mysteries of God to us. The spirit encourages us, corrects us, warns us, tells us of his love for us, speaks in language and terms that we easily understand, gently reproves us, always is kind, and loving. That is why the scripture says: the spirit gives life; but the letter kills. 2 Corinthians 3:6]

Answer. Those were the ministers of the spirit that gave forth the scriptures: and those are the ministers of the letter, who are out of the spirit that gave forth the scriptures, and that cannot minister the spirit.

Principle. He said, ‘The scriptures do not speak of a general redemption of all, from the state of sin, and freedom from sin.’ See page 75.

Answer. There is a general state and redemption of all, and freedom from sin, by believing in the one offering, the blood of Jesus Christ; and unbelief shuts out.

Principle. He said, ‘Mystical Babylon shall fall by the kings of the earth. And many precious saints shall destroy Babylon with the sword.’ See page 84. And he said, ‘I cannot apprehend that the saints shall have the government of the world.’ See page 86. ‘And the beast when he rises shall give a mark in the right hand.’  

Answer. Christ has all power in heaven and earth given to him; they who believe in him, and are in his power, who has all power in heaven and earth given to him, have the government, and are in the government, the Lamb's government; but the unbelievers are out of it. What slays mystical Babylon is not the kings of the earth, and the saints that are on the earth do not slay with the carnal sword; for ‘they that kill with the sword, must perish with the sword.’ ‘Here is the faith, and patience of the saints:’ their ‘weapons are not carnal, but spiritual, mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.’ The Lamb slays and kills with the sword, and takes the beast, and the false prophet, and the devil, and casts them alive into the lake of fire, where they shall be tormented for ever, that burns with brimstone, who ‘kills and slays with the sword, which is the words of his mouth.’ The beast has long existed, with his marks, his heads and horns, and with his names; but the Lamb and the saints are trampling him to pieces under, and getting the victory over him. The everlasting gospel is preaching. Of the witnesses you are ignorant, but you are of those who have been the slayers of the witnesses.

Principle. He said, ‘I do not profess myself infallible, but I shall freely give my apprehensions.’ See page 110. ‘To contend earnestly for the faith which is the first unto justification and services of faith.’ See page 111. He said, ‘False Christs, and false prophets shall come.’ And ‘to the law, and to the testimony.’  

Answer. The law is light,’ and ‘the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy;’ and men may have all the scriptures of the Old and New Testament, yet being from the light, the spirit of prophecy, they do not know the law and testimony [because they have no light]. And we do believe you, that you are not infallible, but are only in the apprehensions; and before you come to contend for the faith, and to know that by which the saints are justified, you must come into the ‘light that enlightens every man,’  which lets see Christ the author of the faith. And Christ said false prophets and antichrists would come, which would get the sheep's clothing, and say, ‘Lo, Christ is here, and lo he is there! These, Christ said to the apostles should come, who before their decease did come; who, since their decease, the world has gone after. So every man that comes into the world being enlightened, and having a light from Christ the savior of the soul, every man being in the light Christ has enlightened him withal, with the light which comes from Christ, he shall see a savior, Christ Jesus, from whom it comes; and shall see the light shining from the east to the west, and the coming of the son of man, and receive Christ, and so come to the rock. And so people having been from the ‘light which every man is enlightened withal that comes into the world,’ they have been all brought on heaps. But now they are coming to the rock. And your words, Thomas Collier, shall be your own burden, and for them you shall receive judgment. And this is the word of the Lord God to you, and your time is not yet past.

John Billingsley, who calls himself ‘Master of Arts, Minister of the Gospel, and Pastor of the Church at Chesterfield,’ in his book called, ‘Strong Comforts for Weak Christians.’ His principles follow.

Principle. He said, ‘He would have the mayor and aldermen of Chesterfield to show themselves to be really affected to the cause of Christ and his blessed Sabbaths.’  

Answer. In this you have shown you are one of those that keep people in darkness, and not a minister of the gospel of Christ, and the new covenant, but of the law, and in the signs and shadows. For the apostles did bring people off from the Sabbaths, and they met together on the first day of the week, and denied the Jews' Sabbath; and still it is your practice, and yet you cry up ‘to show themselves for the cause of the blessed Sabbath.’ What blind and dark stuff is this? For never did pastor or minister of Christ preach up such a doctrine, as to stir up aldermen and mayors, and great men, to show themselves zealous for the Sabbath. And thus you have showed yourself to be one of them the apostle was afraid of, who observed the days, which he brought the people off from, to the substance; they met together on the first day of the week, which Christ rose on, and so was a cross to the Jews, who met together on the seventh day. And circumcision was on the eighth day, on that day Christ rose.

Principle. He said, ‘The scripture and the spirit are inseparable, (which he calls the word, page 7), and that the spirit is always in the scriptures.’ Again, ‘He is in the gall of bitterness, and bond of iniquity, who calls the spirit a dead letter,’ page 9.

[If the spirit and the scripture are inseparable, then you can buy the spirit, you can sell the spirit, you can burn the spirit, — which obviously you cannot. But you can twist the scriptures to your destruction, like claiming they are the spirit or the word of God or even claiming they are inseparable, making the scriptures god.

the letter kills, but the spirit gives life. 2 Cor 3:6. If the letter (scripture) kills, it obviously has no life, and so is dead. But the spirit gives life to its listener. The words I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63. Notice he did not say, my words are life, nor did he say the scriptures are life, nor did he say the words of mine that you read are life; no he specifically said the words I speak to you are life. When you hear the Lord speak to you, you hear the love, power, kindness, gentleness, humility, peace, and self-control from the tone, the inflections, the precise words, that speak to your individual, unique condition — to read words is no comparison. Think about a synthetic voice speaking; the words are dull, rote, lifeless - just like words read.

Further, unless you hear the spirit of the Lord, the word of the Lord within your heart, you do not have even the beginning of true faith. Faith is defined by Paul, in Romans 10:17: "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
Hearing what word of God? Paul answers: "The word is near you, even in your mouth, and in your heart [so you may obey it]; that is, the word of faith, which we preach. " Rom 10:8. Where is the word again?
It is not in heaven, that you should say, 'Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it to us, that we may hear it, and do it?'  
Neither is it beyond the sea, that you should say, 'Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it to us, that we may hear it, and do it?'
But the word is very near to you, in your mouth, and in your heart, so that you may obey it. Deu 30:10-14

Answer. Every one that has the scriptures cannot say he has the spirit that gave them forth; for the devil may have scripture, who is out of the spirit. And the apostle who said the letter killed, and was old, was not in the gall of bitterness, and bond of iniquity. The spirit was in those who gave forth the scriptures: and the scriptures are the words of God, which end in Christ the word, who fulfils them.

Principle. He said, ‘Prize the holy scriptures, through which are all our hopes of eternal life communicated to us. And I wonder what any soul has to show for eternal life but the scriptures. So I call it God's warrant,’ page 13. And ‘in the midst of thoughts prize the covenant of free grace. And if you would have substantial comforts from the covenant, do but lay hold of covenant comforts,’ page 12.

Answer. You cannot speak a word to the wearied, who are in the presumption yourself, and to be brought down, who are applying the promises to the wrong nature. Many may have the scriptures, and many have the scriptures, and all ignorant of eternal life, until they come into the life that they were in who gave forth the scriptures. For the scripture communicates not the life, but God, of whom they learned that gave forth scripture; it is the life that testifies of eternal life. And the soul's comfort is Christ, which the scripture speaks of.

[The scriptures testify that eternal life is not found in the scriptures:

You search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and they are those that testify of me.
But you will not come to me, that you might have life. John 5:39-40
(Come — not to sect services, not to prayer meetings, not Bible study, not to altar calls — but come directly to him, by silently waiting on him, listening for his voiced commands and teachings.)]

Principle. He said, ‘The apostle to the Philippians speaks of saints as citizens, our trading is in heaven. Now citizens' great trading is in merchandise, as ships go from London to India, &c. So thousands of souls go towards heaven worth nothing, a poor empty creature.’ See page 15.

Answer. The merchandise is in the earth, in Babylon, and there you and you all are. The soul is worth more than all the world; if it goes to heaven, it goes richly, full of all attire and fruitfulness, and not empty. Is not an empty creature what God breathed into the breath of life, by which it became a living soul? And he has all souls in his hand, and Christ is the bishop of it, the power of God, and therefore it is not empty; for the saints had the heavenly treasure in earthen vessels.

Principle. He said, ‘The sacrament and baptism is a most refreshing cup, for we walk by faith, and not by sight,’ page 18. ‘I can say frequent mention is made of salvation by Christ, without mentioning any act of faith in us.’ See page 19.

[To walk by faith is to hear and see the Spirit's promptings, and then to obey them. Faith is not believing in the magic of grape juice and bread; faith is not to imagine being cleansed by washing the outside of the cup - that is make-believe. Faith is as Jesus described his walk while on earth:

By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, John 5:30
whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak. John 12:49-50
the Son is able to do nothing of Himself (of His own accord);
but He [the son] is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, John 5:19

But this man is like the Pharisees, whom Jesus described:

You have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his form. John 5:37.

And those preachers and teachers who do not speak only what they are told to speak are the unperfected blind guides who speak from themselves, seeking their own glory:

He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory,
but he who seeks the glory of the One who sent him,
that man is true, and there is no unrighteousness in him. John 7:18.

Any man who speaks of God or Christ without the Spirit's specifically supplied words is seeking his own glory, and he is estimating himself to be greater than Christ, for Christ said: The disciple is not above his master, but everyone who is perfect [purified, restored to the spiritual image of God, specifically authorized, and perfected] will be like his master. Luke 6:40.
The preachers of Christendom's Babylon stand condemned for seeking their own glory and then accepting pay for their worthless words; when to even charge for true words of life like Balaam, spoken from the spirit of God, is expressly forbidden by Paul, Peter and Jesus. Seeking their own glory, the preachers of Christendom speak from their carnal minds, the nature of death, and preach their vain opinions from the imagination of their evil hearts. They are ministers of Satan, transformed to appear as ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to their works.]

Answer. Sacraments, and sprinkling infants, called baptism, who walk after them, walk by sight, not by faith, for these things are seen; and they follow their own traditions, and not the scriptures for either sprinkling infants or sacrament. And who walk by faith, and not by sight, come off the things that are seen. ‘For the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal,’ said the apostle. And ‘he who believes shall be saved, and he who believes not shall be condemned,’ (this is the doctrine of Christ to the apostles), they are condemned already. And where the belief is, there are faith and salvation seen and known; but where belief is not, there is condemnation, there salvation is not known, and every one that is saved, believes.

[To be saved is to be delivered from sin. Being saved is not to be promised heaven after you die, while still in your sins. For regardless of what you have been told by any of the millions of false prophets in the world, you cannot go to heaven if you die in your sins. Jesus expelled Satan from heaven because of his sin. Jesus expelled Adam and Eve from paradise because of their sin. Jesus has not changed and does not change; he did not allow sin or sinners in heaven then, and he will not allow sin or sinners in heaven now, or in the future. Sin has to go before you can enter heaven.]

Principle. ‘I do not say that there is perfect victory against every corruption; but that grace will be eating out, and curbing sin in the heart,’ page 21. ‘And there is no peace nor comfort that is maintained without warring and constant combating, etc. Yes, peace, and war against sin, are always inseparable companions,’ page 22. ‘All true comfort has its foundation from the written word; they are fancies and flashes, rather than comforts, from pretended direct revelations,’ page 23.

Answer. None know true comfort but those who come to direct revelation, that is, to the spirit that reveals the things of God. If men have all the scriptures, the written words, and not the word in which they end, they have not comfort, neither can they do any thing without Christ, neither have the wearied rest, neither is the bishop of the soul known, neither is the burden and the old yoke gone off, though they have all the scriptures. But as every one comes to the life that gave forth the scriptures, with which they see Christ the end, the substance of them, him by whom the world was made before it was made; these have comfort of the words. And the scriptures are words, not the word; and such as are here come to know peace and the end of war, and the occasion of war taken away. And sin and corruption are separated from the precious, and contrary to the just. There is no unity between them. And there is no true peace until they come into the kingdom which stands in joy, in peace, in righteousness. Now where the body is standing, and the root of sin in the heart, there is not a perfect victory; the circumcision is not known that puts off the body, and the victory is not known while the body stands. The apostle witnessed the body of sin put off by the circumcision of the spirit which was in the inward man, and he thanked God through Christ who had given him the victory, who was manifested in his flesh to condemn sin in his flesh, that he through him became the righteousness of God. And the life that he lived was by the faith of the son of God. And such as are made free from sin, and dead to it, and cannot live any longer therein, these have peace. And such have not peace where the body of sin is standing, and sin in the heart; there is the war. But such as stand in the faith which purifies the heart, and come to witness the circumcision of the heart, come to have the heart purified, and the victory over the body, as the apostle declares.

Principle. He said, ‘James Naylor deserved to be hanged,’ page 5. And said, ‘I telling people they cannot be free from sin, a perfect freedom from the being of corruption in them while they are on this side heaven,’ page 9. ‘And your speaking against ministers, and speaking in markets is as bad or worse as to bait a bull,’ page 8. And he said, ‘the steeple-house is the church.’

[Naylor showed poor judgment, disobeyed his spiritual elders, but committed no sin; and certainly he did nothing to deserve hanging. This man shows a remarkable lack of Christian mercy, wanting to kill someone of a different opinion. His congregation of "hearers" must have been drastically decreasing, as they heard the truth from the early Quakers.]

Answer. The ministers of Christ and the prophets of the Lord, who spoke his word, spoke in synagogues and in markets, in highways, and under the hedges, and upon the mountains, which disturbed the world, and all professors upon the earth that had the words of truth, but were out of the life; and they disturbed the heathen that knew not God. And all such ministers of the letter, that have it and not the spirit that gave it forth, are disturbed by the ministers that are in the spirit, that preach and speak forth the substance of the scriptures. And we know you, and do believe you (who say, ‘your people shall not be made free from their corruption;’ and tell them, ‘the steeple-house is the church;’ and say the creature ‘deserved to be hanged’) to be such as inwardly ravened, which Christ said should come, John saw were come, and the whole world went after; you are wrestlers against flesh and blood, and strike at creatures, instead of striking at the power that captivates creatures, and so have kept people under the bondage of corruption, ‘always learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,’ and have kept them in spiritual Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah, and in filthiness, telling them the steeple-house is the church. Was it not a place for the mass, set up for the mass, with a cross at the end of it? Look! is it not on yet? Has the mass-house become your church? You may thank the Papists for that. Were not the pope and the Papists the setters up of all your mass-houses, and colleges, which have gotten up since the days of the apostles, among you inwardly raveners from the church which is in God? So you have got up the mass-house for your church, and there you tell people they must have corruptions while they are upon the earth! So you are ministers of corruption, which is contrary to the apostles, who said they ‘sat in heavenly places,’ and had escaped the pollutions of the world; and they were children of the day, and not of the night, and the true light shined. So you who are ravened from the spirit of God, have got up the mass-house, got people there, and tell them they must have their corruptions, and they must have sin, and they must not be perfect while they are on this side heaven. Now they can but have sin, and can be but imperfect, if they never came to you, or to your mass-houses. Are you not the devil's messengers and ministers that preach up sin, and corruption, and imperfection, that people must be in, and have sin while they are upon the earth? The ministers of Christ preached up perfection and an overcoming of sin, and a being made free from sin; and ‘the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from all sin;’ and they had faith, which gave them victory, and the circumcision that puts off the body of sin, and the new covenant that blotted out sin and transgression. And such ministers as you, that make a trade of scriptures, the scripture itself, the prophets, apostles, and Christ, manifest your fruits to be contrary to those who gave forth scriptures. So by the scripture are you disapproved and judged, and by the life that gave it forth.

Principle. He said, ‘And it seems to me to be no more sin to bait a bull, than any other recreation.’ And said, ‘The Quakers came in to the steeple-house, and told people to look to the light within them, and told him that he was an antichrist and blind guide.’ And said, ‘I had rather be a hireling, such as Christ has hired in his vineyard, and receive a penny, than some of the Quakers that go naked in the markets.’

[The craftiness and cunning of this man shows in how he deceptively takes two scriptures that are totally unrelated; one which condemns shepherds who work for wages, and another to illustrates that God's promised reward [the kingdom of heaven] will be the same to those who work longer or shorter. He twists these scriptures to justify his salary, which practice the Lord and the apostles condemned.]

Answer. The Quakers who are in the power of the Lord God, have been moved of the Lord God to go into the world among apostates, who are ravened from the spirit of God, and are the wolves that tear and rend, and are ravening up and down for your benefices, and would eat one another out if you could, and swallow one another, like fishes in the sea. Are you contented every one with your penny from Christ? Are not you all fighting, and striking, and smiting, and casting into prison for means, for tithes, which you do no work for? Is not Christ come, and has found you smiting and striking your fellow servants; eating and drinking, like Sodom; and living in pleasure, like the old world; some having two hundred, some three hundred pounds, some less, some more? Is this equal? ‘Is this to each a penny?’ Are you like Christ's vineyard dressers, his husband-men in the vineyard? Blush, and be ashamed! The stones are thrown now at Babylon, and dash her children to pieces. And Zion is building, and the tabernacle of David is rearing up. Come up you saints, and prophets! The lamb and the saints have the victory. And you and all upon the earth are the blind guides and antichrists, who guide not people to the light within, and you who told them not look at that, but lead them from the light within, you lead them in the darkness, and you are from the light in your own particulars, and so the blind guides, for the fleece for the earth, out of the apostles' doctrine, and Christ's, who brought people to the light, and told them believe in it; who told them, ‘the light that shined in their hearts would give them the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus.’

Principle. ‘The priests bear rule by their means; this is the means of the false prophets,’ said he. ‘If paying tithes is a burden, lay it upon God and the magistrates, and not upon me, the pastor.’

Answer. Tithes were given to the similitude, Melchizedek, and to the priesthood [the Levite priesthood] made by the law of God; but Christ has come, the end of the similitude, the end of the priesthood, and has annulled the commandment that gave tithes: and all his ministers, pastors, and teachers preached down tithes, and preached up the substance, and preached down the priests that took them, and the law that gave them, and the authority and the magistrates that held them up. And so you who have gotten tithes since the days of the apostles, the root and ground of which are from the Papists in the apostasy, are such that burden the creation, and a grief to all true Christians who are in the life, power, and spirit that the apostles were in before the apostasy.

Now if you were a true minister of Christ, if the magistrates would give you tithes, you would not take them; which have gotten up since the apostles came in, among those who have got the sheep's clothing, but are ravened from the spirit of God. Do you not think if the priests who were obedient to the faith, had turned again to the Jews' magistrates, they would have given them tithes? Do you think that any of those who were obedient to the faith, took tithes after they were converted to Christ and his faith, the substance? Do you think that any that are out of the apostasy now, will take tithes of the magistrates, even if they would give them? That is tithes, which were set up since the days of the apostles in the apostasy? I will warrant you they will die before they will lose their glory and their crown, because ‘they who preach the gospel, shall live of the gospel.’ And ‘the prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means.’ What! [This man quoted scripture applicable to false prophets]; does the priest receive his gift by the false prophet's means? Do not the people love to have it so? Are not you all found fallen into this ditch, you who are inwardly ravened from the spirit of God? You are the false spirits gone into the earth for money, and for tithes, for lucre, for means, for gifts, ‘admiring men's persons because of advantage;’ yet covering yourselves with the sheep's clothing. You have crept into a mass-house and call it a church; and tell people, ‘while they are upon the earth, they must have corruptions, and the body of sin,’ and this is the work of your ministry. So you are among the liars, whoremongers, sorcerers, adulterers; and you are found to be out of the kingdom.

And as for all the rest of your rabble, and unsavory expressions in your book, they are not worth mentioning. But in the day of your judgment you shall feel your own words your burden; in the trial of the fire your works will burn.

Immanuel Bourne, who calls himself pastor of a church in Ashover, in his book called ‘A defense of the Scriptures, and the holy spirit speaking in them,’ are these principles following. And priest Gifford of Bedford his principle.

Principle. He said, ‘Christ himself sent his hearers to the scriptures, as the chief judge of controversy, and of faith.’

[Not true! You search the scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and they are those that testify of me.
But you will not come to me, that you might have life. John 5:39-40.
(Come to me — not to sect services, not to prayer meetings, not Bible study, not to altar calls — but come directly to him, by silently waiting on him, listening for his voiced commands and teachings.)]

Answer. Christ did not put the scriptures above himself; he said, ‘all judgment was committed to the son, and for judgment he was come into the world.’ And the Pharisees that had the scriptures could not judge of faith, or of controversy, nor knew Christ the author of the faith; nor can any judge but those who are in the spirit that gave forth the scriptures. And the scriptures were given forth from those who were in the faith of truth; but those who are not in the faith, do not know the scriptures, neither are the scriptures able ‘to make them wise unto salvation’ without the faith. For the Pharisees and chief priests were not made so, though they had scripture; but they who had scriptures without the life, judged and condemned the author of faith; and so do all that are out of the life still, that have the scriptures, judge the author of the faith, Christ Jesus, ‘who enlightens every man that comes into the world.’ And the holy spirit spoke in those who gave forth the scriptures, and so they spoke it forth.

Now they who are from the spirit of God in their own particulars and know it not speaking there, know not the spirit that spoke in them that spoke them forth; but such are they who say, ‘The spirit speaks in the scriptures.’ Such are ministers of the letter, and not of the spirit that gave it forth. And the spirit that gave forth the scripture is what judged of all conditions, which gave the spiritual understanding. For people have not the spiritual understanding to judge, and to discern, if they have all the scriptures, unless they are in the spirit that gave them forth. And so the scripture itself without the spirit that gave it forth, cannot be the judge of controversy, nor of faith, but is a dead letter in itself; but the spirit is what gave forth scriptures.

Principle. He said, ‘Christ within is inherent holiness.’ And ‘George Fox professed equality with God,’ page 20.

Answer. Christ within is beyond all men's righteousness or holiness, for he is the righteousness itself. And the assembly of divines* gave forth a catechism, presented to the parliament, for people to learn; wherein they say, ‘that the Holy Ghost is equal in power and glory with the Father.’ Now all that come to witness the son of God, and the Holy Ghost that gave forth the scriptures, by your account they witness what is equal in power and glory with God. And do not the assembly give forth this in their catechism, that people should learn it? And is it blasphemy to come to witness this which you have given forth, and the mind which was in Christ? Yet nevertheless George's words were not spoken as you preach them; for his words were spoken beyond all creatures, and out of all creatures, and he did not say ‘George Fox.’

[*a divine was someone who had been educated in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew; supposedly then able to understand scriptures better than anyone else - thus a divine. George Fox loved to ridicule their claim, stating that based on that qualification, Pontius Pilate was the first divine who wrote a sign in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin that said, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. John 19:18-19.

An education in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew is absolutely no help in learning from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is smart enough to teach you in any language or dialect in the world.]

Principle. He said, ‘No natural man, who is darkness, is bound to look to the light within him to direct him to salvation; for it is in vain to look for light in darkness,’ page 22.

Answer. The light with which every man who comes into the world is enlightened, is the salvation to the ends of the earth; no man comes out of darkness, out of his natural state, but who believes in the light. This was Christ's doctrine, ‘Believe in the light, that you may be the children of the light:’ and ‘he who believes in it shall not abide in darkness.’ And so they come to see the spending of the night, and the light shining out of darkness, giving them ‘the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus;’ and the light shining in the darkness, which darkness cannot comprehend it. And no one upon earth ever sees his salvation, but with the light which comes from Christ his savior, who enlightens every man that comes into the world, that all men through the light might believe: he who does not believe in the light, is condemned. And so he who follows the light shall not walk in darkness; and he who follows not the light walks in darkness. So with the light you are comprehended to be a minister of darkness, in the apostasy, keeping people from the light; and one of the false prophets ravened from the spirit, which Christ said should come, John saw were come, and the world goes after you, who tell people the letter is the word, and the spirit is in the scriptures; which is contrary to scripture, and those who spoke it forth, who said the spirit of God was within them. And the scriptures are words of God: and Christ the word, comes to fulfill the words; who is the word that was before the words were given forth; in whom the words end.

Principle. ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you, not as Christ is in every one, but the kingdom of heaven is within you, or among you,’ page 29.

[the true Light that enlightens every man who comes into the world. John 1:9

this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel: 'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.' Acts 2:16-17

the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to benefit all, 1 Cor 12:7

Everyone has the seed of Christ, the Light, within them. But it is chained down by the selfish spirit that rules the natural man. Until a man has been taught by the Spirit, shown the sins in his heart, and had them removed by the Spirit, he is no different than the heathen; this is impossible for the prideful false teacher of Christendom to accept. They think they are saved sinners, while those outside their sects are condemned sinners. So they are the good sinners, and those outside the sects are the bad sinners. But Christ said: Truly, Truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin, John 8:34; notice the truly, truly part — he is trying to get our attention and there is no equivocation in what he is saying.

But these false prophets want to hold onto their make-believe Christianity and tell those who have a touch from God to awaken them, who feel remorse for their past sins, who want to become a better person - these false prophets tell them their is nothing else required except to believe and get washed with water, leaving them in their sins, even promising them heaven when they die still sinning. Peter spoke about such men:

These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a storm, to whom black darkness is reserved forever.

For speaking great swelling words of vanity, they lure through the lusts of the flesh and much wantonness, those who were barely escaping from those who live in error.

 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption; for by whatever a man is overcome, he is enslaved. 2 Peter 2:17-19]

Answer. Christ is within except you are reprobates; yes, I say, within all professors is Christ, in Christendom, Christ is within them all, except they are reprobates. And if Christ is not within them all, they are all reprobates, but if Christ is within them all, the body is dead; and where this is so, there is Christ's reign, and his kingdom, and no Babylon, nor antichrist. And ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you,’ said Christ; yes, in the Pharisees: and that is the kingdom in man that never consents to sin; like a grain of mustard seed, like unto leaven that leavens the new lump. He who comes to know that little kingdom, and receives that little kingdom as a little child, it makes the kingdoms of the world become the son of God's kingdom; and know, that no unrighteousness, nor ungodliness must enter into it.

Principle. ‘And Christ spoke to the multitude, when he said, “Be not you of men called master,” and “Call no man father upon earth;” and did not tell the apostles not to be called of men master.’

[How devilishly wicked, to take a direct command of Jesus, and say since he didn't specifically say, "including you disciples, (the disciples had not yet been made apostles)," that it didn't apply to the disciples, only to the less important people. This is classic rationalization. To think the apostles, of whom this man is clearly not one, would be held to a lower standard of speech and conduct is ludicrous.]

Answer. He spoke this to the multitude, and to the disciples both, and said, the scribes and Pharisees were called of men master, who had scriptures; whom he cried woe against. And he said, ‘Be not you of men called master; for you have all one master, even Christ, and you are all brethren.’ This was Christ's command. But all you pastors, and ministers, Bourne, and the rest, who are apostatized from the apostles' doctrine, and Christ's doctrine, you trample upon the commands of Christ, it manifests that you have the form of godliness, but deny the power; and are not brethren past from death to life, but are all on heaps about the scriptures, Christ's, prophets', and apostles' words; and making a trade of them for your own self-ends in the apostasy; such as Christ said should come, who John saw were come, who should inwardly raven, and the world is gone after. But now with what you have all ravened from, are you all comprehended. And Christ said, ‘Call no man father upon earth.’ Where Christ is witnessed, the seed of God raised up, no earthly man is his father, and cannot call any man father upon the earth, according to the command of Christ. He that is heir of the promise of the world that has no end, of the second Adam, is born not by the will of man: but he who is of the first Adam is in another state, and stands against Christ's doctrine, and is the son of Adam in the fall.

Principle. He said, ‘Such as pretend Christ within, deny the blood of Christ, his righteousness for justification.’

Answer. They who witness Christ within, are not reprobates; justification and sanctification are possessed, the thing that was imputed to the believers.

Principle. ‘And giving honor to men.’

[The man is trying to justify requiring people to remove their hats when in the presence of important people, which partiality James forbids: if you have respect to persons, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors. James 2:9. The early Quakers refused to remove their hats in front of a judge. Hats were worn indoors by all, including Protestant preachers in their sect meetings, but when approaching an important person, the custom was to remove the hat in show of respect. When the early Quakers refused to remove their hats when appearing in front of a judge, the judge would often send them to prison for contempt of court.]

Answer. Christ the second Adam, does not receive honor of men, neither does he respect men's persons; his enemies could say so. They who received honor one of another, were the Pharisees, the great professors, which was a mark of their unbelief. But Christ would not receive their honor; the second Adam, who enlightens every man that comes into the world, will not receive the honor of men. Now he who receives the honor is out of the light, in the first Adam; is out of the power. And where humility is, which goes before honor, there is no lack of honor; for he comes into the power that makes him honorable in the hearts of all people, answering the humble principle in every one; a terror to the evil doer. Here the magistrates who fear God attain the honor that is without the respect of persons, in the humility answering with the higher power the just principle in every man; so they come to be honored in the hearts of all people, in the sight of God, and a praise of those who do well; but he who respects persons [shows partiality to men], transgresses the law, and commits sin, and is convinced of the law as a transgressor. He who respects persons is out of the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, which purifies the heart, which is held in the pure conscience, and gives victory over the world; and who are of faith are of Abraham.

And so for all your lies, and slanders, and revilings, and unsavory and bad expressions, they are loathsome before all sober people, and stink; who hast published your shame to the nation in print, it shall cover yourself, and be your own garment; and every word be your own burden, and lay a weight upon you in the day of your misery, and calamity, and in the day of your judgment when your works are tried in the fire; the witness in your conscience shall answer me.

P. Gifford, who is chief priest at Bedford, said openly, ‘That faith was not perfect.’

A. Faith is holy, and the gift of God, and purifies, and justifies, and is a mystery, in which is the unity, by which God is pleased; and this is perfect, being the gift of God; and from this he has showed his reprobation, and his ignorance.

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