The Missing Cross to Purity

Part 22

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Henry Foreside, Priest of Lingiah in Dunbartonshire, his doctrine and Principles.

Principle. ‘That God commands all men everywhere to repent, to the end that they should not have it to say but they were warned, but not that he would give them grace to repent.’

Answer. Here you make God as though he does not intend what he speaks, and so you would make him unrighteous; though the Lord commands all men every where to repent, Acts 17:30, who has made all nations of men of one blood to dwell upon the earth, and all being sealed under sin and unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all, Rom 11:32. For both Jews and Gentiles, all were under sin, and none of them did good, no not one. And God's intent is, that when he calls men to repentance, they should repent, and many did repent; and you are not fit men to be ministers of Christ, or of God.

Now if God commands all men everywhere to repent, and, as you say, does not intend they should repent, you go about to make God unjust. The Lord does not desire the death of a sinner, but that he should turn from his wickedness and live, Eze 18:23. Now in turning from his wickedness he lives, but in going on in his wickedness, he dies; so repentance was preached from dead works, to serve the living God, Heb 6:1, and Christ came to call sinners to repentance, not the righteous; for those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick, Mat 9:12-13.

And as for saying God did not intend to give them grace, though he calls them to repentance, that is a lie, and unrighteous doctrine, for ‘the grace of God, which brings salvation, has appeared to all men,’ Titus 2:11, and so as he calls them to repentance, he gives them grace, that grace which brings salvation, which men are justified by; so it is saving grace that brings salvation, and teaches to deny ungodliness.

Now those who live ungodly, turn the grace of God into wantonness, Jude 1:4, and these are the wells without water, in Cain's way, Balaam's way, and Core's way, Jude 1:11. who speak high words in hypocrisy; and these are those who separate themselves from the apostles, who are sensual, not having the spirit, Jude 1:19, and are of old ordained to condemnation, who separated from the light, who turn the grace of God into wantonness; so these are those who neglect the common salvation. It was the charge of the apostle to Timothy before his decease, 1 Tim 4:2, 2 Tim 4:7, he then told him perilous times should come, and doctrines of devils, and men speaking lies in hypocrisy; he said to them, that they should trust in the living God, who is the savior of all men, and especially of those who believe, 1 Tim 4:10. But the devil's doctrine leads them from their savior and from the grace, 1 Tim 4:1. And those who are not in the doctrine are away from the light, which Christ has enlightened them with, John 1:9. And have turned the grace of God into wantonness by their destructive ways, and draw others from it; and we conclude that to be the doctrine of the devils, which says, God calls all men to repent, and does not intend to give them grace, nor would have them to repent; as you Henry Foreside do say; for it was the charge of the apostle to Titus to speak sound words, and sound doctrine, and could not be condemned, Titus 2, and told him that ‘the grace of God which brings salvation had appeared to all men,’ which taught them to ‘deny ungodliness and worldly lust, and to live godly, soberly, and righteously in this present evil world; these things speak and exhort with all authority,’ Titus 2:15. But, as I said before, ungodly men who turn the grace of God into wantonness, are of old ordained to this condemnation, and ‘this is the condemnation of the world, that light is come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil,’ John 3:19, he who loves the light, it is his savior, but he who hates the light, it is his condemnation.

Principle. ‘That the two parts of the church must be profane and godless.’

Answer. The church is the pillar and ground of truth, 1 Tim 3:15. The church of the living God is for the godly, and what is ungodly is out of its grounds. The church is the pillar and ground of truth, and there are no ungodly in it, and the church is without wrinkle or spot, holy, and without blemish, Eph 5:27. And the church is in God, 1 Thes 1:1. What is in God is in the light, and out of the ungodly.

Principle. ‘That God before the world was, had ordained one little part of the people for eternal life, who sin or do all the evil they could, they could not lose what was ordained for them.’

Answer. Here you go about to make Christ a liar, for he who commits sin is the slave to sin, John 8:34. He who commits sin is of the devil, said the apostle; and you would make God partial, and have taught a doctrine contrary to the scriptures; for God is no respecter of persons, [partiality] Rom 2:11, who will give to everyone a reward according to their works, Psa 62:12. And he who works iniquity must depart, cursed from Christ, Mat 7:23, Mat 25:41. And he who wilfully sins after he has received the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sin, but a fearful looking for of judgment, Heb 10:27. The elect does not commit sin, and who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect, Rom 8:33, and the elect is Christ, Isa 42:1, who was elected before the world was. ‘He who is born of God does not commit sin, neither can he, because his seed remains in him,’ 1 John 3:9. And he who commits sin is of the devil, and never knew God, 1 John 3:6. And by this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil, 1 John 3:10. And God does not hear sinners, and those who regard iniquity, Psa 66:18, John 9:31, Pro 15:3.

Principle. ‘That the great part of the world was ordained for hell, and let them repent, or do all that they are commanded to do, they would not obtain salvation, because God had ordained them to hell.’

Answer. Then he was asked, why he preached? His answer was to save the elect; he was answered again, if it was so, there was no need of that, since they could not be lost. Then he was asked, why he preached to those who were ordained to hell? He answered, to make their damnation hotter. It was answered him, that they had small friends of them, and they could not make it hotter, since they were ordained before. This priest was asked before, who had the blame that men went to hell?

Principle. His answer was, ‘Since you desire to know, I shall tell you; there is one part of the blame in man, and another part of the blame in the Almighty, that men go to hell.’

Answer. In this there is confusion. You say, ‘God has ordained them;’ that he has done it, then you say, ‘there is part in man,’ and you said before, it was in God. Now if it is in God, that he has ordained them to hell, repent or do all that they are commanded to do, your preaching is needless; and you cannot make hell hotter or colder. Therefore your preaching is finished and ceased. You say part of the blame that men go to hell is to blame God; here you would make God unrighteous, who does not desire the death of a sinner. God is not to be blamed in anything he does, but to be praised, who is righteous in all his judgments. God is not to be blamed, for God is truth, so let God be true, and every man a liar, Rom 3:4. You wicked one, man's destruction is of himself, Hosea 7:13-14, 9:6-7 and God does not will the death of a sinner, but rather that he would repent; so no fault in God, who said, ‘Let the unrighteous man forsake his unrighteousness, and he shall live; so let the righteous man forsake his righteousness, and he will die,’ Eze 18:22-25. So my ways are equal, the Lord has no pleasure at all that the wicked should die, but that he should return and live; so man's destruction is of himself. And whereas you say, ‘God has ordained a great part to hell,’ how do you explain Christ who said he came to be a savior of the world? John 4:42, he does not say the elect only, but to save the world, and not to condemn it. And ‘God so loved the world’ (mark the words), John 3:16, he does not say, so hated it, ‘that he gave his only begotten son into the world, that whoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’ And he did not came to condemn the world, but that the world through him might have life. But those who hate the light and do not believe in it, are condemned by the light, but you say otherwise, that He condemns a great part of the world. And he does not say he loves the elect only, but ‘God so loved the world,’ and ‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself,’ 2 Cor 5:19, he does not say the elect only. And he through death has destroyed the power of death, the devil, Heb 2:14. You are to be reproved for your judgment, for your unbelief, for your unrighteousness, for your sin, because of your unbelief, because the prince of this world is judged, John 16:11. And so Christ does not say, I am the light of the saints, of the elect only, but I am the light of the world, John 8:12, and said, that ‘light is come into the world, and this is the condemnation of the world, that light has come into the world, and men love darkness rather than it, because their deeds are evil,’ John 3:19. So it is unbelief that shuts out, Rom 11:20. So the gates stand open night and day, and everyone who does evil, hates the light and will not come to it, because it will reprove him, and he will not come into the gate, for he who comes to the gate comes to the light, and he who comes to the light comes out of condemnation, and comes to be a child of the light, he who hates the light will not come into the kingdom of God. And as for your saying, ‘God has ordained a great part of the world to hell, let them repent and do all whatever he has commanded them;’ he who does the things that Christ commands, enters the kingdom; he who repents, his mind is changed, and whoever believes shall not perish, and this command is general, John 3:15 , through the whole world. Therefore you, with the devil's doctrine, shut up the kingdom of heaven against others, and will not go in yourself; you who who says, let men repent, and do all that ever they can, they must go to hell, when God does not will the death of a sinner but rather that he should turn from his wickedness and live, Eze 33:11, but he is merciful, and does not judge as you do, whose eyes are blinded, and whose hands are full of blood. So I say, whoever repents and does the things he is commanded, shall be saved; and what you say to the contrary, we conclude to be the devil's doctrine. Whoever resists what God commands them, that will be their condemnation, who hate the light which was before the world was, which lights every man that comes into the world, that all through him might believe, for he who believes in the light shall not abide in darkness, John 8:12, shall not come into condemnation, shall come to be a child of light, John 12:36, and they shall have the light of life. And so the light is sufficient to save them, and to condemn them if they do not believe, John 3:18-19, Isa 45:22, and everyone who comes into the light that he is enlightened with comes into the election, and into the covenant of God. You may frighten evil consciences who hate the light, which is their condemnation, but you can neither save nor deceive the elect. Thanks be to God, Christ reigns, who will give to every man according to his works, who enlightens every man that comes into the world; and he who does not believe is condemned, and shut out. And such turn the grace of God into wantonness, and are ordained of old who hate the light, which lights every man that comes into the world, and such are in Cain and Balaam's way, persecutors and murderers, and turn the grace of into wantonness.

Principle. From the words of Jude 1:4 ‘they were of old ordained;’ from these words he said, that God had predestinated one to life, without any cause in the creature less or more, and the other wicked man to hell, without any cause in the creature less or more; and both wicked men. And before you said part of the cause that God cast into hell was in the man and part in God. In this 7th principle and doctrine you said there is no cause in the creature, that God casts into hell and condemns him, and in the other you said, there was part blame in man, and part in God; and here is the devil's doctrine, a lie found in your mouth.

Answer. You have wrested, perverted, and wronged that scripture in Jude, who say, there is no part in man that causes condemnation, so that all may see that you are liars, whereas Jude said, they were ungodly, who turned the grace of God that brings salvation into lasciviousness [a license for immorality], and denied the Lord who bought them. Jude 1:4, 2 Pet 2:1-3. They were covetous, made merchandise of the people, through feigned words, and no covetous person or idolater shall enter into the kingdom of God, 1 Cor 6:9. All deny the Lord who bought them [by their actions and words they deny him as their Lord], except those who own the light that comes from him, which enlightens every man that comes into the world, and none see him, except with the light that comes from him; and they go in Core's way, and oppose the truth, who go from the light that Christ has enlightened them with in the particular, and he who oppose the truth, there is fault in him; and they go in Cain's way, who are away from the command of God, who said, ‘If you do  well, shall you not be accepted?’ And if he did not do well, sin crouches at the door. Now these were of old ordained unto condemnation, who turned the grace of God into wantonness, who were in Cain's way, Core's way, and broke the commands as Cain did, and in Balaam's way, erring from the spirit, and admiring men's persons because of advantage, which Balaam did, and loved the wages of unrighteousness; and so these do not the things they are commanded, Cain did not do the thing that he was commanded, nor Core and his company, that offered strange fire. Num 16. So these of old were ordained for this condemnation, which condemnation is the light, John 3:19-20; light foresees them and sees over them, and condemns them, when they arise and go out from the spirit of God in them. And here all may see, there was fault in men worthy of condemnation. These were those who sensually separated themselves from the apostles, and did not have the spirit, Jude 1:19, in their days; who were covetous, who went for the gift and reward, who were like raging waves of the sea, who were spots in feasts of charity, feasting, feeding without fear, 2 Peter 2:14-17. Who admired men's persons because of advantage, and spoke high words in hypocrisy, ‘wells without water, trees without fruit, raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame, clouds without water, carried about with tempests, spots in the feasts of charity, like unto Sodom and Gomorrah’ in filthiness, who go from the light that convinces them. So there is the self-separation, and there is the condemnation that comes over them, which is the light; and these are those who separated from the apostles; who said, love your enemies,’ Mat 5:44, who are men gone into the world, who are in Cain's way in envy, in Core's way gainsaying the light; they are like raging waves of the sea, foaming out their shame in their pulpits. So you are the men who separate from the apostles; you are in Cain's way, and Core's way; you are out of the life and sacrifice the saints were in, who would murder, who oppose the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, so you are against the common salvation. You are like Cain, foaming and raging in your pulpits, and would murder all who are contrary to you, whose sacrifice God accepts, and yours he does not; and God would have accepted Cain, if he had done well. Gen 4:7. So God is merciful and a just God, but Cain did not well; therefore woe went out from God against him, and so there was fault in him and not in God, which was the cause of his condemnation. So you who are in Balaam's way, loving the wages of unrighteousness, admiring men's persons because of advantage, you are out of the faith that is held without respect of persons, James 2:9, and so separated from the apostles, to whom Christ said, ‘Freely you have received, freely give;’ and you will not give freely, who are raging and foaming, without you have augmentations, stipends, glebe-lands, or tithes, great sums of money, gifts or rewards from great houses. So you deny the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, and so gainsay the common salvation. Jude 1:1. You gainsay the truth, that enlightens every man that comes into the world, so you are in Core's way; and would have the persons of saints murdered, so in Cain's way; and as you confess that you have not the spirit that gave forth the scripture, so you are in the self-separation; and you deny the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, who is the Lord, John 8:12, and so deny the Lord who bought you. 2 Pet 2:1. You are for condemnation, who are of that stock that separate themselves from the apostles, sensual, having not the spirit, who are in Cain's way, that would kill and murder, and out of the apostle's way, who said, ‘love your enemies;’ who are in Balaam's way, for gifts and rewards, and admiring men's persons [showing partiality to gain advantage] because of advantage; to them speaking high words in hypocrisy; and out of the apostle's way to whom Christ said, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ Mat 10:6. And out of the prophet's way, who said, ‘come without a price.’ Isa 55:1-2. But you insist on charging a price, or else you will not serve. Let all that can, read Jude over, and see if there was not cause in man of his condemnation, and not in God; and so have not you proven yourselves in the doctrine of the devils, and in lies, and would make God unrighteous, and the apostles unrighteous? For there was fault in Cain, fault in Balaam, and fault in Core, and fault in Sodom, and fault in those who turned the grace of God into wantonness, which were of old ordained for this condemnation, Jude 1:4, which condemnation is, that light is come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil. So the apostles taught that there was fault in man, as you may read in Jude, and you have taught that there is none; so then you are unrighteous, who would make God and the apostles unrighteous, like yourself. Let all that fear God, who are now come to the judgment seat before the Almighty God, judge who have been they who have erred from the apostles' doctrine: with it you are judged, and you must have a reward according to your works. And he who comes to life, comes out of his wickedness, and the wicked man enters not into the kingdom of God. Rev 21. And the promise is to the seed, and he who works iniquity departs from the seed. Gal 3:16. And the election obtains it. Rom 11:7. Not he who wills, nor runs, but God that shows mercy. And whereas you say ‘the wicked man is ordained to life, without any cause in the creature less or more:’ this is just the devil's doctrine again, to bring everyone to hide his talent, and none either to watch or pray; for there is in the creature, what brings him to lay aside wickedness, and to depart from sin, and iniquity, and covetousness, and drunkenness, which lets him see it, through the obedience of the spirit; and that is in the creature which brings him to confess his sin, and forsake it, whereby mercy is showed; ‘the power of God works in us,’ said the apostle. As they had been servants to unrighteousness, so came to yield themselves servants unto righteousness. Rom 6:16-18. How can the commands of God be obeyed, unless there is something in the creature that causes him to obey it? For you say ‘without any cause in the creature;’ why were all these expressions spoken in scripture, that they should obey all things that Christ commanded? Mat 28:20. If they are commanded to obey all the statutes and ordinances spoken of in the scriptures, there must be something in man to enable him to obey them? But your intent is to make God unrighteous, who respects no man's person [shows partiality to no man], but gives to every man a reward according to his works, Rev 2:23, the one as well as the other; and all shall appear before the judgment of Christ. 2 Cor 5:10. He will judge the world in righteousness. And there is something in the creature that enlightens every man that comes into the world, by which he is capable of obeying or disobeying, and not believing comes to be condemned, and in believing he is saved; he has the witness in himself. John 3:18, 1 John 5:10. For he who commits sin is the slave of sin. John 8:34. And there is no respect of persons with God, but whoever does righteousness is accepted of him. Acts 10:34-35. The apostle said, ‘he perceived God was no respecter of persons; but whoever does wickedly hates the light, and is condemned, but ‘whoever does the truth, comes to the light,’ John 3:21, and so is out of condemnation; so you teach another doctrine. So as I said before, ‘The promise is to the seed, the seed is Christ, and Christ is all and in all.’ 1 Cor 15:28. And all ungodly and wicked men are shut out of the kingdom of God, into which no wicked men enter, and man must be turned again from wickedness before he enters. Rev 21:8.

Principle. He being asked, what he would do with Quakers, said, ‘if he had been a civil magistrate, he would have thought it good service to have cut off all their heads.’

Answer. There you may all see if he is not of Cain's stock, and what envy proceeds out of his mouth, and unchristian spirit; and how would he convert them if they were out of the way? And how would he convince them, who would cut off their heads? Has not this proved the Quakers to be in the truth, and he out of it? And is not the command of Christ, that you should love your enemies? Mat 5:44. Now you may see, he is out of the command and example, but follows the example of Cain the murderer. Does he not show his envy as much against the magistrates as against the Quakers, because they will not execute his malice, and slay them for him, and be his executioners? Were these priests not as mad against the magistrates, as they are now against the Quakers, at the battle of Dunbar? Would not they have had their heads off? Let their pulpits witness, though now they admire their persons because of advantage, Jude 1:16, who cannot hold in, but their shame must be uttered forth, who would slay the persons of men as Cain did. So woe from the Lord God is gone out against you, who are envious, and strive to make the people envious; but the life of God is risen in the hearts of his people, with which they shall see you all; and the Quakers are out of the way of Cain, who are in the light of Christ Jesus the savior of the soul, in which they come to have a habitation in God, the savior of all men, especially of those who believe. 1 Tim 4:10. So you who are out of the light are vagabonds, though you have great habitations in the earth, for Cain built a city, yet was a vagabond. Gen 4.

Principle. It was asked him of a foreordained number to destruction, and for what Christ wept over Jerusalem? He said, ‘As he was human, he mourned, but his godhead decreed them to hell.’

Answer. This is a lying doctrine of the devil, for afterwards many of them of Jerusalem came to be converted, as you may read in Acts 2:41, 4:4. And many of the priests came to be obedient to the faith; for all being gone astray both Jews and Gentiles, Rom 3:9, and concluded under sin, the pure, the eternal, tendered over them, who had stopped their ears and closed their eyes to what was pure of God in them, that they might have come to what is pure, and have been gathered under Christ's wings, (Mat 23:37), who is pure, and so have been converted and healed, and have heard with their ears, and have seen with their eyes. As for the word human, that is not scripture language, it does not use that language. Many thousands of the Jews were converted, and they were pricked to the heart, when the apostle said, that he was both Lord and Christ whom you have crucified. Acts 2:37. Mark you, here you may see yourself to be a liar; for here were of the Jews and of Jerusalem, that he had wept over. You say he had ordained those to hell (as he was God) who were afterwards converted; so you would make God unequal, that the son is not in the Father, and divides them, that the son should weep over them, and the godhead decree them to hell. Did Christ not command his apostles that they should not depart from Jerusalem? Was not the mighty conversion at Jerusalem? So did not Christ weep over Jerusalem, and afterwards was there not a mighty conversion there? You say, that as God, he condemned them to hell; there you may see yourself to be in the devil's doctrine. 1 Tim 4:1-2. Many thousands were converted at Jerusalem, which Christ wept over, before the apostles departed from there, where he gave them command to stay. So your doctrine is damnable, and you err from the scriptures. Let your mouth forever be stopped. And are not you found in the steps of them, Mat 23, that Christ gives the mark of blind guides to the multitude, unto the disciples? That mark was such as the multitude might take notice of, and I believe the multitude will take notice of, and know you. You bind heavy burdens upon men's shoulders; you are talkers and not doers; and ‘all their works they do to be seen of men.’ Mat 23:5. They love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the assemblies, and greeting in the markets; they stand praying in the synagogues, and are called of men masters; they were swearers, they scourged in their synagogues, and persecuted, and do not you put out of your synagogues? Christ would send prophets and wise men among them, and they would persecute, and put out of the synagogues. Mat 23:34. They should ‘shut up the kingdom of heaven against men,’ and do not you do so that deny the light, ‘that lights everyone that comes into the world?’ Do any come to the kingdom, but they who come to the light, which every man that comes into the world is enlightened with? May not the multitude take notice of these things? You are called of men master, stand praying in the synagogues, having long robes, love salutations in the markets and the uppermost rooms at feasts, cast my true followers out of the synagogues, and are swearers, when Christ said, ‘swear not at all.’ Mat 5:34. ‘And do not be called by men master, for one is your master, even Christ, and all you are brethren.’ Now here are the marks of the blind guides, as you may read, Mat 23. Are they not a company of swearers, and will they not swear for their own advantage? And were not the priests always envious, and false accusers, provoking the magistrates against the disciples, and against Christ Jesus? Did not the priests say, Jesus should die for crying against them? Mat 2:26. And were not the priests at work, when any of the saints were murdered, to stir up the multitude or the magistrates against them? Were not the chief priests and elders seeking false witness to put Jesus to death? Mat 27:59. Did not the high priests say he had spoken blasphemy? It was Pilate that put him to death; did not the chief priests persuade their multitude to ask Barabbas, Mat 27:20, and crucify Jesus? Did not they mock him? See how the priests were always busy for blood, that all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, might come upon them. Mat 23:35. And did not the priests give money to Judas to betray Christ? And did not the priests give large money to the soldiers to tell a lie, and say his disciples stole him away by night? Mat 28:11-13. Did Paul not have authority from the high priest to persecute? Acts 9:1-2. And so you get your authority from the magistrates, and the people get their authority from you to persecute. And would not the chief priests have murdered Paul afterwards, when he was converted? Acts 23:14. Did not a company come with swords and staves from the priests with Judas to take Christ? Mark 14:43. ‘As a troop of robbers wait for a man, so does a company of priests murder in the way by consent,’ and have not you consented together? Hosea 6:9.

Principle. ‘That Christ scorned men when he told them be perfect, because he knew it was impossible for them.’

[This charge is so evil, it was answered by the Lord himself.
From the Word of the Lord within 09/07/2009,
"I cannot deceive; I will deny them."]

Answer. This is wickedness and impudence to say Christ scorned men when he told them be perfect. This is antichrist and the devil's doctrine, to say that Christ did command to do what was impossible for them; for neither Christ nor God commanded anything, but what should be attained unto; and it will be attained unto, and has been attained unto. Christ said, be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, Mat 5:48, he knew that they must be perfect in order to enter came into the kingdom of God, for there no imperfect thing must enter. Rev 21. So he did speak what he knew people should come into, if they ever were to enter into the kingdom of God. What is this to you; you who cannot love enemies? For they who love enemies, shall know perfection, and perfect love and patience have their perfect work. James 1:4. The apostles spoke wisdom to those who were perfect, but not the world's wisdom, which comes to nothing, 1 Cor 2:6, and the work of the ministry was for the perfecting of the saints, till they all came into the unity of the faith, unto the knowledge of the son of God, unto a perfect man, and unto the measure, and stature, and fullness of Christ. Eph 4:11-13. And they should not be any more tossed to and fro with the windy doctrines of men, nor cunning craftiness wherewith they lie in wait to deceive; and thus are you tossed up and down with every wind, and far off the work of the ministry, when you say blasphemously, ‘Christ scorned men when he told them be perfect.’ Christ did not scorn them, but your doctrine is imperfect, and you and you who transgress and abide not in the doctrine of Christ are antichrist, as you may read, 2 John 1:10.

Principle. ‘When it was asked him, of the words that Peter spoke of concerning those who brought in damnable heresies, and denied the Lord that bought them, he said ‘they did but think the Lord had bought them, but they were not bought, but they thought they had been so.’

Answer. Here again with your damnable doctrine, you do  go about to make Peter and Jude liars, who speak contrary to scripture, and pervert  their doctrine; and the words of Peter are thus, ‘even denying the Lord who bought them.’ 2 Pet 2:1, and the words of Jude 1:4,  ‘denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.’ And you say the Lord had not bought them, but they thought he had bought them;  woe and misery will be your portion, that you should so wickedly pervert the apostles' doctrine and the scripture, Acts 13:10, and bring in such damnable and devilish doctrine, and speak such lies in hypocrisy, whose conscience is seared with a hot iron. 1 Tim 4:1-2. It is time for people to turn away from you, who have so long deceived them.

[to disown or to deny is Jesus is to act contrary to Jesus' commands.]

Principle. Concerning these words of Ezekiel 18:28. ‘If the righteous man turn away from his righteousness, his former righteousness shall be no more remembered;’ and he said, ‘the meaning of that scripture was, they thought they had been righteous, but they were not, but supposed it had been so.’

[The man evidently thinks God does not know how to communicate, and so he adds words to God's statements, which just happen to support his high notions of imagined salvation through a license to sin that cannot be revoked, supposedly as long as a man has the correct understanding of how scripture makes him righteous forever, providing he believes. And what righteousness does this man have but a "thinking he is righteous" from reading scripture. If, and when a man is righteous, the Lord will clearly tell him so in unmistakable revelation.]

Answer. Here in this you are a minister of unrighteousness; you go about to make God a liar, and the prophets, and pervert  the scriptures; for if the righteous man forsakes his righteousness, and commits sin and iniquity, and trespasses, he shall die, and not live in the former righteousness; but if he forsake his sin, trespasses, and transgressions, in the righteousness that he has done, and does, he shall live; so God's ways are equal. Ezek 18. And you say, they thought they had been righteous, but it was not so. And the Lord by the prophet said it was so, that they should live in their righteousness, and should die if they departed from it, and transgressed; here you are a diminisher from the prophets and apostles' words, whose name is diminished out of the book of life; read Rev 22:19 [for how serious a distortion of the words of any scripture is. Which distortions, this entire book is full, and Christendom is full of distortions every time an unperfected priest, minister, preacher, or teacher opens their mouth to give an opinion from their carnal mind and evil imagination of their hearts.]

[Rev 22:19 speaks only to the book of Revelation. It does not speak to words of the prophets or apostle’s words, but Fox is telling us that Rev 22:19 can understood to be a  stated warning of consequences to anyone who distorts the scripture’s true meaning. At the time of Revelation’s writing, the Bible had not been assembled, or approved as to which letters, and which books would be included. Revelation was supposedly written by John between 60 and 90AD. The Bible was not officially compiled and approved until 367 AD. Up to that time, the New Testament did not exist, although some of its books, along with others, had been in use. Revelation is a book in itself, while the Book of the Bible did not exist; the Old Testament certainly existed, and there were numerous books of prophecy in it; the New Testament only has one book of prophecy – Revelation.]

Principle. ‘He denied that Christ died for all men, but for the elect.’

Answer. Contrary to John's doctrine, who said, ‘He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for our sins only, but for the sins of the whole world.’ 1 John 2:2. And so it is the unbelievers that are shut out by not believing in the light that men are enlightened with, with which light they might see the one offering, who tasted death for every man, Heb 2:9, and which enlightens every man that comes into the world, that all through him might believe. And they who believe not in the light are condemned, John 3:18, but believing in the light, they shall come out of condemnation. And he is the savior of all men, but especially of those who believe. 1 Tim 4:10. And ‘the grace of God which brings salvation has appeared to all men,’ which was the saints' teacher, Titus 2:11-12, and they who turn it into wantonness [an excuse to sin], shall be condemned by it, Jude 1:4. And they who heap up teachers, 2 Tim 4:3, after their own lusts, as they did that went out from the apostles' doctrine, before the apostles' decease, 1 John 2:19, such have turned the grace of God that brings salvation into wantonness, and say it has not appeared unto all men. And Christ Jesus enlightens every man that comes into the world, that they might believe and walk after him, and said, ‘they who follow him shall not abide in darkness, but shall become the children of light, and have the light of life.’ John 8:12. Now they who hate the light say, it is not sufficient, it is not a saving light, but they shall find it sufficient to condemn them, and their unbelief, for not believing in it; for by believing in it, they come to have the light of life. John 8:12, 12:36.

Principle. ‘He being asked who were hirelings, if they were not that did take hire? His answer was, there were hirelings that did not take hire, and to prove it, he brought that scripture in Philippians of those who preached Christ of envy and strife.’

[To show that no all how take a salary just for the money, he brings a scripture to show that some preached for envy and strife — which only proves one devilish motivation might cancel another equally devilish motivation for preaching.]

Answer. Now all may see what doctrine he brings to pervert or wrest the scriptures, Philip 1:15, to prove them hirelings that do not take hire! That in the Philippians does not prove that they were hirelings, neither did they take hire, so that makes nothing for his purpose, though for this purpose he brings that scripture, but that his folly and darkness might appear, and be made manifest by the light, for his deeds are now come to it, who is unfit to talk of the scripture.

Principle. ‘He said it was the clear mark of the devil to go up and down from place to place to preach as the Quakers do.’

[Preachers in the early Church did not reside in one meeting, preaching there every time they met. Preachers were sent from place to place. Overseers, or elders, resided in one meeting. No one person preached, but rather everyone taught each other, each prophesying with words supplied by the Holy Spirit in an orderly fashion. The Quaker ministers did the same, sometimes visiting every meeting in the country, as Stephen Crisp visited every meeting in England and Scotland. Any sermons preached were spontaneous, at the behest of the Sprit of God, with words supplied by the Spirit of God.

This man, now condemns the Quakers ministers who went from place to place as they were moved by the Spirit of God. ]

Answer. Now here in this he may charge all the prophets, Christ, and his apostles, who went up and down from place to place, Heb 11:38, that this is the mark of the devil; but this does manifest and bring to light, and discover the Presbyterian priests of Scotland, who lie in dens and corners, and fat benefits, and there stick in the earth, and have crept into houses; who say it is the devil's mark to go up and down to preach, but in this they manifest themselves to be judged by the practice of Christ and his apostles, that their folly might appear unto all men. Luke 9:3-6, Heb 11:38. The Presbyterian priests are turned like Ranters, who say, whatsoever man does, God has a hand in doing it, whether good or evil; if a man commit ever so much sin, and live ever so wickedly, he shall go to heaven if he is ordained to come there . How was God grieved when David sinned? The Lord was angry; the Lord was wroth when the children of Israel sinned against him; it grieved the Lord who he had made man, when all flesh had corrupted his way, Gen 6:6, and you go about to make God the author of sin, and say God has a hand in whatsoever a man does here. Again, you and you are in the doctrines of devils: what! shall we say that God is the author of sin? God forbid. Rom 6. They who transgress the commandments of God, provoke him to anger, and though God created the evil, Isa 45:7, yet his commandment was to man, that he should not go into it, Gen 2:17, Gen 4:7, Eze 18:21-24, but when he did, he transgressed the command of God. So he who said, if you murder, God is the author of it; if you persecute, God is the author of it; if you do unrighteously, God is the author of it; you who murder, persecute, and do not do righteously, are of him who did not keep the command of God, of whom you are, John 8:44, that would persecute and murder. You are gone out of the command of God, and joined with the devil, 1 John 3:8, that went out of the truth. The devil went out of his estate, and the woman hearkened to him, and went out of her estate, and man hearkened to the woman, Gen 3. The Jews went out of their state, when they persecuted, Mat 27:25. Cain went out of his state when he murdered, Gen 4:8, and Balaam went out of his state when he coveted the wages of unrighteousness. Num 22:7. The christians went out of their estate, since the days of persecution, and admired men's persons, Jude 1:11. Core went out of his state when he opposed the truth, Num 14, Jude1:11. The false prophet, and antichrist, which is the beast, and the mother of harlots, went forth from the state of the apostles, 1 John2:19, which has been since the days of the apostles. And so all wars, and fights, and adversaries, arise from being out of the truth, James 4:1-2, there is pride, and Lucifer, Isa 14:12-14, and that is it, that is of old ordained to condemnation, Jude 1:4, and to be kept down and to be condemned everlastingly, and there the time shall be witnessed when it shall be fit for the fire, and death and hell, and the false prophet, and the dragon, and the serpent, cast into it. Rev 19:20,20:10,14. But the leaven is known that leavens into the new lump, 1 Cor 5:7, the everlasting fire that burns forever, Mark 9:46. How have the professions, forms, and religions, fallen from, and lost the state that Christ was in, the prophets were in, Abraham was in, David was in, Moses and the apostles were in; and they remain in a form of their words, 2 Tim 3:5, and murder those who enjoy their life, and persecute them. The devil abode not in the truth, John 8:44. Adam and Eve abode not in the truth, but transgressed, Gen 3. Cain abode not in the truth when he murdered Abel, Gen 4. The Jews abode not in the truth, but crucified the just, James 5:6. Antichrists, and the false prophets, since the days of the apostles, and the beast, abode not in the truth, 1 John 2:19, that made war against the saints, Rev 13. Here are the murderers, the envious, the persecutors, and fighters, whose sacrifice God never accepted, Gen 4:5, in all ages; and these are those who persecuted those who were in the truth, whose sacrifice God accepted. To the witness for God in you all, I speak; that you may see your fall from the truth, out of the prophets' life, Christ's life, and the apostles' life; so you are out of the commands, and fallen from God, and then say that none can keep the commandments, which is the word that shall stand forever; for you are they who do not love God, John 14:23-24, 1 John 5:2, but are of the beast and false prophet that make war against those who keep the commands of God, Rev 12:17, 22:14 . So that he who said, none can keep the commandments, is fallen out of the truth, and the commandments of God. 1 John 2:4, John 8:44. And to him the truth is death, and the commands of God, in which the saints live, to whom the commandments are not burdensome. 1 John 5:3.

Thos. Garwine, priest of Edenborough, his doctrine and principles.

Principle. ‘That the child that is not sprinkled with outward water, is in a damnable state, and worse than an infidel.’

[Think logically. God is just; God is fair; God is perfect. Can you imagine a God who would damn one child that had not been sprinkled with water and reward another who had? Such a God is a figment of evil men's minds and imaginations. The only person damned is the one who says God would treat an unsprinkled child any differently than a sprinkled child. There is absolutely nothing in scripture about sprinkling children. The baptism of John was a baptism rite to signify repentance that had already taken place, by adult Jewish men. Infants and small children are in no mind to make a decision to turn from their ways, which in a child are relatively innocent anyway.

As Jesus said, "Allow the little children to come to me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Mat 19:14. And said, "Truly I say to you that unless you are converted, and become like little children,1 you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Mat 18:3.

Infant baptism is an invention of man, and damned by God as an abomination by anyone promoting it. It is a change in the ordinances, and a violation of the covenant, which is why the Lord said he would destroy the earth.

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. Mat 15:9 ]

Answer. Now here he and the rest of the Presbyterian priests of Scotland may say, Abraham was in a damnable state, Isaac was in a damnable state, Jacob was in a damnable state, and Joseph was in a damnable state, and David was in a damnable state, and John the Baptist was in a damnable state, who were not sprinkled by a priest with outward water, nor named by the priest; but you, and your traditions, say a child is in a damnable state, if you do not sprinkle it with water. The apostle tells them not look at the things that are seen. You are in the damnable state, and the damnable doctrine, and are teachers of lies; and many simple people have been deceived by you and given over to believe you; but God is taking the veil off their hearts so that you are beginning to be seen. People shall know their salvation, which stands not in elements, as though you, by your sprinkling infants with outward water, could bring out of the damnable state. O! You deceivers! Did not the apostle say, they who were circumcised, Christ profited them nothing? Gal 5:2,6. You have long deceived people with your beggarly rudiments, and elements, and doctrines, and traditions, Col 2:8-17, hatched up at schools, and never commanded by God; and say, if people will not observe your traditions, or your elements, which you call (a Popish word, never referenced in scripture) sacraments, which are perishing, they not observing them are in a damnable state, and worse than the heathen and infidels. An infidel is a heathen, one who does not know God; but your generation say it is blasphemy to say any have known God, or have seen God, or spoken to God. So you yourselves have concluded to be heathen; the heathen do not know God: the heathen observe traditions; and they who know God cannot observe the traditions of the heathen; but obey the apostles' doctrine, and touch not, taste not, and handle not the traditions of men and ordinances which will perish, so are not saving. So they who do not observe traditions of men are not worse than heathen; but they who observe traditions are as the heathens, and are out of the apostles' doctrine, in their own traditions and rudiments, and are offended at those that will not touch them. Robert Semple, priest of Lesmahaga, came to George Weare, of Saffield, to reason with him, and he laid down these following things for his doctrine and principles: his first doctrine and principle was, to prove the lawfulness of being called of men master, standing praying in the synagogues, going in long robes; and he mentioned Ezra's pulpit of wood, upon which he stood, and read the law to the people; and for the rest he said nothing, for his mouth was stopped concerning these things, being found in the steps of the Pharisees, Mat 23. We do grant that Ezra had a pulpit of wood [elevated platform of wood that held fourteen persons to address 42,000 Jews for 4-5 hours], but you profess yourselves ministers of the gospel and Presbyterians, and are you willing to run to Ezra in the law, for a pulpit? Now you have shown yourselves what you are, and brought your deeds to the light. But the priesthood was made by the law of God; so you were never made priests by the law. That priesthood is changed [and dead], and the law changed also by which it was made, and pulpit and tithes ended; and Christ the everlasting priesthood witnessed. So you all have proven yourselves no ministers of the gospel of Christ Jesus, the power of God, and the wisdom of God, the everlasting priesthood, who is the end of priests, pulpits, and tithes, that were true in their place. So you have gotten up another pulpit, tithes, temple, like readers of the law, and not like ministers of the gospel; and you are separated from the apostles in the delusion, and from Christ the everlasting priesthood, Heb 7, and are those that Jude 1:19, and 2 Pet 2, speak of. You are they who separate themselves, having not the spirit that they were in who witnessed against pulpit, tithes, and priesthood, and witnessed Christ the everlasting priesthood; which pulpit, tithes, and priesthood you are crying up, and so are antichrist.

George Weare told him prove his practice for sprinkling of infants, and whether or not they were not to believe before they were baptized. He said, the promise was to Abraham and his seed. George answered him, it was not to seeds, as to many, but to your seed, which is Christ. Robert, the priest, said, ‘That seed, Christ, was natural,’ contrary to the apostle's doctrine, Gal 3:16, who said, Christ was the power of God, 1 Cor 1:14-15, and Christ the mystery, Col 1:27. The first man is of the earth, earthly, the second man is the Lord from heaven, heavenly, 1 Cor 15. The spiritual man judges all things, 1 Cor 2:15. The seed of the woman bruises the serpent's head, Gen 3:15. And the promise is to the seed, and the seed is Christ the power of God. And Christ the seed is the spiritual man, and so not natural, but the priest said the seed is natural. Now let all see in this whether he is not given up to delusion to speak lies in hypocrisy, 1 Tim 4:1, to delude and deceive people for dishonest gain, Eze 22:13. Which seed, he and all the Presbyterians shall find spiritual, to judge them, and bruise the heads of them, and break their wicked cords and bonds of iniquity which they have laid upon the people, Mat 23, Eze 34, Acts 15. The day is at hand that their judgment is come by that man whom God has ordained, Acts 17:31, to judge the world in righteousness, and to give to every man a reward according to his works, Psalm 62:12, Rev 22:12, who shall give to him an account of every idle word that they shall speak, in the day of judgment, Mat 12:36. And William Kennedy came to George Weare, and promised him that he should have a public hearing, he hearing what the priest and the rest of the elders charged him with. And when he came they would not give him a hearing; and so found them truce breakers, that are to be turned away from, 2 Tim 3, and such as creep into houses, and are boasters, proud, high minded, as Jannes and Jambres, who have a form of godliness, and deny the power, who are to be turned away from. And after that, the mentioned priest excommunicated George Weare in another parish without any hearing, nor would let him know for what they excommunicated him, which was a work of darkness to make the people's minds envious against the just. Upon which George Weare went to their meeting place to read a paper to him, to show why he denied him; and two priests, Robert Semple and John Hume, being there, told the people to knock down that excommunicated swinger, which is, in English, rogue; upon which the people did obey the priest, to beat and knock George Weare down to the ground; and they might have murdered the man, had not the Lord's mercy been seen. So they are in Cain's way, in envy, Gen 4, Jude 1:11. And George got up again, and the priests told the people strike him; and they beat him, and plucked him by the hair of the head; and the priests told, beat them away; and they did so. And afterwards the priest summoned George to the court; and told the bailiff he would prove by the scripture, that he must be stoned to death. Now here is the murdering Jews' nature, who stoned the prophets, the apostles, Steven, and took up stones to stone Christ, Mat 23:24, John 8:59, Acts 7:58. And you are bloody butchers, and man slayers, and no ministers of Christ. Did the false prophets not go always with the beast to war (Rev 17:5-14, Rev 19:19-20) against saints and the Lamb? And did not the chief priests stir up the rulers against Christ, and had not the priests a hand to murder? And were not the priests at the examination of Stephen, and gave counsel that he should be stoned to death? And did not the priests stir up the rulers and magistrates to persecute? Although they themselves did not often do it, who had not the power, but they stirred up the magistrates to do it. So they came to be their slaughterers, to execute their malice, and be their executioners. You do not, you may say, it is the magistrates that you stir up to do it. It is not said, the priests did slay and crucify Christ, but Pilate; but the priests had power among the multitude to persuade the multitude to ask the murderer, Mat 27:20, (who had murder in their hearts), and Pilate did the thing. And did not God overthrow Jerusalem, and destroy the power of the magistrates there, and priests both? Has not God done it in many ages for executing the priests' malice, and their envy against the just, and his anointed? Have not you many examples set down in the scripture, in which you may all take notice of it? Therefore take heed, all you magistrates, how you execute and avenge the malice, and wickedness, and envy of any one against the just: for 'the envy of the envious, and the wickedness of the wicked shall slay himself,’ Psa 34:21, and the righteous shall see it. Therefore, you who are called christian magistrates, execute not, neither be you executioners of the madness, and envy of those who call themselves ministers of Christ; that would have you to slay, to stone, to stock, to prison, and to put to death those who are contrary to them. Those are murderers in Cain's way, manslayers, wrestlers against flesh and blood, and not ministers of the gospel, which said, love enemies; and render to no man evil for evil, Mat 5:44. And this differs from the scribes and Pharisees, who loved their own, and persecuted others, and stoned others, and drew the magistrates to do it. But, say the ministers of Christ, ‘we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.’ Eph 6:12. Now those ministers that would have the persons of men slain, are like Cain that slew Abel, and Jezebel, the beast, and false prophets. Gen 4, 1 Kings 21. They who stone, imprison, and put to death, are as the Jews' priests, and those magistrates that execute their malice are as the Jews' magistrates, unchristian magistrates. And so those are they who are wrestling, stoning, imprisoning, and striking against flesh and blood. And in the mean time spiritual wickedness rules among them; and rulers of darkness in high places, where flesh and blood are wrestled against. So in this state both ministry and magistracy are blind, and are out of the fear of God; they turn their sword backward while they are executing the priests' malice, and the priests will strengthen the hands of evil doers. And provoking to slay, and wrestling against flesh and blood, and so do not profit the people at all, but stir up the multitude against the just, that they may keep themselves in their place for their own ends, admiring the magistrates' persons, and men's, because of their advantage, Jude 1:16 and respect their [show partiality to] persons; who show they are out of the faith, (James 2) , which faith gives victory over the world, 1 John 5:4, and out of the doctrine of Christ and the apostles. Now the magistrates are for the punishment of evil doers, and for the praise of those who do well; who walk in the life, which he who does evil goes from; where the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness are. And this magistrate can see; he turns not the sword backward, he answers that of God in everyone, and is for a praise to those who do well, 1 Pet 2:14. So every evil doer acts contrary to that of God in him. Now a minister of Christ wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places; so everyone that does evil acts contrary to that of God in him, so the higher power goes above him. Rom 13:1. So the higher power is above him, and before he was, all power in heaven and in earth is given to the son of God, Mat 28:18, who is above all the powers of the earth, who lights every man that comes into the world, John1:9. But they who do evil go from the light, and so the higher power goes against them. The magistrates that are in the power, are a terror to the evil doers that act contrary to the light wherewith everyone that comes into the world is enlightened. The magistrates are in that power which goes over him, and is a praise to those who are in the light; and the ministers of God are to bring from under the occasion of the magistrates' sword.

George Weare being, with his friend, standing in the field near Foord meeting house, as they call it, he neither speaking nor acting anything against any man, but standing in the fear of the Lord, with his friend; William Lowry and John Hambleton, called justices, committed him and his friend to prison, where they lay twenty and three days; and here is his innocence preached.

The original righteousness was before the fall; the original of self-righteousness was what fell, and is in the fall; that transgressed.

And in the catechism which is tolerated by the general assembly, and in the catechism of Scotland, called a short catechism, they say, that the word of God is contained in the scriptures.

Answer. The scriptures are writings; and they say, God is the word, John 1:1. Solomon said, ‘the heaven of heavens cannot contain him,’ 1 Kings 8:27, and you say he is contained in the scriptures. And you say there are three persons; and the scripture does not speak of three persons; and the Jews had the scriptures, and knew not Christ, the word of God. Then you tell people of an outward ordinary means, by which Christ communicates the benefit of redemption; and of the word sacraments. The scripture does not speak of three persons, and sacraments; they are Papists' words; of them you have learned them. The means of salvation are not ordinary or outward; but Christ is the salvation, who is eternal, Heb 5:9, and they who come to him, come to the end of the outward, Col 2:17. You say the sacraments are the effectual means to salvation; and you say again, they are not as they are themselves, but only by the blessing of Christ and his spirit in them; so here is confusion. How do you differ from the Papists? For they say he is in them; and you say his spirit is in them, and where his spirit is, is not he also? O blind! Are you found out? Go you home to your mother the Papist. Where Christ's spirit is, he is. And you say your two sacraments are baptism and the Lord's supper. The scripture does not call baptism and the Lord's supper two sacraments; and those names which you have given to them, you and the Papists adore and worship. Again, you in your catechism, call the first day of the week, the Sabbath day. Where did ever any of the ministers of Christ or the christians  not having been apostatized, call it so? Have not you come unto the breach, and guilty of your own judgment of the third commandment, when you give another name to the scriptures than they give themselves, in calling them the word, and calling baptism and the supper the sacraments? Exo 20:3,23. Moses said, ‘God spoke all these words,’ when he gave the commandments; mark, words [plural], and the spoken words of Christ are spirit and life, John 6:63. God is the word, John 1:1, and Christ is the word, Rev 19:13-16, and the word became flesh, and dwelt among us, John 1:14. And those who had the words of the scriptures, which cannot be broken, (John 10:35), the law and the prophets, knew not Christ the word before they were brought to the light that Christ had enlightened them with, and were brought to the spirit. John 5:37, John 8:19. Can the whole world say the Lord's prayer in truth, or was it taught his disciples, or to the world? Do not people draw near to God with their lips that say it? Isa 29:13, and are not in the light which every man that comes into the world is lighted with. Can you say the Lord's prayer, which is, ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,’ without hypocrisy? How do you forgive them when you would have them persecuted and stoned? You who are teachers of the people; how do you love your neighbors as yourselves? How do you fulfill the law and the prophets, Mat 7:12, to do as you would be done by? To you Presbyterians of Scotland I speak, that are teachers, whose principles are to stone, chop off heads, and persecute those who are contrary minded to you. Would you have those that are contrary to your minds stone you to death, chop off your heads, imprison, and banish you, and persecute, and excommunicate you? This is the law and the prophets, to do as you would be done by: as others should do to you, so do unto them. But Christ, who is the end of the law and the prophets, Rom 10:4, said his doctrine is to love enemies. Mat 5:44, and said, ‘if men persecute you, pray for them, and bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute you, and despitefully use you, that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: who makes the sun to shine upon the evil and the good, and the rain to descend upon the just and the unjust. If you love those who love you, what reward have you? the publicans and Pharisees do so.’ And the apostatized christians, who are got into the forms of words, but out of the life of the saints, of Christ and the apostles, are saluting their brethren only; but said Christ, ‘Be you perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,’ which you stand against. So you are those who have denied the one offering which has perfected forever those who are sanctified. Heb 10:14. And make the blood of Christ of no effect, which cleanses from all sin; and the new covenant, which blots out all sin and transgression. And all upon the earth, professors and worshippers, that call yourselves brethren, and christians, and offerers, of whatever sort, who only have the name, before you offer, be reconciled to your brethren, go leave the gift at the altar, and be reconciled to your brethren, and then come and offer your gift, Mat 5:24, then will the Lord accept your offering. And all upon the earth who pray, see that you forgive others that trespass against you, as you would have the Lord forgive you your trespasses.

Oh! how is the beauty of the church of the Presbyterians marred and deformed! Oh! how they have become cages of unclean birds, synagogues of Satan! Oh! how are their teachers become envious men and murderers, of Cain's stock, in whom the eternal life is not abiding! that would slay, stone, and chop off heads of strangers, servants, and sons and daughters of the Lord God, and excommunicate them and put them out of their synagogues. ‘These things have I spoken unto you, that you should not be offended,’ John 16:2, ‘they shall excommunicate you, yes, the time comes that they who kill you shall think they do God good service; these things will they do unto you, because they neither know the Father nor me. These things have I told you before, that when the time comes you may remember that I told you of them.’ John 16:4. So the sayings of Christ are fulfilled by you who excommunicate; and you are like those who put out of the synagogues of the Jews; and these are their marks, that they neither know the Father nor the son of God. These temples, pulpits, priests, that are set up since the days of the apostles, are among the false prophets that Christ said should come, Mat 7, Mat 24, and John saw were come, 1 John 2:18-19, and 1 John 4:1-3, who went forth from them; whom all the world went after, Rev 13:3. And these excommunications from you, are, that none should buy nor sell, but such as worship the beast, and receive his marks. Rev 13:17. And it was the beast, and the dragon, and the false prophets, that would kill and destroy those who kept the testimony of Jesus, Rev 12:17. Here is the patience and faith of the saints that overcome by the blood of the Lamb, that have the testimony of Jesus, and have kept the commands of God. So the Jews excommunicated, who had the true temple, true tithes, and true priests, who had the figure, the type; Christ being come the substance,’ Heb 10:34, the everlasting priesthood, Heb 7, the everlasting covenant, and the one offering, Heb 10:10, they who went from the priesthood to Christ, the Jews did excommunicate them out of the synagogues. Now they did not know the son nor the Father, who excommunicates, John 16, though they had the figures and types of the son of God. They held up their outward things, and saw not the son of God the substance when he was come. So these knew not the son of God nor the Father, that excommunicated and put out of the synagogues. And Christ told them that were to be put out of the synagogues, not be offended at those things; he told them before they came to pass, ‘that when these things come to pass you may remember that I told you.’ Now those are they that Christ said should come, and the apostles saw were come, that went forth from them; who have got up tithes, and temples, and pulpits, and priests; and the priests are excommunicating out of their synagogues. And these must neither buy nor sell with them, nor eat, nor drink, nor have anything to do with them, except they will worship the beast, or his image, and fall down to him. And this is the worship of the beast, gotten up since the apostles, by them who apostatized from the true church, and went forth from them, which all the world wondered after and worshipped, and received his mark and his image, who buy and sell, and let others do so with them, who are they who make war against those who keep the testimony of Jesus and the commands of God, and against the saints and the Lamb; but the Lamb and the saints shall have the victory. But the Lamb of God, the seed of God, is risen; the beast and the false prophet are taken, which has long deceived the nations. Revelations 20. The old dragon, the serpent, the murderer, the deceiver, the devourer, Babylon, the mother of harlots, which has made all nations drunk with her fornications, which has corrupted the earth, Rev 17, which the beasts and the false prophets that deceive the nations, and antichrist, say are come only now. These are deceivers of the nations, that say they are come only now; for Christ said they should come, and John said they were come before his decease, whereby he said he knew it was the last time. And in the Revelations he said, all the world went after them; and all nations have drunk of the wine of her fornications, and the kings of the earth have committed fornications with her, Rev 17:2, (mark the word have, past tense), and the false prophets say, they come but now, and now is the last time. And these are the deceivers of the nations that say so. Now are people but coming from them; and now is the judgment of the great whore come; and now are the vials of wrath to be poured upon her that has corrupted the earth, and now shall they go into captivity. Rev 13, Rev 14, Rev 18. And now shall people come to what the false prophets, the beast, and the mother of harlots, went from, all these heads, and horns, and crowns, will turn against others with their tongues, languages, and Babylon, that have been among them. And now is the seed of God risen, which overthrows all the excommunicators upon the earth, both beast, and false prophets, and Jews, which seed of God brings to see to the beginning. Glory to the Highest forever; the seed is at the top of them all, Jews and Gentiles, beasts and false prophets, and the corner stone is laid.

John Castairs, and James Durram, priests of Glasgow, when the fast was appointed by the English, kept their houses, and caused their servants to work, and took notice of all those that countenanced the English fast; and the first day they preached afterwards, said it was necessary that a day of humiliation should be, and that all people should be humbled for the powers they saw now ruling in the land, for they were giving liberty and toleration to all sects, and blasphemies, as Anabaptists, Independents; and said that the Baptists denied all worship and ordinances, as they were and ought to be according to the ecclesiastical government, which government is the true hedge of the church of Christ.

Lodowick Simerell, priest of Munkland, said, before several persons, that ‘no true justice had been, or was, since those enemies came to this nation, neither would be until the Lord removed them in his own time.’ Henry Foreside, priest of Lingiah, said, ‘if Paul had been alive he would have stoned the Quakers;’ and ‘it was christian zeal to stone them.’ And many Friends have been stoned and beaten, and blood has been shed. Such were those that stoned the apostles and saints, and haled them before judgment seats and magistrates; and the chief priests had a hand in putting Christ to death, persuaded the people so to do, and the chief priests had a hand in stoning Stephen to death, and the priests had a hand in casting Jeremiah into the dungeon, and into the stocks, and said he was worthy of death. And the high priest Ananias examined Paul, and Peter and John were examined by the priests, and put out of the temple by the priests and rulers, and charged, no more to speak in that name. And such were these who had a form of godliness, but denied the power; and such ever stirred up the people to blood and tumults against the harmless, and innocent in the truth. Therefore come to the light, you that have tasted of the power of the Lord God, that with it you may see and judge how the priests blinded the magistrates by flattery, and so came to be the enemies of truth.

How have you received strangers, you Presbyterians of Scotland! How have you obeyed the commands of God, and the apostles' commands, which were, be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for some have entertained angels unawares? Heb 13:2. Yet you would have the servants of the Lord imprisoned, and stocked, and stoned to death, or their heads chopped off! So you are they who are in Cain's way, vagabonds from the spirit of God. Now a vagabond does not have a habitation in God, but wanders from the witness of God in him, like Cain, who built a city and called it after his son's name, Gen 4.

Christ said: ‘I am the light of the world," who is the true light that enlightens everyone that comes into the world, and who is the savior of your souls. You who go from the light you are enlightened with, are vagabonds, and have not a habitation in God; and so go into Cain's way, are envious, and would slay; Balaam's and Core's way, who are with the light condemned; and like unto those Jews, that haled out of the synagogues, that Christ spoke of, that go in long robes, and are called of men master, but Christ said, ‘Be you not called of men master, for one is your master, even Christ.’ Mat 23:10.

Christ said, they who went in long robes, loved the highest places in the assemblies; would hale the disciples out of the synagogues, and they who do these things are gone from the light. Luke 20:46, John 3:19, John 16:2.

All this persuading of corrupt magistrates to persecute those who reprove sin in the gates, in the steeple-houses, streets, and highways, is, because men have a selfish end, and a private interest to themselves, both professors of scriptures and teachers; and they who persecute have a selfish honor, and an interest to themselves; and so the selfish professors, teachers, and magistrates that persecute for them, have a form of godliness, but the witness lies slain in them. They don't care if the witness rises; for in that rising all the deeds, words, and actions come to the light, and then, if the witness of God arises in them, they will not be offended at such as reprove sin in their gates, markets, steeple-houses, and streets. For all upon the earth, while they are from the witness of God in them, are corrupted, and they may get the form of godliness, the form of Christ's, the prophets', and the apostles' words, and live out of the power, and are in the religion that is vain; for none upon the earth come to the power of godliness, but they must first come to the witness of God in themselves, and there are none upon the earth that ever come to the first principle of the pure religion, but they must first come to the witness of God in themselves. None know the scriptures given forth from the power and spirit of God, which was in the saints, but first they are brought to the spirit of God in their own particulars. Come, all you officers and soldiers, now, after you have ease and have overcome your enemies without; take heed lest you sit down in your ease and fullness, and fall down into the earth, and flesh, and feasts, and fullness, and pride, and so corrupt the earth, and yourselves, and not come down to the witness of God in you; whereby the enemy of God and of your own souls might be slain, that you might come to find rest and peace in God, after your outward wars, and so come to the inward wars, which take away the cause of the outward, whereby you may all come into true understanding, to answer that of God in everyone; for they who do evil, act contrary to that of God in them; to such the sword is a terror, but a praise to those who do well, who are led by the spirit of God, up to God, who is pure, and out of the evil. And all magistrates' swords upon the earth, should reach to what is pure in everyone to the soul, so it takes away what wars against it, that breaks the outward. So the soul comes to be subject to the higher power that is above the transgressor, which all the magistrates and rulers upon the earth must give an account to. And there are none upon the earth that come to worship God in spirit and in truth, but they first come to own that of God in themselves; and there are none upon the earth that are like to retain God in their knowledge, nor his covenant, while their minds are reprobated from that of God in themselves.

There all may see the covenant of grace to all men, and the covenant of light and life with the Father; he gave him for a covenant of light to the Gentiles, to the heathen, ‘I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and Judah,’ the people of God, ‘I will write my law in their hearts, and their minds,’ so said Christ the covenant of God, ‘I am the light of the world,’ and enlightens everyone that comes into the world, that all men through the light of the covenant of God might believe; it is the covenant of God, that every man that comes into the world is enlightened with, and everyone that hates the light wherewith he is enlightened, hates the covenant, and the light condemns him; and here all men may see that the free grace of God that brings salvation has appeared unto all men. They who turn the grace of God into wantonness, and walk despitefully against the spirit of grace, neglect their salvation, and bring punishment and condemnation upon them, as it is written in Jude.

Concerning election, and what is elected. ‘The grace of God which brings salvation has appeared to all men,’ to the clearing God's justice, and the fault is in man for his condemnation.

There is a precious thing in these Scots, but there is a filthy, beastly, dirty thing lying over the precious.

A book I have received out of Holland, the title of which is called ‘A Catechism of Christian Religion,’ printed at Amsterdam by John Frederick, stationer, at the sign of the Hope, 1639. The principles in it as follows.

Principle. ‘Out of the law, they say, they learn they should love the Lord God with all their strength, and mind, and soul, and their neighbor as themselves.’

Answer. Now these words are said, but where these words are performed, the commandment is known, and God is loved, and his neighbor as himself; so he loves the creation, the workmanship of God; but where these words are talked of, and not done, and they say they have not power, then they are out of that state that the Jews were in that came out of Egypt, who had power and ability to answer the law of God; to whom the law was committed. And God is equal and righteous, and commands nothing but what is equal and just, and measurable, and reasonable, according to what men may perform; and such as he gives the law to, he gives power, but if men transgress the law, they abuse the power, and such were not justified; and may say they had not power, but that is false, it is a lie.

Principle. They say, ‘they are not able to keep the word of God perfectly, that is to say, to love their neighbors as themselves, and love God; for man is prone to evil-hatred by nature.’

Answer. What brings men to keep the commandments of God is beyond nature, to order nature, and to rule nature, and is above nature, and it is to subject what is prone to evil, and that nature that the law goes upon; so he who looks into the law and loves God, is turned from the evil nature, for the evil makes the nature corrupt. Man in the beginning had the law of God within, the commandment; man in the fall had the commandment given to him, and there he had power, as man had in the beginning the law and the power; but they both transgressing abused the power, so became unrighteous. But God is not unrighteous, or a hard task master, to lay more upon a man than he can do, as the corrupt wills of men, and the slothful servants look upon God so to do, as to command them to do the thing they cannot, so make God unreasonable, they who love the darkness, and their pleasures and lusts more than God, and so have not regard to God and their neighbor. For man in the beginning, lost his uprightness by transgressing the law, and so the devil's seed comes to be sowed in mankind, and the image of God lost, and the image of the devil is set up in man, and so come darkness, hardness, mists, dimness, and blindness. And death reigned from Adam to Moses; so then came the law by Moses, that went over a transgressors, answered the principle of God in all men that was transgressed, and the Lord who gave man the law, gave him power and ability, who said his ways were equal, and righteous, and they were then to love God with their strength, and their souls, and their neighbor as themselves. And such were preservers of the creation, and lovers of the workmanship of God, but such as were transgressors were destroyers and defacers of the workmanship of God, and not lovers of God or of their neighbor.

Principle. ‘That the anger of God is most dreadful for the sins wherein they were born.’

[No! A child is not born a sinner. A child is innocent until corrupted by the programming of the world. To say a child is born guilty, before he has grown to make decisions for himself, is to make God unjust and evil.]

Answer. Then you are not the believers, who were born in the sin, nor of believing parents, if you own the apostle's doctrine, for the unbelieving is sanctified by the believing, ‘else were their children unholy, but now are they clean,’ said the apostle the minister of God, if you can believe his doctrine, and bear it, and receive it. But if you do object and say, ‘born in sin and transgression,’ and ‘all by nature the children of wrath;’ yes, I say, this is the estate the apostle speaks of among unbelievers, Jews and Gentiles gone astray from the life of God, from the covenant of promise; but they who come into the life of God, and the covenant of promise, are believers; ‘the believing wife or the believing husband sanctifies the unbelieving, else were their children unholy, but now are they clean.’ He who can receive this, let him. This was the apostles' doctrine.

Principle. ‘Because the justice of God requires that the same nature of man which had sinned, do itself make recompense for sin.’

Answer. All that makes the recompense for sin, is he who never sinned, Christ, the second Adam, and not the first; so in this your blindness and darkness have appeared. And it is not the same nature that has sinned, that destroys sin, but it is Christ that cleanses the nature of man that has sinned and destroys sin itself, that is to say, the devil that has defiled the nature of man, and so Christ is called the sanctification, justification, redemption, cleansing man's nature, and blotting out the sin and transgression.

Principle. ‘Salvation is not offered to all men who perished in Adam, but only to those men who are grafted in him by true faith.’

Answer. Salvation is purchased to all men that perished in Adam though they do not believe it; for he is the savior of all men, especially of them that do believe, and an offering for the sin of the whole world, mark, the world, and enlightens every man that comes into the world, that all through him might believe. And he who believes not, is condemned by Christ the light, the life, the sacrifice, the offering, who through death has destroyed what in them was the power of death, the devil, and his power, and so entered into his glory. All that believe in him have life, and all that do not, and receive him not, have not life, but are condemned through unbelief. Now if you say that in Adam all died, I say yes; and that in Christ all shall be made alive to the justification of life, I say yes, as in Adam all died, so in Christ they come to be made alive. So they who are believers are holy, so are the believers' children; a new creation, a new generation, new creatures, out of Adam in the fall; the believers passed from death, that came by Adam, to life, and so in that is a clean creation and holy generation.

[Faith is hearing the word of God, which is in your heart, and believing it to be the witness of God in yourself. This man only has faith in the Bible, and really only faith in the man-made "Apostles Creed," (see below). He knows nothing about true faith and nothing about God, except what he reads; and reading about food is not a substitute for eating food.]

Principle. ‘All things contained in the gospel are summed up in the apostles' creed.’

Answer. The apostles do not tell us of a creed, but the pope's canon-book, and common-prayer-book; and many things the apostles had to say, which were not lawful to utter, and many things Christ had to say, which they could not bear; but the gospel is the power of God, and that the scripture speaks of, but does not say the epistles are it.

Principle. ‘God has manifested himself in his word, that these three distinct persons are one.’

Answer. Neither the word nor the scripture does tell us of three distinct persons, but it tells us of Father, and of son, and of Holy Ghost; but indeed, as I said before, the pope's canon-book, and mass-book does so; for the Holy Ghost is not distinct from the son, and the son is not distinct from the Father, but they are all in one.

[The trinity is a man-made term, that nowhere appears in the Bible; particularly wrong in claiming three distinct persons, rather than three manifestations of the same one spirit.

I and my father are one. John 10:30

For there are three that bear record in heaven: the Father, the Word [Jesus], and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. 1 John 5:7]

Principle. ‘Having our chief hope placed in God, being assured that nothing may withdraw us from his love.’

Answer. Yet you say you are not able to keep the commandments of God perfectly; then you are drawn from the living God, and you are from the chief hope, Christ; for they who love God obey his commandments, and such have the chief hope, Christ, in whom the commandment ends; here love goes forth out of the pure heart. However are not riches your hope and do not riches, and the glory of the world, and the fashions thereof, draw your hearts away? Does not your love and hope stand in them, and have taken up the possession of your hearts more than God? Therefore, they who do not keep the commandments perfectly, do not keep them at all.

Principle. ‘You say Christ has ransomed your bodies and your souls from sin, and by that one sacrifice of his body he has redeemed you.’

[To be redeemed is to be in total obedience to all Christ's commands, to follow the lamb wherever he goes. To be redeemed is to be freed from the lust for women. To be redeemed is to be without guile in your mouth. Rev 14:4-5.

Answer. Are your bodies redeemed, and your souls and your spirits that are immortal, sanctified, and do you glorify God in your bodies, souls, and spirits which are the Lord's? Is there not sin in your bodies, and are not your spirits corrupted? Now, they who witness redemption of the body and soul from sin, these are out of the first Adam's state, and are the holy ones, and these are in the end of the law, and what fulfills the law, Christ Jesus. But now if you come to say that you have not sin in your bodies, and the fruits show themselves by persecution, or envy, rage, malice, pride, or such wickedness, this does not show the fruits of redemption.

Principle. You say, ‘that God in Christ has put out the remembrance of your sins, and of your corruptions within you, wherein you must fight all your lifetime.’

[He who enters the rest, has ceased from fighting his enemies.]

Answer. While the sins you are fighting with are not blotted out in your own particulars, this is not the life of the saints, they are not fighting all their lifetime; but they come to the kingdom of God, witnessing sin and iniquity blotted out, and the everlasting covenant of peace and life with God.

Principle. You say, ‘You are righteous before God through faith, though your consciences accuse you for your trespasses against the command of God, being prone to evil, yet despite evil, you embrace the benefits of Christ, as if you never had committed any sin or corruption, and this is as if you yourselves had perfectly completed the obedience.’

Answer. Where the conscience accuses it is impure, and that the true faith is out of, for the mystery of faith is held in a pure conscience, and that receives Christ, and which is not prone to evil, nor transgresses the commands of God. But you are out of the perfect obedience, and the faith both, and are in the corruption, and are not the lovers of God, and have not come to Christ the end of the commandments, who is loved in a pure heart. You talk of conscience accusing, and yet say, you are righteous through faith; that is your ignorance, for faith is held in a pure conscience, the conscience does not accuse any but the unsanctified.

[The man is in a pretended faith, and a pretended obedience, and presumes to obtain the benefits of Christ at death by escaping Hell, but he ignores scripture's clear exclusions, plainly stated for all to heed, (click to see).

Principle. ‘Not that we please God through the worthiness of our faith, for our works, the best of them, are imperfect in this life, defiled with sin.’

[Here is a blind guide confessing that his best works are defiled in sin, and trying to convince you that there is no hope of purity, holiness, cleanliness, perfection, freedom from sin, godliness, or righteousness. And if you ignore scripture, and if you ignore all the writing on this site, you too can be fooled by the false prophets of Christendom.]

Answer. It is faith that brings men to please God, which faith comes from him, and gives victory over that men have lived in and not pleased God; so there is a worthiness in faith, it is the gift of God, by which men please God, and have access to him, and by which they are justified, and through it they overcome and subdue mountains, and raise the dead; your best works being imperfect, and defiled with sin in this life, are not wrought in God, but are out of him, in the darkness, they are works of darkness, imperfect and defiled with sin. Are not the works of darkness to be condemned for the fire, and to be out of the law and gospel? But the works of the saints that are in the faith, created to good works, are wrought in love, are perfect, because they are wrought in God; these are distinct from the imperfect, defiled with sin, and these good works the saints witnessed when they were upon the earth, which are the works of faith that works by love.

Principle. ‘Infants that are baptized belong as well to the covenant and church of God, as they of full age, they by baptism being grafted into the church of God, so discerned from the children of infidels, so this baptism succeeds circumcision.’

Answer. Then by this all in Christendom who are baptized are the church and grafted into the church, Papists and Protestants and all! And how is it that your church is in so much confusion then? For you say they are grafted into the church of God; and in the church of God there is no confusion, it is the pillar and ground of truth, without spot or wrinkle; and how is it there is such killing one another in this church, Papists, and Protestants, Lutherans, and Calvinists, so-called? How is it they are not of one body, but are broken into so many heads? Now, the baptism of the spirit brings all into one body, in which spirit is the fellowship and the unity, which spirit is the bond of peace. Circumcision outwardly was a figure of circumcision within, and that it typed forth. Baptism without typed forth baptism within; and many may run into the outward water, that does decrease, and do not come to the body of Christ the light, as you may read in the fifth of John; for none are grafted into Christ the body, but they who come to the light John bare witness of.

Principle. ‘You say, though Christ is in heaven, and you on earth, you are flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone.’

Answer. And yet before you said your consciences accused you, and your best works in this life were sinful and imperfect, and you could not keep the commands of God; now this is confusion, they who are of the flesh and bone of Christ are with him, and sit with him in heavenly places, for their conversation is in heaven.

Principle. ‘We are grafted into Christ by the Holy Ghost now, according to his human nature on earth.’

Answer. Human nature is from the ground, this is old Adam, but Christ, according to the flesh, was of Abraham and of David. The scripture does not tell us of human nature, for human is from the ground, but Christ is from above; and though he were a lamb slain from the foundation of the world, yet his nature was not corrupted, nor his flesh saw no corruption. He who is made of the dust is human, he who is the Lord from heaven, is not human; so you err in your understandings that do not distinguish.

Principle. ‘Teaching the gospel and ecclesiastical discipline, by which the heaven is opened to believers and shut against the unbelievers.’

Answer. Christ has the key which opens to believers, and ‘he is the light which enlightens every man that comes into the world,’ that through it they might believe, and they who do not believe in the light which Christ has enlightened them with, heaven is shut to them, light condemns them, and they neglect the gospel; upon whom the wrath comes, which gospel is the power of God. And as for ecclesiastical discipline, it is an invention since the days of the apostles, in the apostasy, which shuts up the kingdom of heaven against men, what they should have believed in; that is, the light Christ has enlightened them withal, which is the key.

Principle. ‘And such you say that are wicked men, the sacrament is to them forbidden, and they are shut out of the congregation.’

Answer. Do you not call baptism sacrament, and have you given them it, and did not you say they are grafted into the church by baptism?And cannot Judas take the sop [bread]? But for the word sacrament you may look in the old canon-book, the mass-book, and such like. You give your sacrament to the covetous and proud, to the lovers of gold, and to them that are surfeited and drunk with the cares of this life, and such as are in superfluity, such you will give it to; and common outward drunkards you will keep it from; now are not all those forbidden, and out of the church of God? Read and judge yourselves, and amend your lives, and repent, that you may come into the spirit that baptizes into the body of Christ.

Principle. You say, ‘Christ has redeemed you by his blood, and renewed you by his spirit to his image.’

Answer. And yet your works before were sinful, and you broke the command of God. Now this shows still, that you have but the form, and are not renewed in spirit, unchanged, unconverted, and not in the image of God, and not in the thankfulness of God out of a pure heart.

Principle. ‘To mortify the old man is to be sorry for your sins.’

 [This man cannot be so stupid as to not know that “mortify” means to put to death. He appears to be deliberately lying to preserve his job, when he has not mortified anything. He is referring to:

For if you live after the flesh [the sinful nature], you will die; but if through the Spirit you mortify [put to death] the deeds of the body, you will live. Rom 8:13
Therefore mortify [put to death] the deeds of the body that are of the earthly life: fornication, impurity, inordinate affections, evil lusts of the flesh, and covetousness, which is idolatry. Col 3:5

The New King James, New International, New American Standard, and Amplified Bibles all say: put to death.

Answer. A man may be sorry for the sin he has acted, but what puts off the body of sin, is the spirit, and what purifies the heart is the faith, and what cleanses from all sin, is the blood of Jesus, and what blots out all sin and transgression, is Christ the covenant of God; and Christ within, manifest in the flesh, condemns sin in the flesh; so having him within, the body is dead because of sin.

Principle. ‘You shall not make to yourself any graven image, the likeness of anything in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or worship them, or bow down to them; you shall not take the name of the Lord in vain, etc. And remember you keep holy the Sabbath day, for six days you shall labor and do all you have to do, but on the Sabbath you, nor your ox, servant, or stranger shall do no manner of work.’

Answer. Do you not make graven images and pictures of things in heaven, and of things in the water, and of things in the earth, and so make images and representations, and adore them, and set them up in your houses? Us not this quite contrary to the commandment of God? Have not the Papists been your examples for these things, and not the apostles? And do you not take the Lord's name in vain daily in your streets and markets, in your buying and selling? Do you not take the Lord's name in vain, when you call upon him with your lips, but your hearts are in your covetous practices, and full of hatred, envy, pride, voluptuousness, ambition, self-honor, and deceit? This is taking the Lord's name in vain, to call on God with your lips, while your hearts are after this manner. Do your servants, or strangers, or cattle rest on the seventh day? Do you not keep markets and fairs on that day, which the Lord gave to the children of Israel, after the fall of Adam, for a sign of the restoration of the creation, that neither man, nor servant, nor family, nor ox, nor ass should work on that day, but rest? so it was a sign; the apostle said, ‘the Sabbath day was a shadow of good things to come, which was Christ,’ the good thing who restores the creation, and gives the liberty to horse, ass, ox, and all the creation, unto man, and stranger, and servant, and redeems man up into the image of God, and renews it, which has been lost; and so is restoring the creation, and giving rest to his people and all the creation, and destroying the devil, death, and all his works. Christ, who is the restorer, gives rest to the creation, who was before days were, by whom all things were made.

Principle. You say, ‘You shall do no murder, you shall not steal, you shall not covet your neighbor's goods, house, or servant, nor anything that is his, his wife, or ox, or ass.’  

Answer. Do you do no murder? That was the law without; do you fulfill it in Christendom? Then you do not murder the just principle of God in your particulars. Do you not quench the spirit in people, and not allow it to have liberty? Do you not do murder to the just of God in you, in your own particulars? So, then stop it in the general, for opening its mouth, with all your force and might? Are you not murderers there? Do you not steal by sea and land, and cozen, and cheat, and wrong one another? No, do you not steal the words from your neighbor, and the prophets, and the apostles, and Christ, which you never came into the life of; is not this called theft and robbery for you have not received it from the Lord God, as the prophets and the apostles, as his son and servants did. So all your profession, church, and ministry stand in the robbery, and have not received it as they did, as the true apostles, prophets, and ministers did; you all stand in the robbery. Do not you covet your neighbor's goods, oxen, cattle, and servants, and wife? and one getting from another goods, and getting servants, one from another; is not this out of the love in which the commandment ends, where there is serving one another in love? Are not all covetous idolaters shut out of the love in which the commandment ends? And has not this been the practice in the whole Christendom, coveting men's goods, servants, cattle, and what is not theirs is not that out of the law and gospel, and out of a pure heart, where the commandment is known and done? What it ends in is Christ, and love keeps the commands of Christ, they who love do not covet, and they are not idolaters.

Principle. ‘We are not to make any images to be tolerated in the churches and chapels, or figures of things made, for it is not seemly, for God will have his church be taught by living preaching.’

Answer. How is it that your churches so called, are so full of pictures and images of males and females, representing a figure of Adam and Eve, the apostles, and Christ in your houses, and on signs, of fish in the sea, and lions and other creatures upon the earth, and of things as you imagine in heaven? Are not all these your inventions, your works and inventions, you have learned of the Papists, and they from the heathen, not from the apostles? You have daubed your churches, and flourished them with your pictures; these things you call your churches, but the church is in God, which the gates of hell cannot prevail against, but a shower of rain, or an earthquake, or a great wind, will prevail against your church, and the devil may come with his carnal weapons and throw it down, but the church of Christ, the pillar of truth, is what the devil is out of.

Principle. ‘You say a man may swear before a magistrate, and that this kind of swearing is ordained by God's word, therefore well used of the saints, and it is not lawful to swear by the saints or other creatures.’

Answer. Here you are out of the doctrine of Christ, who said, ‘swear not at all,’ and out of the magistrates' state the apostle speaks of, and out of Christ's doctrine and the apostles', and have broken the commands of Christ and the apostles' doctrine, which say, ‘swear not at all:’ so you wrong Christ Jesus, and the word of God you deny. And though Abraham swore, and Jacob and Joseph swore, the prophets and Moses swore, David swore, and the angels swore, and men in strife swear by the greater, and the oath ended the strife and controversy among men; yet Christ said, ‘before Abraham was I am,’ he reigns over the house of Joseph and Jacob, he is the end of the prophets, he is the end of Moses, he is the end of men of strife, and brings peace on the earth. The angels must bow down to him, that said ‘swear not at all,’ who was before Abraham was, and David called him Lord, who was greater than Solomon. And ‘this is my beloved son, hear you him.’ Now which of you hear him? They said in the old time, perform your vows to the Lord; this was the old time, the day of Abraham, David, the prophets, Moses, and Solomon; but Christ, who was before all time, by whom all things were made, the oath of God, ends the time, and said, ‘swear not at all;’ so do his true ministers and the apostles, ‘Above all things, my brethren, swear not at all, neither by heaven, nor by earth, lest you fall into condemnation.’ Now here were true brethren, that kept the doctrine of Christ and the apostles, and his commands, which swearers break, who are got up since the days of the apostles, who are the false brethren apostatized from the true. So now the fruits of false and true brethren are seen, who keep the commands of Christ, and walk in the doctrine of the apostles, and who do not.

Principle. You say, ‘that in the fourth commandment God does command that the ministers of the gospel, and the schools of learning, should be maintained, and on the Sabbath frequent studiously divine assemblies, hear the word diligently, using the sacraments.’

Answer. Your schools, your sacraments, your Sabbath, your studies by men, your ministers at your schools, you have made since the apostles, and not by the Lord, but among yourselves, who are apostatized from his spirit; for the apostles had not schools. And the apostle said, ‘let no man judge you in meats or drinks, new moons, and Sabbath days, etc., for the body is Christ,’ and he brought them off from these services to Christ, the substance,the body, who ended the Sabbath days, and the offerings upon them, who was before days, who is the rest for his people, and did not bring people into days, but into Christ, by whom all things were made, who was Lord of the Sabbath. And such meet on the first day of the week, and are taught of God, and outstrip all your teachers made in schools, and by the learning of men; and so are not of man, nor by man, but the outward schools are of men, and by men.

Principle. You say, ‘The fifth commandment enjoins you to yield obedience to the faithful commandments of those who are over you, and the catechism.’

[The fifth commandment:
Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God gives you. Exo 20:12
This man fabricates too easily.]

Answer. The fifth commandment enjoins that men should obey the command of God, not of men, nor the catechism, nor such stuff as is in this catechism, but they who are come to Christ come to the end of the commandments, the end of the law, him by whom the world was made; and who was before it was made.

Principle. You say, ‘The meaning of the seventh commandment is, that you should live temperate, modest, and chaste, and holy in wedlock.’

Answer. Is this so, have you not broken wedlock both with God and man, and lost the chaste virgin state; and so got up into intemperance, immodesty, unchasteness, into uncleanness, and filthiness, and so show by your fruits that you neither come to keep this commandment, nor to Christ the end of it?

Principle. You say, ‘The eighth commandment does not only forbid robbery, but covetousness after other men's goods, evil, witchcraft, devices to seek after other men's goods.’

Answer. Then are you not all found in this seeking and endeavoring by force after other men's goods, and has this not been much of your practice both by sea and land, of many people in the whole Christendom, who have been found in this witchcraft you speak of? And is not all this to be judged with the spirit of the Lord God to be out of his commands, and out of the love of God and Christ the end of the law? Therefore repent, and amend all your ways, doings, and lives, that you may return to the Lord, and find peace and rest in the time of need.

Principle. You say, ‘The ninth commandment said, do not bear false witness against any man, and you should shun lying, and not falsify any man's word, nor backbite, nor reproach, and shun all careless kind of lives,’ ...

Answer. How is it then that there are so many false witnesses, backbiters, reproachers, rash condemners, men living in such careless kind of lives and deceit, among you, which is the devil's works? This is all out of the commands of God and the law, and short of Christ the end of it, and the fruits of this have now showed themselves.

Principle. You say, ‘No one who is converted to God perfectly, observes and keeps his commandments.’

Answer. Then no man loves God among you, nor are you converted; neither are you of the seed of the woman who keep the commands of God; neither are you the children of God that John speaks of, who keep the commandments of God, who love God; neither are you believers, for Christ is the end of the law to those who believe.

Principle. You say, ‘There is no man in this life able to keep the law of God, and why then should God's law be so exact and severe?’

Answer. The law of God is just, is not so exact, nor so severe, but is just and equal, and righteous, and perfect, and good, and not, as you look upon it, exact and severe. Now Christ the righteousness of God is the end of the law, and the man who loves God keeps his commandments, and comes to the end of the commandments, that is, love out of a pure heart.

Principle. You say, ‘Christ teaches you to call God Father, in the beginning of your prayers.’

Answer. Christ taught that to his disciples who were his children, his sheep, but that was not spoken to the world that did not believe in ‘the light that enlightens every man that comes into the world;’ for the Pharisees could call him Father and Lord, but did not do the things he commanded them, and such Christ said were of the devil, and the prayers of such he rebukes; the disciples could pray this in truth. So you must be born again of God, not committing sin, when you call God Father you must be like him, else you are illegitimate, begotten of the wicked one, children of the transgressor, sons of the sorcerer. The prophet speaks of children of God distinct from those who call him Father in the transgression, whom he has not begotten, the transgressor's birth, that is illegitimate, a false conception.

Principle. You say, ‘Forgive us, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’

Answer. Is it so? Do you do so? Would you have it so that you are only forgiven as you forgive others who have trespassed against you? Would you have God forgive you who trespass against him, no other ways, but as you forgive trespasses against yourself? Mark, whether you would have as you say; and whether here is not justice; whether you can witness you are forgiven who do not forgive others; and whether you have the assurance within you?

Principle. You say, ‘The particle amen, means the things sure, out of doubt, for your prayers are much more certainly heard of God, if you feel in your hearts that you sincerely desire the same.’

Answer. Amen, or so be it, for the promise is to the seed, yes and amen, which fetches up the seed out of time who has been in prison in time, and brings it by the power of God where there is no time, and there is yes and amen; and the Lord accepts no prayer from the corrupt heart, or from such whose works are sinful, whose best works are sinful, for it is the praying, preaching, singing, hearing, tasting, discerning, handling, and feeling in the spirit that the Lord accepts. The Lord knows the mind of the spirit, where it groans, which spirit guiding the man, gives him an understanding of the signification of it, and so every man being reproved with the spirit, if he hears it and is in unity with it, and turns to it, it will bring him to turn to God, and be at unity with God, and here his prayers are acceptable to him; and so every man being enlightened that comes into the world, every man that turns to the light Christ has enlightened him with, is turned to Christ, from whom it comes, which brings him to know Christ, and to ask in his name, who is the way to the Father, and is in the Father, who is God, Emmanuel, Christ Jesus, and so forth, to the end.

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