The Missing Cross to Purity

Miracles, Strange Deaths of Persecutors,
Prophecies, Discernments, and Debates

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom,
but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

1 Cor 2:4

They went out and preached everywhere,
the Lord working with them and confirmed his word
with accompanying signs. Amen.
Mark 16:20

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Note: These writings only refer to the early Quakers. Many of today's Quaker sects don't require a belief in Christ or even God.

In 1932, Henry Cadbury was doing research in the Quaker Library, and he discovered a catalog of important lost books, including a Book of Miracles, which was written by George Fox, who in his will had left money for it publication and free distribution. The book was lost, but in the catalog were 150+ entries of miracle cures by Fox, with the beginning and ending words of each cure included. Due to frequent, harsh attacks on previously known miracle cures by those opposing the early Quakers, the book by Fox was not permitted to be published and was somehow lost.

Available from is: George Fox's 'Book of Miracles' (Paperback) for $28.00 . This book is mostly a series of introductions by three men with only the surviving 150+ cataloged entries of miracles included, (only the beginning and ending words of each healing); there is not much of substance in it.

The following are just a few of the miracles with surviving details; most are from Fox's Journal.

From Fox's Introduction to his Letters:

For I was sent for to many sick people; and at one time I was sent for to White-Chapel, about the third hour in the morning, to a woman that was dying, and her child; and the people were weeping about her. And after a while I was moved, (in the name and power of Christ Jesus), to speak to the woman; and she and her child were raised up. And she got up, to the astonishment of the people, when they came in, in the morning; and her child also was healed.

From the Journal, Sick Raised :

There was in that town a great man that had long lain sick, and was given up on by the physicians. Some Friends in the town desired me to visit him. I went up to him in his chamber, and spoke the word of life to him, and was moved to pray by him; and the Lord was persuaded, and restored him to health.

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) After I was set at liberty from Nottingham jail, where I had been kept prisoner a pretty long time, I traveled as before, in the work of the Lord. Coming to Mansfield Woodhouse, there was a distracted woman under a doctor's hand, with her hair loose about her ears. He was about to let her blood,
she being first bound, and many people about her, holding her by violence; but he could get no blood from her. I desired them to unbind her and let her alone, for they could not touch the spirit in her by which she was tormented. So they did unbind her; and I was moved to speak to her, and in the name of the Lord to bid her be quiet and still; and she was so. And the Lord's power settled her mind, and she mended. Afterwards she received the truth, and continued in it to her death; and the Lord's name was honored; to whom the glory of all his works belongs.

Many great and wonderful things were produced by the heavenly power in those days; for the Lord made bare his omnipotent arm, and manifested his power to the astonishment of many; through the healing virtue of the power, many were delivered from great sicknesses, and the devils were made subject through his name; of which particular instances might be given, beyond what this unbelieving age is able to receive or bear. Blessed forever be the name of the Lord, and may it be everlastingly honored, and over all exalted and magnified is the arm of his glorious power by which he has performed gloriously: let the honor and praise of all his works be ascribed to him alone.

From the Journal (A possessed woman, freed)

(Fox Speaking.) When I was a prisoner in the same place [Nottingham jail] a woman with two others came to me in the prison and said that she had been possessed for thirty-two years; and the priests had kept her and had kept fasting days about her, and could not do her any good. She said the Lord said unto her, "Arise, for I have a sanctified people; make haste and go to them, for your redemption draws near." When I came out of prison I told Friends to bring her to Mansfield. At that time our meetings were disturbed by wild people, and both they and the professors and priests said that we were false prophets and deceivers and that there was witchcraft among us. [In our meetings at Mansfield] the poor woman would make such a noise in roaring, and sometimes lying along upon her belly upon the ground with her spirit and roaring and voice, that it would set all Friends in a heat and sweat. And I said, ‘All Friends, keep to your own, lest that which is in her get into you;' and so she frightened the world [away] from our meetings.

Then they said [the priests, professors and wild people of the world that disturbed the Quaker meetings and said they were false prophets] if that [demonic spirit that possessed her] were cast out of her while she were with us, and were made well, then they would say that we were of God. Thus said the world; and I had said before that she should be set free. Then it was upon me that we should have a meeting at Skegby at Elizabeth Hooton’s house; and we had her there. And there were many Friends almost overcome by her with the stink that came out of her; [as she lay] roaring and tumbling on the ground; and that same day she was worse than she had ever been. On another day we met about her, and about the first hour the Life [the Life of God, Jesus] rose in Friends and [the Life] said it was done. She rose up, and her countenance changed and became white; and before it was wan [a sickly hue] and earthly [vile]; and she sat down at my thigh as I was sitting, and lifted up her hands and said, ‘Ten thousand praise the Lord; ’ she did not know where she was, but she was well; and we kept her about a fortnight [fourteen days] in the sight of the world as she worked and did things, and then we sent her away to her friends. And then the world’s professors, priests, and teachers never could call us any more false prophets, deceivers, or witches after, but it did a great deal of good in the country among people in relation to the Truth and to the stopping the mouths of the world and their slanderous aspersions.

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) After I had traveled up and down in those countries, having great meetings, I came to Swarthmore again; and when I had visited Friends awhile in those parts, I heard of a great meeting the priests were to have at Ulverstone on a lecture day. I went to it, and into the steeple-house in the dread and power of the Lord. When the priest had done, I spoke among them the word of the Lord, which was like a hammer and as a fire among them. And though Lampitt, the priest of the place, had been at variance with most of the priests before, yet against the truth they all joined together. But the mighty power of the Lord was over all; and so wonderful was the appearance of that power, that priest Bennet said, 'The church shook;' so much so that he was afraid and trembled. And after he had spoken a few confused words, he hastened out for fear the steeple-house would fall on his head.

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) The people were quiet, and heard me gladly, until this justice Sawrey, (who first stirred up the cruel persecution of Quakers in the north), incensed them against me, and set them on to hale, beat, and bruise me. But now all of a sudden the people were in a rage, and fell upon me in the steeple-house before his face, knocked me down, kicked me, and trampled upon me. So great was the uproar, that some tumbled over their seats for fear. At last he came and took me from the people, led me out of the steeple-house, and put me into the hands of the constables and other officers; bidding them whip me, and put me out of the town. They led me about a quarter of a mile, some taking hold by my collar, some by my arms and shoulders, who shook and dragged me along. Many friendly people being come to the market, and some to the steeple-house to hear me; several of these they knocked down also, and broke their heads, so that the blood ran down from several; and judge Fell's son came running after to see what they would do with me; they threw him into a ditch of water, some of them crying, 'Knock the teeth out of his head.' When they had haled me to the common moss side, a multitude following, the constables, and other officers gave me some blows over my back with their willow rods, and thrust me among the rude multitude; who having furnished themselves with staves, hedge-stakes, and holm or holly bushes, fell upon me, and beat me on my head, arms, and shoulders, until they had deprived me of sense; so that I fell down upon the wet common. When I recovered again, I saw myself lying in a watery common, and the people standing about me, I lay still a little while, and the power of the Lord sprang through me, and the eternal refreshings revived me; so that I stood up again in the strengthening power of the eternal God and stretching out my arms among them, I said, with a loud voice, 'Strike again; here are my arms, my head, and my cheeks.' There was in the company a mason, a professor, but a rude fellow, who with his walking rule-staff gave me a blow with all his might just over the back of my hand, as it was stretched out; with which blow my hand was so bruised, and my arm so benumbed, that I could not draw it to me again; so that some of the people cried, 'He has spoiled his hand for ever having the use of it any more.' But I looked at it in the love of God, (for I was in the love of God to them all that had persecuted me), and after awhile the Lord's power sprang through me again, and through my hand and arm, so that in a moment I recovered strength in my hand and arm in the sight of them all.

From Fox's Journal:

Note: the below four miracles were omitted from the Quaker official version edited by Ellwood , but discovered by Penney when reconstructing another version of the journal from the original handwritten manuscripts of  Fox. They were included in the Penney's edition of the Journal, called the Cambridge Journal; Penney also added them to the Short Journal, a one volume version, written by Fox in Lancaster prison and widely translated into several languages. The Journal on this site has the text from the official version, as well as the Cambridge version included, plus other sources — but all marked, to maintain the integrity of the original source.


(Fox Speaking.) I went into the Abbey Chamber, and there came in a mad woman that sometimes was very desperate. And she fell down of her knees and cried, "Put off your hats, for grace, grace hangs about thy neck." And so the Lord's power ran through her that she was sensible of her condition, and after came and confessed it to Friends.


And I came to another place in Cumberland, where a man's wife was distracted and very desperate, attempting at times to kill her children and her husband. But I was moved of the Lord God to speak to her; she kneeled down of her bare knees and cried, and she said she would walk on her bare knees if she might go with me. The Lord's power wrought through her and she went home well.


And in Bishoprick, while I was there, they brought a woman, tied behind a man, that could neither eat nor speak, and had been so a great while. And they brought her into the house to me to Anthony Pearson's. And I was moved of the Lord God to speak to her, that she ate and spoke and was well; and got up behind her husband without any help and went away well.


And as I came out of Cumberland, one time, I came to Hawkshead, and stopped at a Friend's house. Young Margaret Fell and William Caton were with me. Since it was a very cold season, we stopped, and the servant-girl there made us a fire, her master and his wife being gone to the market. There was a boy about eleven years old, lying in the cradle, which they rocked. He was swollen to almost double normal size. I cast my eye upon the boy; and seeing he was dirty, I told the girl to wash his face and his hands, and get him up and bring him to me. So she brought him to me, and I told her take him and wash him again, for she had not washed him clean. Then I was moved of the Lord God to lay my hands upon him and speak to him, and then told the girl to take him again and put on his clothes. And after we passed away.

And sometime after I called at the house, and I met his mother, but did not stop. "Oh! stay," she said, "and have a meeting at our house, for all the country is convinced by the great miracle that was done by you upon my son. For we had carried him to Wells and the Bath, and all doctors had given up on him, for his grandfather and father feared he would have died and their name have gone out, having, but that son; but soon after you were gone," she said, "we came home and found our son playing in the streets. Therefore," she said, "all the country would come to hear," if I would come back again and have a meeting there. When she told me of this, it was about three years afterwards, and he had grown to be a straight, full youth then. So the Lord have the praise.

From the Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) After this I went again to Mansfield, where was a great meeting of professors and people; and I was moved to pray; and the Lord's power was so great, that the house seemed to be shaken. When I had done, some of the professors said, ‘It was now as in the days of the apostles, when the house was shaken where they were.’ After I had prayed, one of the professors would pray; which brought deadness and a veil over them. Others of the professors were grieved at him, and told him, ‘it was a temptation upon him.’ Then he came to me, and desired that I would pray again; but I could not pray in man's will.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) After some time I went to a meeting at Arnside, where Richard Myer was, who had been long lame in one of his arms. I was moved of the Lord to say unto him among all the people, 'Prophet Myer, stand up upon your legs,' for he was sitting down; and he stood up, and stretched out his arm that had been lame a long time, and said: 'Be it known by all you people that this day I am healed.' But his parents could hardly believe it; and after the meeting was done, took him aside, removed his jacket, and then they saw it was true. He soon came afterwards to the Swarthmore meeting and declared how the Lord had healed him. Yet after this the Lord commanded him to go to York, with a message from him, and he disobeyed the Lord; and the Lord struck him again, so that he died about nine months later.

Fox Brings a Judge Down by the Power of the Spirit:

The men that guarded me said it would be good if the justice was not drunk before we got to him, for he used to be drunk early. When I was brought in before him, because I did not put off my hat, and said "thou" to him, he asked the man that rode there before me, whether I was not confused or insane? The man told him, no; it was my principle. I warned him to repent, and come to the light, which Christ had enlightened him with; that by it he might see all his evil words and actions, and turn to Christ Jesus while he had time; and that while he had time he should prize it. Yes, yes, said he, the light that is spoken of in the third of John. I desired he would mind it, and obey it. As I admonished him, I laid my hand upon him, and he was brought down by the power of the Lord; and all the watchmen stood amazed.

From His Journal, Raises a Dying Woman:

When we came to Baldock in Hertfordshire, I asked, 'If there were nothing in that town, no profession?' It was answered me, there were some Baptists, and a sick Baptist woman. John Rush of Bedfordshire went with me to visit her. When we came in, many tender people were around her. They told me 'she was not a woman for this world; but if I had anything to comfort her concerning the world to come, I might speak to her.' I was moved of the Lord to speak to her, and the Lord raised her up again, to the astonishment of the town and country. Her husband's name was Baldock. This Baptist woman and her husband came to be convinced; and many hundreds of people have been at meetings at their house since then.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) Being set at liberty, I went to the inn where captain Drury had lodged me at first. Although this captain was sometimes fair in his conduct, he was an enemy to me and to the truth, and he opposed it. While I was under his custody and professors came to me, he stood nearby and scoffed at trembling, calling us Quakers as the Calvinist, Puritan Independents and Presbyterians had nicknamed us before. But afterwards he came and told me that as he was lying on his bed to rest himself in the day time, a sudden trembling seized on him; that his joints knocked together, and his body shook so much that he could not rise from his bed; he was so shaken that he did not have enough strength left to rise. He said he felt that the power of the Lord was on him; and he tumbled off his bed, and cried to the Lord, and said that he would never speak against the Quakers or those who trembled at the word of God again.

Raised From Dead:

(Fox Speaking.) While we were at Shrewsbury, an accident occurred, which for the time was a great exercise to us; John Jay, a Friend of Barbados, who came with us from Rhode Island, and intended to accompany us through the woods to Maryland, took to riding a horse which fell while running and threw him down upon his head, breaking his neck; as reported by the people. Those that were near him picked him up as dead, carried him a good way, and laid him on a tree. I got to him as soon as I could; and, feeling him, I concluded he was dead. As I stood pitying him and his family, I took hold of his hair, and his head turned anyway, his neck was so limber. Upon which I took his head in both my hands, and setting my knees against the tree, I raised his head, and saw nothing out or broken that way. Then I put one hand under his chin, and the other behind his head; and raised his head two or three times with all my strength, and brought it in. I soon perceived his neck began to grow stiff again, and then he began to rattle in his throat; and quickly after to breathe. The people were amazed; but I told them have a good heart, be of good faith, and carry him into the house. They did so, and set him by the fire. I told them get him something warm to drink, and put a robe on him. After he had been in the house awhile, he began to speak; but did not know where he had been. The next day we left and traveled (and he with us, pretty well) about sixteen miles, to a meeting at Middleton, through woods and bogs, and over a river, where we swam our horses, and got over ourselves upon a hollow tree. After this he traveled many hundred miles with us.

Healing in Maryland:

After the meeting a woman came to me, whose husband was one of the judges of that country, and a member of the assembly there. She told me, ‘Her husband was sick, not likely to live, and desired me to go home with her to see him.' It was three miles to her house, and I being just come hot out of the meeting, it was hard for me then to go; yet considering the service, I got a horse, went with her, visited her husband, and spoke what the Lord, gave me to him. The man was much refreshed, and finely raised up by the power of the Lord; and afterwards came to our meetings.

Fox Always Downplayed the Miracles:

(Fox Speaking.) This was the first house we came to in Carolina: here we left our horses, over-wearied with travel. From here we went down the creek in a canoe to Macocomocock River, and came to Hugh Smith's, where people of other professions came to see us, (no Friends inhabiting that part of the country), and many of them received us gladly. Among others, came Nathaniel Batts, who had been governor of Roanoake. He went by the name of captain Batts, and had been a rude, desperate man. He asked me about a woman in Cumberland, who, he said, he was told, had been healed by our prayers and laying on of hands, after she had been long sick, and given over by the physicians: he desired to know the certainty of it. I told him, we did not glory in such things, but many such things had been done by the power of Christ.

Another Healing in Maryland:

(Fox Speaking.) At this meeting was a woman that lived at Anamessy, who for many years had trouble of mind, and sometimes would sit moping near two months continually; she could hardly speak or mind anything. When I heard of her, I was moved of the Lord to go to her, and tell her, 'that salvation had come to her house.' After I had spoken the word of life to her, and pleaded with the Lord for her, she was healed. She went around the area with us to meetings, and has since been well; blessed be the Lord!

Report of Healing:

(Fox speaking.) We visited Friends and were visited by them at Newport-Pagnel, Northampton, and Cossel. Among others, came a woman, who brought her daughter so I could see how well she was doing. She reminded me that when I was there before, she had brought her to me much troubled with the king's evil (kidney disease), and had then asked me to pray for her which I did, and she was healed; praised be the Lord!

From John Bank's Journal, How Fox Healed Him

(John Banks speaking): "About this time a pain struck into my shoulder, and gradually fell down into my arm and hand, so that I was wholly deprived of the use of it; the pain increased both day and night. For three months I could neither put my clothes on nor off and my arm and hand began to wither, so that I applied to some physicians, but could get no cure by any of them. At last, as I was asleep upon my bed, in the nighttime, I saw in a vision, that I was with dear George Fox. I thought I said to him, 'George, my faith is such, that if you see the way to lay your hand upon my shoulder, my arm and hand shall be whole throughout.' This remained with me two days and nights, that the thing was a true vision, and that I must go to George Fox; until at last, through much exercise of mind, as a great trial of my faith, I was made willing to go to him at Swarthmore, in Lancashire, where there was a meeting of Friends on the first day of the week.

Some time after the meeting, I called him aside into the hall, and gave him a relation of my dream, showing him my arm and hand; and in a little time, as we walking together silently, he turned about and looked upon me, and lifting up his hand lay it upon my shoulder, saying, 'The Lord strengthen you, both within and without.' I went to Thomas Lower's, of MarshGrange, that night; and when I was sat down to supper, immediately, before I was aware, my hand was lifted up to do its office, which it could not do for long before. This struck me with great admiration, and my heart was broken into tenderness before the Lord; and the next day I went home, with my hand and arm restored to its former use and strength without any pain. The next time that George Fox and I met, he said, 'John, are you mended?' I answered, 'Yes, very well in a little time.' 'Well,' said he, 'give God the glory;' to whom I was, and still am bound in duty so to do, for that and all other his mercies and favors. He has all power in his own hand and can thereby bring to pass whatever seems good in his eyes; who by the same prepares instruments, and makes use of them as pleases him who is alone worthy of all praise, honor, and glory, both now and forevermore. Amen."

This is one of the best-attested cases of miraculous healing to be found on record; for the truthfulness of the narrator is placed beyond all doubt by the evidence of many contemporary witnesses, as may be seen in testimonies prefixed to his Journal. William Penn writes, that he had known John Banks forty-four years, and that "he was a heavenly minister of experimental religion, of a sound judgment and pious practice, valiant for truth upon the earth, and ready to serve all in the love and peace of the gospel.”

(This was one of the many healings not even mentioned by George Fox in his Journal).

Another Healing by George Fox, also not mentioned in his Journal
From the Biography of William Dewsbury
, an eminent early Quaker, who dwelled in the Kingdom.

About a week before William Dewsbury died, a few Friends were meeting with him in his bedroom; rising from his bed in great weakness of body, Dewsbury addressed them as follows:

"My God has yet put it into my heart to bear a testimony in his name and blessed Truth; and I can never forget the day of his great power and blessed appearance, when he first sent me to preach his everlasting gospel, and to proclaim the day of the Lord to all the people. He confirmed the same by signs and wonders;—and particularly by a lame woman who went on crutches, where I with my dear brethren, George Fox and Richard Farnsworth were cast; and as I cried mightily unto the Lord in secret, that he would signally manifest himself at that time among us, and give witness of his power and presence with us, Richard Farnsworth in the name of the Lord took her by the hand, and George Fox after, spoke to her in the power of God, and told her to stand up, and she did, and immediately walked straight, having no need of crutches any more. Therefore, Friends, be faithful, and trust in the Lord your God. For this I can say, I never since played the coward; but joyfully entered prisons as palaces, telling my enemies to hold me there as long as they could. In the prison-house I sang praises to my God, and esteemed the bolts and locks put upon me as jewels; and in the name of the eternal God I always got the victory. For they could keep me no longer than the determined time of my God."

William Dewsbury suffered one of the longest imprisonments of all Quakers, twenty years total.

Another Healing:

(Fox Speaking.) Next day I went to Guildford in Surrey; and having visited Friends there, passed to Worminghurst in Sussex where I had a very blessed meeting among Friends, free from disturbance. While I was there, James Claypole of London, (who was there with his wife), was suddenly taken very ill with so violent a kidney stone attack so that he could neither stand or lie down; and with extreme pain cried out like a woman in childbirth. When I heard it, I was much grieving in spirit for him and went to him. After I had spoken a few words to him to turn his mind inward, I was moved to lay my hand upon him and prayed the Lord to rebuke his infirmity. As I laid my hand on him, the Lord's power went through him; and by faith in that power his pain eased quickly and he soon fell into a sleep. When he awoke, the stone passed from him like dirt; and he was so well, that the next day he rode with me twenty five miles in a coach, though each previous kidney stone attacks forced him to bed for two to four weeks at a time. But the Lord was solicited for him, and by his power he soon gave James ease at this time; blessed and praised be his holy name therefore!

Strange Deaths of Persecutors

But as it was then,
he who was born after the flesh persecuted him who was born after the Spirit,
even so it is now.

Gal 4:29

Of his true followers, Jesus said: 'No servant is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.' (John 15:20). In Fox's time, there were five governments in England: Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, James II, and William and Mary. During the reign of Charles II alone, 13,562 Quakers were imprisoned; 338 died from injuries inflicted in meetings or imprisonment, and 198 were sent into slavery over the seas. (Source: Catholic Encyclopedia). Under the first four kings, Besse's Sufferings counts 869 Quakers who died in prison; this does not count those who died after being attacked in their meetings of worship by angry mobs. When sent to prison, even their children were sold as slaves. Countless others had their personal property seized as spoils for the taking by the courts; after conviction for refusal to swear, failure to remove their hat in court, traveling on Sunday, failure to attend state-approved religious services, failure to pay tithes to the state approved parsonages, and for meeting in groups larger than five in number. Per Fox in his Journal:   "Friends never feared their acts, prisons, jails, houses of correction, banishment, nor seizure of personal property; no, nor the loss of life itself; nor was there ever any persecution that came, but we saw how it would result in good." The Quakers were persecuted by the Congregationalist Puritans, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians in England, America, and Europe. The suffering of the early Quakers is weighty testimony to the authenticity of their faith, for Christ has told us that his disciples will always meet with the hatred of the world, particularly the professed religious of the world. They never sought revenge, even when rarely available in the courts. The early Quakers patiently suffered under all the governments of the time; blessing, forgiving, and praying for their accusers and jailers. They made personal, courteous appeals to the governing authorities, but never an organized protest or resistance. Their patient suffering eventually resulted in Parliament passing laws guaranteeing religious freedom, which were also incorporated into the US Constitution. The Lord used their suffering as the trial to bring many men and women to perfection and into the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, which thousands did receive. But below, you can see some of the revenge that God exacted against the persecutors of his people. There were so many actions by God against the persecutors of his people, a book was written chronicling the strange deaths of the early Quakers persecutors.

Behold, I have created the artisan
who blows the coals in the fire
and brings forth an instrument for his work;
and I have created the destroyer to destroy.
No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper,
and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall refute.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
and this is their righteousness which is from me," says the LORD.
Isaiah 54:16-17

Vengeance is mine as well as recompense;
      their foot shall slip in due time;
      for the day of their calamity is at hand,
      and the things that shall come upon them,
may come quickly.

Deu 32:35 

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) To one meeting came a great man, a priest, and many professors; but the Lord's power came over them all, and they went their way peaceably. There came a man to that meeting, who had been at one before, and raised a false accusation against me, and made a noise up and down the country, reporting, that I said I was Christ; which was utterly false. When I came to Gainsborough, where a Friend had been declaring truth in the market, the town and market people were all in an uproar. I went into a friendly man's house, and the people rushed in after me; so that the house was filled with professors, disputers, and rude people. This false accuser came in, and charged me openly before the people, that I said I was Christ, and he had witnesses to prove it.' This accusation put the people into such a rage, that they could barely keep their hands off me. Then was I moved of the Lord God to stand up upon the table, in the eternal power of God, and tell the people, ‘that Christ was in them, except they were reprobates [sin still lives in them]; and that it was Christ, the eternal power of God, that spoke in me at that time unto them; NOT that I was CHRIST.' And the people were generally satisfied, except the false accuser, a professor, and his own false witnesses. I called the accuser Judas, and I was moved to tell him that Judas's end should be his; and that that was the word of the Lord and of Christ through me to him. The Lord's power came over all, and quieted the minds of the people, and they departed in peace. But this Judas shortly after hanged himself, and a stake was driven into his grave. (From Matthew  27:5, And he [Judas] threw down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hung himself.)

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) From there we passed into Somersetshire, where the Presbyterians and other professors were very wicked, and often disturbed Friends' meetings. One time especially, (as we were then informed), a very wicked man put a bear's skin on his back, and undertook with that to play pranks in the meeting. Accordingly, he positioned himself opposite to the Friend that was speaking, he lolled his tongue out of his mouth, and made sport to his wicked followers, causing great disturbance in the meeting. But an eminent judgment overtook him, and his punishment slumbered not; for as he went from the meeting, there was a bull baiting in the way, which he stayed to see; and coming within the bull's reach, the bull struck his horn under the man's chin into his throat, and thrust his tongue out of his mouth, so that it hung lolling out, as he had used it before in derision in the meeting. And with the bull's horn running up into the man's head, the bull swung him about upon his horn in a most remarkable and fearful manner. Thus he that came to injure God's people was injured himself; and it would be well if such apparent examples of divine vengeance would teach others to beware of opposing God's truth.

Fox's Jailer Feels God's Vengeance:

The keeper of the prison, being a high professor, [a professor was a believer in the scriptures and Christ] was greatly enraged against me, and spoke very wickedly of me; but it pleased the Lord one day to strike him so, that he was in great trouble, and under much terror of mind. And as I was walking in my chamber, I heard a doleful noise; and standing still, I heard him say to his wife, 'Wife, I have seen the day of judgment; and I saw George there, and I was afraid of him; because I had done him so much wrong, and spoken so much against him to the ministers and professors, and to the justices, and in taverns and alehouses.' After this, towards the evening, he came into my chamber, and said to me, ' I have been as a lion against you; but now I am come like a lamb, and like the jailer that came to Paul and Silas trembling.' And he desired he might lodge with me; I told him, I was in his power, he might do what he would: but he said, 'No, he would want my release; and he could desire to be always with me, but not to have me as a prisoner.' He said, 'He had been plagued, and his entire house had been plagued for my sake.' So I allowed him to lodge with me. Then he told me all his heart, and said, he believed what I had said of the true faith and hope to be true; and he wondered that the other man, who was put in prison with me, did not stand to it; and said, 'That man was not right, but I was an honest man.' He confessed also to me, that at those times when I had asked him to let me go forth to speak the word of the Lord to the people, when he refused to let me go, and I laid the weight of that upon him, that he used to be under great trouble, amazed, and almost distracted for some time after, and in such a condition that he had little strength left him. When the morning came, he arose and went to the justices, and told them, 'That he and his house had been plagued for my sake.' One of the justices replied, (as he reported to me), that the plagues were upon them too for keeping me. This was justice Bennet of Derby, who was the first that called us Quakers, because I bid them tremble at the word of the Lord. This was in the year 1650.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) The powerful word of life was largely declared that day, and in the life and power of God we broke up our meeting, and that rude company went their way to Halifax. The people asked them, 'Why they did not kill me, according to the oath they had sworn?' They maliciously answered, 'I had so bewitched them they could not do it.' Thus was the devil chained at that time. Friends told me, they used to come at other times and be very rude and unruly, and sometimes break their seats and make fearful work among them; but the Lord's power had now bound them. Shortly after, this butcher, that had been accused of killing a man and a woman before, and who was one of those that had taken an oath to kill me, killed another man, and was then sent to York jail. Another of those rude butchers, who had also sworn to kill me, having the habit of sticking out his tongue in derision of Friends when they passed by him, had his tongue so swollen out of his mouth that he could never draw it in again, and died so. Several strange and sudden judgments came upon many of these conspirators against me, which would be too large to enumerate here. God's vengeance from heaven came upon the blood thirsty, who sought after blood; for all such spirits I laid before the Lord, and left them for him to deal with, who is stronger than all, in whose power I was preserved and carried on to do his work.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) At night they had me before colonel Hacker, his major, and captains, a great company of them; and a we had a great deal of discussion about the priests and about meetings; for at this time there rumors of a plot against Oliver Cromwell. I reasoned with them for some time about the light of Christ, which enlightens every man that comes into the world. Colonel Hacker asked, whether it was not this light of Christ that made Judas betray his master, and afterwards led him to hang himself? I told him, 'No, that was the spirit of darkness, which hated Christ and his light.' Then Colonel Hacker said that I could go home if I stayed at home without leaving to go to other meetings. I told him, 'I was an innocent man, free from plots, and denied all such work.' Then his son Needham said, ‘Father, this man has reigned too long; is not this the time to stop him.' I asked him, for what? What had I done, or whom had I wronged from a child? For I had been born and raised in that country, and who could accuse me of any evil from a child?' Colonel Hacker asked me again, if I would go home, and stay at home? I told him, 'if I promised him that, it would show that I was guilty of something and it would make my home a prison;' and that if I went to meetings, they would say I had broken their order. Therefore, I told them, I would go to meetings, as the Lord might order me; and I could not submit to their requirements; but I said, we were a peaceable people.' 'Well, then,' said colonel Hacker, 'I will send you tomorrow morning by six o'clock to my lord protector, by captain Drury, one of his life-guard.' That night I was kept prisoner at the Marshalsea, and the next morning by the sixth hour I was delivered to captain Drury. I asked him to let me speak with Colonel Hacker before I went; and Colonel Hacker let me meet with him at his bedside. Colonel Hacker ordered me to go home again and to attend no further meetings. I told him, 'I could not submit to that; but I must have my liberty to serve God, and to go to meetings. He said: ‘Then you must go before the protector.' Upon which I kneeled on his bedside, and asked the Lord to forgive him; for he was like Pilate, even though he washed his hands; and I told him that when the day of his misery and trial came upon him, he should remember what I had said to him. But he was stirred up and influenced by Stephens, and the other priests and professors, by which their envy and baseness was evident; because when they could not overcome me by disputes and arguments, or resist the spirit of the Lord that was in me, they had soldiers arrest me.

Afterwards, when Colonel Hacker was imprisoned in London, a day or two before his execution, he was reminded of what he had done against the innocent; and he remembered it, and confessed it to Margaret Fell; saying, he knew well whom she meant; and this was the cause of his trouble. So that his son, who had told his father I had reigned too long, and it was time to have me cut off, might observe how his father was cut off afterwards, he was hanged at Tyburn.

From His Journal: (regarding his imprisonment in Doomsdale)

(Fox Speaking.) But this jailer was very evil himself. I often admonished him to sobriety; but he would abuse people that came to visit us. Edward Pyot had a cheese sent to him by his wife from Bristol; and the jailer took the cheese from him, and carried it to the mayor, to search it for treasonable letters, as he said; and though they found no treason in the cheese, they kept it from us. This jailer might have been rich, if he had carried himself civilly; but he sought his own ruin, which soon after he experienced; for the next year he was turned out of his place, and for some wickedness was cast into the jail himself; and there he begged from our friends. And for some unruliness in his carriage he was put into Doomsdale, by the succeeding jailer locked in irons, beaten, and bid to them to 'Remember how he had abused those good men, whom he had wickedly, without any cause, cast into that nasty prison;' and told, ‘that now he deservedly should suffer for his wickedness, and the same measure he had meted to others, he should have meted out to himself.' He became very poor and died in prison. His wife and family came to misery.

From Fox's Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) On the First-day I went to the chapel where a priest named Camelford used to preach; and after he was finished, I began to speak the word of life to the people. But he was in a rage, and so fretful and annoyed that he had no patience to hear; but stirred up the rude multitude, who forced me out, hit me, and threw me headlong over a stone wall. Yet blessed be the Lord, his power preserved me. He who struck me was John Knipe, a wicked man, whom afterwards the Lord cut off.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) There were two Independent churches in Scotland, in one of which many were convinced; but the pastor of the other was in a great rage against truth and Friends. They had their elders, who sometimes would exercise their gifts among the church members, and were sometimes pretty tender; but their pastor speaking so much against the light, and us, the friends of Christ, he darkened his hearers; so that they grew blind and dry, and lost their tenderness. He continued preaching against Friends, and against the light of Christ Jesus, calling it natural; at last one day in his preaching he cursed the light, and fell down as dead in his pulpit. The people carried him out, laid him upon a grave stone, and poured strong waters into him, which fetched him to life again; and they carried him home, but he was, spiritless. After awhile he stripped off his clothes, put on a Scotch plaid, and went into the country among the dairy-women. When he had stayed there about two weeks he came home, and went into the pulpit again. Upon which the people expected some great manifestation or revelation from him; but, instead of that, he began to tell them what entertainment he had met with; how one woman gave him skimmed milk, another buttermilk, and another good milk: so the people were obliged to take him out of the pulpit again, and carry him home. He that gave me this report, was Andrew Robinson, one of his chief hearers, who came afterwards to be convinced, and received the truth. He said he never heard that he recovered his senses again. By this people may see what came upon him that cursed the light, which light is the life in Christ, the word; and it may be a warning to all others that speak evil against the light of Christ.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) So they put me into the jail, and the under jailer was a very wicked man named Hardy, who was exceedingly rude and cruel; and many times he would not let me have meat brought in except what I could pass under the door. Many came to look at me, some in a rage, and very uncivil and rude. One time two young priests came, and they were very abusive. The meanest people could not be worse. Among those who came in this manner was old Preston's wife of Howke. She used many abusive words to me, telling me that my 'tongue should be cut out,' and that 'I should be hanged;' showing me the gallows. But the Lord cut her off, and she died in a miserable condition.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) We came to Barnet-hills where a captain Brown lived, who was a Baptist, but whose wife was convinced of truth. After the act for 'breaking up meetings' passed Parliament, captain Brown was afraid his wife would go to meetings and be cast into prison; so he left his house at Barrow, and took a place in these hills to hide, saying 'His wife would not go to prison.' And since this was a free place, many others fled there as well as him, including priests. Even though this man was in a safe place, because he would neither stand to the truth nor allow his convinced wife to stand, the Lord knowing, His hand fell heavy upon him for his unfaithfulness; so that he was sorely plagued, and grievously judged in himself for fleeing and drawing his wife into that private place. We went to see his wife, and coming into the house, I asked him how he was? 'How am I? (he said), the plagues and vengeance of God are upon me. I am an outcast, a Cain. God may look for a witness from me, and such as me; for if all were no more faithful than I, God would have no witness left in the earth.' In this condition he lived there on bread and water, and thought it was too good for him. At length he went home again with his wife to his own house at Barrow, where afterwards he was convinced of God's eternal truth, in which he died. A little before his death he said, 'though he had not borne a testimony for truth in his life, he would bear a testimony in his death, and would be buried in his orchard;' and so he was. He was an example to all the fleeing Baptists in the time of persecution, who could not bear persecution themselves, yet persecuted us when they had power.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) There were four Friends in prison for not paying tithes, (sent to prison by a lawsuit of the countess of Derby), who had been there nearly two and a half years. One of these was Oliver Atherton, who had a weak constitution because of long and hard imprisonment in a cold, raw, unwholesome place. He was brought so low and weak in his body, that there appeared no hope he would live unless he was released. Therefore, a letter was written on his behalf to the countess, and sent by his son Godfrey Atherton, where he told her the reasons why he and the rest could not pay tithes: ‘because if they did, they should deny Christ come in the flesh, who by his coming had put an end to tithes, and to the priesthood to which they had been given, and to the commandment by which they had been paid under the law. He also told her of his weak condition, and the apparent likelihood of his death, if she continued to hold him there; hoping that she might be moved to pity and compassion. He also warned her not to draw the guilt of innocent blood upon herself.' But when his son went to her with his father's letter, one of her servants abused him, plucked off his cap and threw it away, and put him out of the gate. Nevertheless, the letter was delivered into her own hand, but she shut out all pity and tenderness, and kept him in prison until death. When his son returned to his father in prison, and told him as he lay on his dying bed, that the countess denied his liberty, he only said, ‘She has been the cause of shedding much blood, but this will be the heaviest blood that ever she spilt,' and soon after he died. Friends having his body delivered to them to bury, as they carried it from the prison to Ormskirk, the parish where he had lived. They stuck up papers upon the market crosses, (a place for public notices), at Garstang, Preston, and other towns through which they passed, with this inscription:

'This is Oliver Atherton, of Ormskirk parish, persecuted to death by the countess of Derby for good conscience sake towards God and Christ, because he could not give her tithes.

These papers explained the reasons he could not pay tithes, the length of his imprisonment, the hardships he underwent, her hard heartedness towards him, and the manner of his death.

After his death, Richard Cubban, another of her prisoners for tithes, wrote a long letter to her, on behalf of himself and his fellow prisoners, laying their innocence before her. ‘That it was not out of willfulness, stubbornness, or covetousness, that they refused to pay her tithes, but purely in good conscience towards God and Christ; letting her know, if she should be suffered to keep them there until they everyone died, as she had done their fellow-sufferer, Oliver Atherton, they could still not yield to pay her. And therefore asked her to consider their case in a christian spirit, and not bring their blood upon herself also.' Yet she would not show any pity or compassion to them, who had now suffered hard imprisonment about two years and a half under her. Instead she sent to the town of Garstang, and threatened to complain to the king and council, and bring them into trouble, for allowing the paper concerning Oliver Atherton's death to be stuck upon the town’s market cross. The rage she expressed made the people take even more notice of it, and some of them said, 'the Quakers had given her a bone to pick.' But she, who regarded not the life of an innocent sufferer for Christ, lived not long after herself. Three weeks to the day after Oliver Atherton's body was carried through Ormskirk to be buried, she died; and her body was carried through the same town to her burying place. Thus the Lord pursued the hard hearted persecutor.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) Justice Fleming was one of the fiercest and most violent justices in persecuting Friends and sending his honest neighbors to prison for religion's sake; and since many Friends were at this time in Lancaster jail, committed by him, and some having died in prison, we that were then prisoners had it upon us to write to him as follows:

Oh Justice Fleming!-

Mercy, compassion, love, and kindness adorn and grace men and magistrates. Oh! do you not hear the cry of the widows, and the cry of the fatherless, who were made so through persecution! Were they not driven like sheep, from constable to constable, as though they had been the greatest transgressors or felons in the land? Which grieved the hearts of many sober people, to see how their innocent neighbors and countryman, who were of a peaceable carriage, and honest in their lives and conversations among men, were used and served! One more is dead, whom you sent to prison, having left five children both fatherless and motherless. How can you do otherwise than take care of those fatherless infants, and also of the other's wife and family? Is it not your place? Consider Job Ch. 29 how he was a father to the poor, he delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless that had none to help. He broke the jaws of the wicked, and plucked the spoil out of his teeth. But oh! Measure your life and his, and take heed of the day of God's eternal judgment, which will come, and the sentence and decree from Christ, when every man must give an account and receive a reward according to his deeds. Then it will be said, "Oh! Where are the months that are past?" Again Justice Fleming, consider, when John Stubbs was brought before you. He had a wife and four small children, and had little to live on but what they honestly earned by their own diligence. As soon as he appeared, you cried out, "Put the oath to that man." And when he confessed he was but a poor man, you did not care, but cast away pity, not hearing what he would say.
Do you not hear in your ears the cry of the fatherless, the cry of the widows and the blood of the innocent speak, who through you have been persecuted to prison, and are now dead? Oh! Heavy sentence at the Day of judgment! How will you answer, when you and your works come to be judged, when you shall be brought before the judgment-seat of the Almighty, who in your prosperity have made widows and fatherless for righteousness sake, and for tenderness of conscience towards God? The Lord knows and sees it! Oh man! Consider in your lifetime how you have stained yourself with the blood of the innocent!
Beside this, which went in the name of many, I sent him also a line or two, subscribed by myself only, and directed 

To Daniel Fleming.

FRIEND,-You have imprisoned the servants of the Lord, who have not broken any law, therefore take heed what you do for fear that the hand of the Lord will be turned against you. For in the light of the Lord God, you are seen by him.

George Fox

It was not long after this, that Fleming's wife died, and left him thirteen or fourteen motherless children.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) In Cornwall I was informed there was one colonel Robinson, a very wicked man, who after the king came in was made a justice of peace and became a cruel persecutor of Friends; of whom he had sent many to prison. When he heard that Friends had a little liberty through the favor of the jailer to sometimes go home sometimes to visit their wives and children, he made a great complaint to the judge at the assize against the jailer. Because of this the jailer was fined a hundred marks, and Friends were kept very strictly held for awhile. After colonel Robinson came home from the assize, he sent to a neighboring justice to desire him to go fanatic hunting with him. So on the day that he intended and was prepared to go a fanatic-hunting, he sent his man about with his horses, and walked himself on foot from his dwelling house to a tenement where his cows and dairy were kept, and where his servants were then milking. When he came there, he asked for his bull. The servant-maids said, they had shut him into the field because he was unruly and hindered their milking. Then he went into the field to the bull; and formerly being accustomed to playing with him he began to fence at him with his staff as he used to do. But the bull snuffed at him, and passed a little back; then turned upon him again, ran fiercely at him, and struck his horn into his thigh, and heaving him upon his horn, threw him over his back, and tore up his thigh to his belly. When he came to the ground again he gored him with his horns, ran them into the ground in his rage and violence, and roared, and licked up his master's blood. The maidservant, hearing her master cry out, ran into the field, and took the bull by the horns to pull him off from her master. The bull, without hurting her, put her gently by with his horns, but still fell to goring him, and licking up his blood. Then she ran and got some men that were at work not far off to come and rescue her master; but they could not at all beat off the bull, until they brought mastiff dogs to set on him; and then he fled in great rage and fury. Upon notice of it his sister came and said to him, "Alack! Brother, what a heavy judgment is this that is befallen you!" He answered, "Ah! Sister, it is a heavy judgment indeed. Pray let the bull be killed, and the flesh given to the poor." They carried him home, but he died soon after. The bull had grown so fierce that they were forced to shoot him with guns; for no man dared come near to kill him. Thus does the Lord sometimes make examples of his just judgment upon the persecutors of his people, so that others may fear, and learn to beware.'

A False Accuser Dies: (at this time, Quaker meetings were illegal, and informers had rights to the property of those accused.)

(Fox Speaking.) At Droitwich, J. Cartwright came to a Friend's house; and being moved of the Lord to speak a few words before he sat down to supper, there an informer came and stood listening under the window. When he had heard the Friend speak, hoping to get some gain for himself, he went and informed; and got a warrant to seize the Friends' property under pretence that there had been a meeting at his house; however, there was nobody in the house at that time but the Friend, the man of the house, his wife, and their maid-servant. As this evil minded man came back with his warrant in the night, he fell off his horse and broke his neck. So there was a wretched end of a wicked informer, who hoped to have enriched himself by plundering Friends' personal property; but the Lord prevented him, and cut him off in his wickedness.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) I was moved to write letters to the magistrates, priests, and professors in the area, who had raised persecution before. That to justice Sawrey was after this manner:


You started all of the persecutions in the north. You were the beginning of them, and the one who made the people agitated. You were the first to stir them up against the righteous seed, and against the truth of God; the first who strengthened the hands of evil doers against the innocent and harmless, and you shall not prosper. You were the first to stir up of strikers, stoners, persecutors, stockers, mockers, and imprisoners in the north, and of revilers, slanderers, railers, and false accusers and scandal raisers. This was your work, and you stirred this up. So your fruits declare your spirit. Instead of stirring up the pure mind in people, you have stirred up the wicked, malicious and envious; and partnered with the wicked. You have made the people's minds envious up and down the country; this was your work. But God has shortened your days, limited you, and set your bounds, broken your jaws, exposed your religion to the simple and newborn, and brought your deeds to light. How has your house fallen and become the house of demons! Your beauty is lost, and your glory has withered! How have you shown your evil, that you have only served God with your lips, and your heart is far from him, and you are a hypocrite! How has the form of your teaching discovered itself to be the mark of the false prophets, whose fruit declares itself! For by their fruits are they known. How are the wise men turned backward! View your ways! Take notice with whom you have joined. That of God in your conscience will tell you. The Ancient of Days will reprove you. How has your zeal appeared to be the blind zeal of a persecutor which Christ and his apostles forbade Christians to follow! How have you strengthened the hands of evil doers, and been a praise to them, and not to those that do well! How like a madman and a blind man did you turn your sword backward against the saints, against whom there is no law! How will you be gnawed and burned one day, when you shall feel the flame, and have the plagues of God poured upon you, and you begin to gnaw your tongue for pain, because of the plagues! You shall have your reward according to your works. You can not escape; the Lord’s righteous judgment will find you out, and the witness of God in your conscience shall answer it. How have you caused the heathen to blaspheme, gone with the multitude to do evil, and joined hand in hand with the wicked! How is your latter end worse than your beginning, who has arrived with the dog to bite, and are turned as a wolf to devour the lambs! How have you discovered yourself to be a man more fit to be kept in a place to be nurtured, than to be set in a place to nurture! How were you exalted and puffed up with pride! And now are you fallen down with shame, so that you are covered with that which you stirred up and created. Let not John Sawrey take the words of God into his mouth until he is reformed. Let him not take his name into his mouth, until he departs from iniquity. Let not him and his teacher make a profession of the saints' words, except they intend to proclaim themselves hypocrites, whose lives are so contrary to the lives of the saints; you, whose church has made itself manifest to be a cage of unclean birds. You having a form of godliness, but not the power, have made them that are in the power your derision, your by-word, and your talk at your feasts. Your ill savor, John Sawrey, the country around has smelled, and all that fear God have been ashamed of your unchristian carriage; and to them you have been a grief; in the day of judgment you shall know it, even in the day of your condemnation. You have mounted up and had set your nest on high, but have never gotten higher than the fowls of the air. But now you have run among the beasts of prey, and are fallen into the earth; so that earthliness and covetousness have swallowed you up. Your conceit would not carry you through; the selfish principle in you has blinded your eye. Your back must be bowed down always; for your table has already become your snare.

George Fox

This justice Sawrey, who was the first persecutor in that country, was afterwards drowned. The vengeance of God overtook the other justice Thomson; he was struck with the dead palsy while sitting on the bench and was carried away off his seat and died.

From His Journal:

(Fox Speaking.) Among the chief hearers and followers of priest Lampitt, was one Adam Sands, a very wicked, false man, who would have destroyed the truth and its followers, if he could. To him I was moved to write on this wise:

Adam Sands,

To the light in your conscience I appeal, you child of the devil, you enemy of righteousness; the Lord will strike you down, though now for awhile you may reign in your wickedness. The plagues of God are due to you, who hardens yourself in wickedness against the pure truth of God. With the pure truth of God, which you have resisted and persecuted, you are to be threshed down, which is eternal, and comprehends you. And with the light which you despise you are seen, and it is your condemnation. You as one brutish, your wife as a hypocrite, and both as murderers of the just, in that which is eternal are seen and comprehended; and your heart is searched, tried, and condemned by the light. The light in your conscience will witness the truth to you and let you see you are not born of God, but are out of the truth, in the beastly nature. If ever your eye sees repentance, you will witness me a friend of your soul, and a seeker of your eternal good.
George Fox

This Adam Sands afterwards died miserably.

Vengeance in New England : (not a vengeance related to Fox, but worthy of note)

Many Calvinist Puritans [Congregationalists] had left England to escape the earlier age's religious persecutions, and they established colonies in Massachusetts. When the Quakers arrived and told them they did not have the true faith, these refugees of persecution turned to become massive persecutors themselves. From William Sewel's 1695 History of the Christian People Called Quakers: The Governor of Massachusetts; the magistrates of Boston, Cambridge, and Salem; the priests, and many other officials viciously persecuted the Quakers, (or anyone who dared care for them), with beatings, whippings, chopping off ears, boring tongues through with a hot iron, and hangings; these persecutions were applied to men, women, and even their accompanying children without mercy. They called both Quaker men and women witches, possessed of the devil. These criminal, unchristian persecutors, themselves met strange, dramatic deaths, sometimes acknowledging it was the judgment of God. John Endicott, the vicious governor who had so many whipped to the point that all their flesh on their backs was destroyed, himself was afflicted so that his back slowly rotted away, with a stench that drove away any would be relievers. But the entire Boston area suffered an even stranger judgment - quoting Sewel:

"Yet one thing remarkable I may mention here, which when I first heard, could not fully give credit to: but thinking it worth the while to make a narrow inquiry into it, I did so, not only by writing, but also from the mouths of persons that had been eye-witnesses, or had been informed by such; and from these I got this concurring observation, namely,  that the country about Boston was formerly a very fruitful soil that produced excellent wheat; but that since the time this town had been stained with the blood of the Quakers, so called, no wheat, or similar crops, would grow to perfection within twenty miles, though the ground had been ploughed and sown several times; for sometimes what was sown was spoiled by vermin or insects; at other times it grew up, but scarcely yielded more than was sown, and so could not support the cost of planting; and in another year the expected harvest was quashed by another accident; and these disappointments continuing many years, the people at length grew weary of making further trial, and so left the ground untilled; notwithstanding that twenty miles off from Boston the soil is fruitful, and yields very good corn. But there having been so many reiterated instances of unfruitfulness nearer the town, ancient people that are alive still, and remember the first times, generally agree in their opinion that this was a judgment from heaven, and a curse on the land, because of the shedding of innocent blood at Boston. This relation I had from so many credible persons, (though the one knew nothing of the other, as differing much in time), yet what they told me did so well agree in the main, that I could not but believe it, though I did not initially believe it to be credulous; and therefore I have been the more exact in my inquiry, so that I can no longer question the case; but it seems to me as a punishment on that blood-thirstiness which now has ceased long ago."

In England, Fox met some of these persecutors with questions so penetrating that it deeply shamed them, and they admitted their guilt of murdering the Quakers. Fearing prosecution from the relatives of those murdered, they fled back to New England. Even when rarely possible to prosecute their persecutors in court, Quakers consistently declined to prosecute them, leaving them to God's judgment.

The fate of the Boston persecutors is in a separate web page on this site. Click here to visit it.

Prophecy in Revelation Concerning the Coming Forth of the Quakers:

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God, and to his throne. Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand-two-hundred and sixty days. Rev 12:5-6

The woman had a child who was to rule the nations with a rod of iron. This is Christ. This is the true church, which was forced by the devil to flee into the wilderness for 1260 days (years by Bible references) by the persecutions of the false church in which Satan rules. George Fox refers to this throughout his writings. The true Church of Christ returned from the wilderness in 1643, the beginning of Fox's incredible ministry, which resulted in thousands entering the kingdom of heaven to be kings and priests to God. The Jewish year had 360 days, so counting backwards, the true church totally disappeared in 388 AD; a few years after Roman Emperor Theodosius I had enacted a law in 380 AD establishing Roman Catholic Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The crushing boot of the Empire's sponsored Roman religion was used to persecute and kill the true church. The Roman Empire's church, both east and west, had doctrines, which had been dictated by the sainted Emperors Constantine and Justinian the despot, thus eliminating the true church by 388 AD. As prophesied in Revelation, the church adulterated with the Kings of the earth. A church cannot join with the powers of the earth and not be corrupted by their greed, lust, pride, vanity, envy, and immorality — and so in the church's adultery it became defiled and ruled by Satan.

Around 1750, the Quaker movement, as pure as it was in the beginning, became completely apostatized, with the last substance disappearing by 1880. The long night of apostasy picked up again. The man child's appearance is awaited appearance again. From the Word of the Lord within: "The child of the woman was snatched away and hidden in the wilderness again. This time when he appears, he will come in great power."

Prophecies in Revelation Relating to the Persecutions and God's Revenge — Plagues :

Come out of her, my people, so that you do not share in her sins, and so you will not receive her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities...Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire. For the Lord God who judges her, is strong.

He [the beast] was further permitted to wage war on God's holy people (the saints) and to overcome them. And power was given him to extend his authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. The beast of the Book of Revelation is the beast of heathen religious authority, which power was severely curtailed [a wound to the head] by early Christianity, particularly in the Mediterranean region. But a second beast shortly arose that had horns like a lamb, but was a beast. Note, this beast appears to be Christian-like, and under pretence of the Lamb's authority, (though acted by the dragon's power, derived from the first beast of heathen religion) compels men to comply with such traditions, ceremonies, and rituals, (for Christian duties), as resemble the customs of the heathen, in their idolatrous worship and superstition. The whole earth followed this beast, and still does. Thus, the false church arose ; and anyone who denied this false church, or who failed to confess their sins to a Catholic priest three times per year, or who failed to receive Eucharist bread and wine three times per year, were martyred in the Inquisition. All suspicious homes and entire properties were diligently searched within and outside of cities by a priest to find any such heretics that were not in compliance with the Catholic sacraments.

So if people were not seeking God and Christ by conforming to the Catholic sect's method of worship, they were exterminated like vermin. By conforming to the Catholic sect's worship, they received her mark. Anyone who tried to increase their measure of Christ, (to buy or sell spiritual oil for their lamps), by any way that differed from the masses of the Catholic church, (did not have the false church's mark); and they were not only stopped, but they also were brutally tortured in the Inquisition and then killed — which really made them unable to buy or sell. To buy or sell are metaphors, meaning to acquire more of the Holy Spirit, which several other scriptures also demonstrate with different metaphors (water, bread, wine, gold, oil) for the holy Spirit:

Buy the truth, and do not sell it; also [buy] wisdom, and instruction, and understanding. Pro 23:23

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters, and he who has no money, come, buy and eat; yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend money for that which is not bread? And your hard-earned money for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance. Incline your ear, and come to me. Hear [and obey], and your soul shall live; Isa 55:1-3
What bread? Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to me shall never hunger; and he who believes on me shall never thirst. John 6:35. The Spirit gives life. The words I speak to you are Spirit and are life-giving. John 6:63

I counsel you to buy from me gold refined and tried in the fire, so that you may be rich; Rev 3:18

Gold refined and tried in the fire is faith that has been tested by and tried by fire: trials, suffering, and tribulations, all part of the cross that every believer must endure in order to enter the kingdom.

For more detail on the mark of the beast, see the footnote to Revelation 13:16-17 in this web site's on-line Bible.

During the Middle Ages (800 AD to 1500 AD) nine million souls were put to death by the Roman Catholics. (See The Middle Ages Persecutions for how 9,000,000 people were killed throughout Europe.)

From the Word of the Lord within:
"It might be seen that any man who was out of compliance or
conformance with the Catholic church was killed."

And while this false church is often identified by the Protestants as the Roman church, the Protestants are all part of the same false whore, (her beast has many names), and deficit sects practicing the Catholics' man-made inventions of: infant baptism, the trinity, (nowhere mentioned in scriptures), marriage by priests, vain and prideful buildings called holy, steeples with bells, black robes, black shirts, special collars, creeds, reading sermons, sacraments, vicars, clerks, parsons, curates, bachelors of art, masters, fathers, Christmas, Easter, and bachelors of divinity, separation of revered clergy vs. the second class laity or lay people, elevated stages, choirs, elevated pulpits, rule by bishop or priest, tithes, the cross and crucifix, programmed services; expiation of sin with words, water, bread and wine — all superstitious rituals — instead of a complete change of heart — circumcised to be a new heart and mind in an entirely new creature; all are inherited inventions of the mother of Protestantism, the Roman Catholics.

The Protestant services have their roots in the Catholic mass, which is contrary to all New Testament guidelines and medieval in origin, reflecting magical, heathen rituals and Greek drama, separating the Body of Christ into two classes: the privileged and touted clergy order vs. the audience or laity that only watched and listened to the dramatic spectacle, called worship. Under the leadership of Emperor Constantine, who had poisoned his son and boiled his wife to death, the Catholic sect was embodied into the Roman government, which prescribed its doctrine, built its churches throughout the empire, paid the clergy, clothed the clergy identical to Roman government officials, abolished Passover to become Easter, and designated Christmas to coincide with Roman pagan holidays. Christian names were applied to the various heathen rituals and traditions, giving credibility to the unsuspecting. All dissenting Christian believers were either banished into exile or killed.

Many Roman Catholic persecutions were justified by Saint(?) Augustine's famous: Why ... should not the Church use force in compelling her lost sons to return, if the lost sons compelled others to their destruction?" - A classic example of the end justifies the means, which looses sight of the principal command of Christ to "love enemies," not destroy them. Another supposed saint(?), Thomas Aquinas wrote: On the part of the Church, however, there is mercy which looks to the conversion of the wanderer, wherefore she condemns not at once, but "after the first and second admonition," as the Apostle directs: after that, if he is yet stubborn, the Church no longer hoping for his conversion, looks to the salvation of others, by excommunicating him and separating him from the Church, and furthermore delivers him to the secular tribunal to be exterminated thereby from the world by death. These revered saints(?) ignore Christ's reply to his disciples when they wished to punish the people who would not listen to him, severely rebuking them with: You do no know of what manner of spirit you are. If someone is violating the standards of the church, (sinning), they are supposed to be warned by one, then warned by two or three, then censured by the whole body of believers, — and if they fail to repent of their error, they are supposed to be expelled and shunned — not killed, or imprisoned, or tortured, or lose their property.

Protestants killed heretics too. John Calvin, a principal founder of Protestantism still revered by many Protestant sects, forced the citizens of Geneva to attend church services under a heavy threat of punishment by death or expulsion. Because Michael Servetus had disagreed with Calvin's doctrinal writings, Calvin charged and arrested Servetus for heresy, (among other differences were Servetus' denials of infant baptism and the trinity), resulting in Servetus being slowly burned at the stake with green wood. Jacques Gruet, a known opponent of Calvin, was arrested, tortured for a month and beheaded on 7/26/1547, for placing a letter in Calvin's pulpit calling him a hypocrite. Calvin also had thirty four women burned at the stake as witches accused of being responsible for a plague. His theocracy in Geneva is credited with seventy-six persons being exiled and a total of fifty-eight sentences of death, (after being tortured to obtain their "confession"). Calvin justified torture and execution of heretics, writing: Whoever shall maintain that wrong is done to heretics and blasphemers in punishing them makes himself an accomplice in their crime and guilty as they are. There is no question here of man's authority; it is God who speaks, and clear it is what law he will have kept in the church, even to the end of the world. Wherefore does he demand of us a so extreme severity, if not to show us that due honor is not paid him, so that we spare not kin, nor blood of any, and forget all humanity when the matter is to combat for His glory.

Another venerated Protestant founder was Martin Luther, full of hate for the Jews. From the Wikipedia article on Martin Luther and from the Wikipedia Article on Kristallnacht, (the Night of Broken Glass):

Luther initially advocated kindness toward the Jews, but only with the aim of converting them to Christianity: what was called Judenmission. When his efforts at conversion failed, he became increasingly bitter toward them. His main works on the Jews were his 60,000-word treatise Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen (On the Jews and Their Lies), and Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi (On the Holy Name and the Lineage of Christ) — reprinted five times within his lifetime — both written in 1543, three years before his death. He argued that the Jews were no longer the chosen people, but were "the devil's people." They were "base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth." The synagogue was a "defiled bride, yes, an incorrigible whore and an evil slut ..." and Jews were full of the "devil's feces ... which they wallow in like swine." He advocated setting synagogues on fire, destroying Jewish prayer books, forbidding rabbis from preaching, seizing Jews' property and money, smashing up their homes, and ensuring that these "poisonous envenomed worms" be forced into labor or expelled "for all time." He also seemed to sanction their murder, writing "We are at fault in not slaying them."

The Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany began in massive scale on Kristallnacht, (the Night of Broken Glass), in which 200 synagogues were burned; Jewish books, scrolls, and antiquities were burned; 7500 Jewish businesses storefronts were smashed, (hence the broken glass name); tombstones and graves were uprooted; 30,000 Jews were arrested and taken to concentration camps; at least 100 were immediately murdered; and many homes were looted. A similar pogrom of similar magnitude took place in Vienna, Austria on the same night. These events occurred on November 9-10, 1938: Luther's birthday was November 10. Luther's advice was fulfilled on Kristallnacht to the letter. This was the beginning of the Final Solution and The Holocaust.

According to Michael, Luther's work acquired the status of Scripture within Germany, and he became the most widely read author of his generation, in part because of the coarse and passionate nature of the writing. The prevailing view among historians is that his anti-Jewish rhetoric contributed significantly to the development of anti semitism in Germany, and in the 1930s and 1940s provided an ideal foundation for the National Socialist's (NAZI) attacks on Jews. Reinhold Lewin writes that "whoever wrote against the Jews for whatever reason believed he had the right to justify himself by triumphantly referring to Luther." According to Michael, just about every anti-Jewish book printed in the Third Reich contained references to and quotations from Luther. Heinrich Himmler wrote admiringly of his writings and sermons on the Jews in 1940. The city of Nuremberg presented a first edition of On the Jews and their Lies to Julius Streicher, editor of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer, on his birthday in 1937; the newspaper described it as the most radically anti-Semitic tract ever published. On 17 December, 1941, seven Protestant regional church confederations issued a statement agreeing with the policy of forcing Jews to wear the yellow badge, "since after his bitter experience, Luther had already suggested preventive measures against the Jews and their expulsion from German territory."

Jesus said: .. whoever kills you will think and claim that he has offered service to God. John 16:2

And the whore was drunk on the blood of the saints —the Roman church's inquisitions and slaughters throughout Europe, in which during the Middle Ages (800 AD to 1500 AD) nine million souls were put to death, accused of witchcraft. The Protestant zealots of Germany, inspired by Luther's radical translation of the Bible, raped, plundered, and killed 100,000 Catholics and upper class in the Peasants War. English King Henry VIII, the founder of the Episcopal sect, had 72,000 opponents, (mostly Catholics), killed. England, Scotland, and Ireland suffered three civil wars of Puritans* against ruling governments, which left 190,00 dead in England, (3.7% of the population); 60,000 dead in Scotland, (6% of the population); and 616,000 dead in Ireland, (41% of the population, which was mostly Catholic).

*Justifying their revolution as bringing Christ's kingdom to earth, the Puritans regarded their adversaries as enemies of Christ. The Puritan officers of their army frequently inspired their troops by shouting a quote from the Old Testament against heathen idolatry: "Cursed be he that does the work of the Lord deceitfully, and keeps back his sword from blood." The victorious Puritan and parliamentary soldiers, with their extraordinary biblical names — Praise God Barebones and Sergeant Hew Agag in Pieces before the Lord — were roaming through the country, smashing the images in the churches, tearing out the pipes in the organs, breaking the stained-glass windows, and stabling their horses in cathedrals.

This was followed in the 17th Century by the Protestants of England and America, who in 50 years were responsible for the deaths of over 869 Quakers imprisoning tens of thousands, and seizing the property of tens of thousands; the persecutors of the Quakers included Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists. Three men and a woman were hung in Boston by the Bible-believing Puritans.

The false church boasts she is not a widow and will never see grief. She boasts that Christ is their husband; but these false churches are the whore of Babylon, who ignore Christ's commands to repent, his teachings, his requirements, his warnings, his required holiness, his gospel, his Kingdom, his promised freedom from sin, and his inward cross of self-denial —the Missing Cross to Purity.

All the Protestant and Catholic sects that killed, (or even approved of killing), those with a different religious opinion were very different from real Christians; in even considering murder, they were following and yielding to their father the devil, who was the murderer from the beginning. They callously ignored the scriptures of the New Testament clearly stating that we should love our enemies, that we should pray for our enemies, that we should turn the other cheek, and that it was Satanic to even think about killing those that do not share our faith. Jesus further said that if someone is violating the standards of the church, (sinning), they are supposed to be warned by one, then warned by two or three, then censured by the whole body of believers, — and if they fail to repent of their error, they are supposed to be expelled and shunned — not killed, or imprisoned, or tortured, or stripped of their property. We are supposed to love and pray for our enemies, not destroy them.

Perhaps you are beginning to see that by 388 AD, Christendom had been transformed into synagogues of Satan with ministers of Satan transformed to appear as ministers of righteousness. Augustine and Thomas are two of the four pillars of Roman Catholicism. Calvin and Luther are the principal founders of Protestantism. If the venerated founders of the sects are evil, how could the sects and their promulgated doctrines also not be evil? When the root is evil, no matter how many branches are on the tree — they are evil too. From the Word of the Lord within: "They are corrupt, through and through;" and "woe to those who try to bring good from evil."

And the whore was drunk on the blood of the saints —the Roman church's inquisitions and slaughters throughout Europe, in which during the Middle Ages (800 AD to 1500 AD) nine million souls were put to death, accused of witchcraft. The Protestant zealots of Germany, inspired by Luther's radical translation of the Bible, raped, plundered, and killed 100,000 Catholics and upper class in the Peasants War. English King Henry VIII, the founder of the Episcopal sect, had 72,000 opponents, (mostly Catholics), killed. England, Scotland, and Ireland suffered three civil wars of Puritans* against ruling governments, which left 190,00 dead in England, (3.7% of the population); 60,000 dead in Scotland, (6% of the population); and 616,000 dead in Ireland, (41% of the population, which was mostly Catholic).

*Justifying their revolution as bringing Christ's kingdom to earth, the Puritans regarded their adversaries as enemies of Christ. The Puritan officers of their army frequently inspired their troops by shouting a quote from the Old Testament against heathen idolatry: "Cursed be he that does the work of the Lord deceitfully, and keeps back his sword from blood." The victorious Puritan and parliamentary soldiers, with their extraordinary biblical names — Praise God Barebones and Sergeant Hew Agag in Pieces before the Lord — were roaming through the country, smashing the images in the churches, tearing out the pipes in the organs, breaking the stained-glass windows, and stabling their horses in cathedrals.

This was followed in the 17th Century by the Protestants of England and America, who in 50 years were responsible for the deaths of over 869 Quakers imprisoning tens of thousands, and seizing the property of tens of thousands; the persecutors of the Quakers included Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists. Three men and a woman were hung in Boston by the Bible-believing Puritans.

The false church boasts she is not a widow and will never see grief. She boasts that Christ is their husband; but these false churches are the whore of Babylon, who ignore Christ's commands to repent, his teachings, his requirements, his warnings, his required holiness, his gospel, his Kingdom, his promised freedom from sin, and his inward cross of self-denial —the Missing Cross to Purity.

If you want to read more about the whore and the beast, read Isaac Penington's very thorough explanations on this site: 1. Babylon the Great, and 2. The Great Apostasy; also available is Francis Howgill's expose of the deterioration in Christianity.


Thus Saith the Lord :

During a period of intense persecution of Quakers, Francis Howgill, an Independent minister, converted to be Quaker minister and eminent Friend, in a period of rapture in the Lord, published the following from the Lord:

And thus said the living God of heaven and earth, upon the 28th of the Third month, 1662.

'The sun shall leave its shining brightness, and cease to give light to the world; and the moon shall be altogether darkness, and give no light unto the night; the stars shall cease to know their office or place; my covenant with day, night, times, and seasons, shall sooner come to an end, than the covenant I have made with this people, into which they are entered with me, shall end, or be broken. Yes, though the powers of darkness and hell combine against them, and the jaws of death open its mouth, yet I will deliver them, and lead them through all. I will confound their enemies as I did in Jacob, and scatter them as I did in Israel in the days of old. I will take their enemies; I will hurl them here and there, as stones hurled in a sling; and the memorial of this Nation, [the early Quakers] which is holy unto me, shall never be rooted out, but shall live through ages, as a cloud of witnesses, in generations to come. I have brought them to the birth, yes, I have brought them forth; I have swaddled them, and they are mine. I will nourish them and carry them, as on eagles' wings; and though clouds gather against them, I will make my way through them; though darkness gather together on  heap, and tempests gender, I will scatter them as with an east wind; and nations shall know they are my inheritance, and they shall know I am the living God, who will plead their cause with all that rise up in opposition against them.'

According to their deeds, accordingly he will repay,
fury to his adversaries, recompence to his enemies.

Isaiah 59:18

From His Journal, in the beginning of his ministry:

As we traveled, we came near a very great and high hill, called Pendlehill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of it; which I did with much ado, it was so very steep and high. When I was come to the top, I saw the sea bordering upon Lancashire. From the top of this hill the Lord let me see in what places he had a great people to be gathered. As I went down, I found a spring of water in the side of the hill, with which I refreshed myself, having had very little to eat or drink over the last several days.

Note: The above vision from the Lord was given to Fox in 1652, early in his ministry. Less than fifty years later, ten per cent of the entire English population was Quaker. In many cities and towns, entire "churches" emptied of members, what Fox called their listeners,
who had become Quakers.  The vision was fulfilled to the glory of the Lord. From the Journal:

[1657, five short years after the above vision, Fox reports]. I passed from here to a general meeting at Langlands in Cumberland, which was very large; for most of the people had so forsaken the priests, that the steeple-houses in some places stood empty. And John Wilkinson, a preacher, that I have often named before, who had three steeple-houses, had so few hearers left, that, giving over preaching in the steeple-houses, he first set up a meeting in his house, and preached there to them that were left. Afterwards he set up a silent meeting (like Friends) to which a few came, for most of his hearers had become Friends. Thus he held on, until he had only half a dozen left; the rest still forsaking him, and had become Friends, [Quakers]. At last, when he had so very few left, he would come to Pardsey-Crag, (where Friends had a meeting of several hundred people, who all came to sit under the Lord Jesus Christ's teaching), and he would walk about the meeting on the First-days like a man that went about the commons to look for sheep. During this time, I came to this Pardsey-Crag meeting, and he with three or four of his followers that were still with him, came to the meeting that day; and were all thoroughly convinced. After the meeting, Wilkinson asked me two or three questions, which I answered to his satisfaction. At that time he joined the Society of Friends, became an able minister, preached the gospel freely, and turned many to Christ's free teaching. And after he had continued many years in the free ministry of Christ Jesus, he died in the truth in the year 1675.

Parliament Disbanded:

(Fox Speaking.) Being one day in Swarthmore hall, when judge Fell and justice Benson were talking of the news, in the News Book, and of the parliament then sitting, (called the long parliament), I was moved to tell them, that before two weeks to that day the parliament should be broken up, and the speaker plucked out of his chair; and two weeks to that day, Benson coming there again told judge Fell, that now he saw George was a true prophet; for Oliver had broken up the parliament.

The Great Fire of London and Plague:

From Fox: "Another time, as I was walking in my chamber, with my eye to the Lord, 'I saw the angel of the Lord, with a glittering drawn sword stretched southward, as though the court had been all on a fire.' Not long after the wars broke out with Holland, and the sickness [the great plague] broke forth, and afterwards the fire of London; so the Lord's sword was drawn indeed."

From Valiant for the Truth: Another Friend wrote the following laconic epistle, addressed to the King and both Houses of Parliament.

Meddle not with my people, because of their conscience to me, and banish them not out of the nation because of their conscience, for if you do, I will send my plagues upon you, and you shall know that I am the Lord.

Written in obedience to the Lord by His servant,


As the early months of the year passed, there came from city and hamlet a deep cry of terror, "The plague has broken out." Amid the festivities of the court there walked an unbidden guest, carrying fear and anguish into many hearts. Ruthlessly laying his hand alike on rich and poor, young and old, his path was strewn with his victims, which in five months were estimated at one hundred thousand. Business in London was neglected, the merchant left his store and went home to die, the artisan ceased his work, the King and his courtiers fled to Oxford, and half the houses in the city were marked with the ominous tablet ."The Lord have mercy on us." Grass grew in the populous streets except on those which led to the grave-yards, and the busy hum of life and pleasure gave place to the mournful trappings of death and woe. At first the interments were only at night, but the number of deaths increased so rapidly, that the hoarse call was heard at all hours, " Bring out your dead."

The very day after George Fox left his prison house the city of London was visited by another calamity, scarcely less terrible than the dreaded plague. It had been a very hot summer, and the houses in London, being mostly built of timber filled in with plaster, were dry and combustible as firewood. In the middle of the night a fire broke out near London Bridge in a baker's shop, where a quantity of firewood was stored, and in a few moments the flames spread from house to house, baffling all attempts to check their progress. For three days the fire fiend sped on his way, devouring the richest warehouses, the finest churches, and the abodes of the nobility, as well as the humble dwellings of the poor. When at last he ceased his mad course, two thirds of that populous city lay a sightless mass of cinders and ashes. The scene is thus described by Evelyn in his "Diary:" "The sky was of a fiery aspect, like the top of a burning oven, the light being seen above forty miles around for many nights. The conflagration was so universal, and the people so astonished, that from the beginning they hardly stirred to quench it; so that there was nothing heard or seen but crying out and lamentation, and running about like distracted creatures."

Only the day but one before the fire broke out, there had been a strange sight in the crowded, busy streets of the city. A Quaker Friend from Huntingdonshire passed through them, with his doublet unbuttoned, rushing about frantically, scattering his money, and crying out that the people of that city should do so in a few days. No one believed his prediction, but it was fully verified at the time of the fire.

The Defeat of the Turkish Empire:

(Fox speaking.) "While I was prisoner in Lancaster castle, there was great noise and talk of the Turk's overspreading Christendom, and great fears entered many. But one day, as I was walking in my prison chamber, I saw the Lord's Power turn against him, and that he was turning back again. I declared to some what the Lord had let me see, when there were such fears of his overrunning Christendom; and within a month after this the news came down, where it was reported, 'that they had defeated him.'"

Site Editors' Comments: The Turkish army had surrounded Vienna, threatening the whole of Christian Europe. An urgent call for help was sent to the Cossacks of the Ukraine, famous for their fighting ability against Turks and Tartars. Several thousand responded, and with the Austrian and Polish armies, launched a coordinated attack that defeated the Turks. The Cossacks then pursued the retreating Turkish army, to destroy it close to Budapest.)

From Fox's Journal: (also appears under 'Strange Deaths' on this page)

(Fox Speaking.) To one meeting came a great man, a priest, and many professors; but the Lord's power came over them all, and they went their way peaceably. There came a man to that meeting, who had been at one before, and raised a false accusation against me, and made a noise up and down the country, reporting, that I said I was Christ; which was utterly false. When I came to Gainsborough, where a Friend had been declaring truth in the market, the town and market people were all in an uproar. I went into a friendly man's house, and the people rushed in after me; so that the house was filled with professors, disputers, and rude people. This false accuser came in, and charged me openly before the people, that "I said I was Christ, and he had witnesses to prove it." This accusation put the people into such a rage, that they could barely keep their hands off me. Then was I moved of the Lord God to stand up upon the table, in the eternal power of God, and tell the people, ‘that Christ was in them, except they were reprobates [sin still lives in them]; and that it was Christ, the eternal power of God, that spoke in me at that time unto them; NOT that I was CHRIST.' And the people were generally satisfied, except the false accuser, a professor, and his own false witnesses. I called the accuser Judas, and was moved to tell him that Judas' end should be his; [Judas' fate] and that that was the word of the Lord and of Christ through me to him. The Lord's power came over all, and quieted the minds of the people, and they departed in peace. But this Judas shortly after hanged himself, and a stake was driven into his grave. (From Matthew  27:5, Then he threw down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself.)

From His Journal:

Afterwards he set us on in our journey; and as we traveled, we came to a hill, which the people of the country say is two or three miles high; from the side of this hill I could see a long distance away. And I was moved to turn my face several ways and to sound the day of the Lord there; and I told John-ap-John, (a faithful Welsh minister), in what places God would raise up a people to Himself, to sit under His own teaching. Those places John took notice of; and since then, there has a large number of people raised in those places. I have been similarly moved to do the same proclamations in many other parts of the country inhabited by rude people. I have been moved to declare that the Lord had a seed in those places; and afterwards there has been a brave people raised up in the covenant of God, and gathered in the name of Jesus, where they have salvation and free teaching.

Fox and Other Quaker's Prophecies Concerning
Cromwell's Demise, Parliament's Demise, and the Restoration of the Monarchy

But at last the Lord brought him [King Charles II, replacing Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell] in, and many of them, when they saw he would be brought in, voted for the bringing him in. So with heart and voice praise the name of the Lord, to whom it does belong; who over all has the supremacy, and who will rock the nations, for he is over them. I had a sight and sense of the king’s returns a good while before, and so had some others. I wrote to Oliver several times, and let him know, that while he was persecuting God's people, they whom he accounted his enemies were preparing to come upon him. When some forward spirits, that came among us, would have bought Somerset-house, that we might have meetings in it, I forbade them to do so; for I then foresaw the king’s coming in again. Besides, there came a woman to me in the Strand, who had a prophecy concerning king Charles's coming in, three years before he came; and she told me, she must go to him to declare it. I advised her to wait upon the Lord, and keep it to herself; for if it should be known that she went on such a message, they would look upon it to be treason; but she said, she must go and tell him, that he should be brought into England again. I saw her prophecy was true, and that a great stroke must come upon those in power: for those that had then gotten possession of power were so exceeding high and such great persecutors, who called themselves saints, taking land and property from Friends because they could not swear in their courts. Sometimes, when we laid these sufferings before Oliver Cromwell, he would not believe it. For which reason Thomas Aldam and Anthony Pearson were moved to go through all the jails in England, and to get copies of Friends' commitments under the jailers' hands, that they might lay the weight of their sufferings upon Oliver Cromwell. And when he refused to give order for the releasing of them, Thomas Aldam was moved to take his cap off his head, and rend it in pieces before him, and to say unto him, "So shall  your government be rent from you and  your house." Another Friend also, a woman, was moved to go to the parliament, (that was envious against Friends), with a pitcher in her hand, which she broke into pieces before them, and told them, "So should they be broken to pieces;" which came to pass shortly after.

Howgill Writes the Word of the Lord to Cromwell in an Ominous Warning

Francis Howgill, when in London, went to court to deliver a very serious warning from the Lord to Oliver Cromwell, the then ruler of England, with many words directly from God. This letter is also testimony to the life in Christ that Francis Howgill enjoyed; for the lengthy statement of the Lord by the hand of Howgill evidences him as a true prophet of God. After having spoken to him, he thought it convenient to express himself further in writing; as he did by the following letter.


I was moved of the Lord to come to you, to declare the word of the Lord with the Love of the Lord. And when talking to you, I was commanded not to request anything from you; but to declare what the Lord had revealed to me, concerning yourself. When I had delivered what I had been commanded, you questioned it, whether it was the word of the Lord or not, and sought by your reason to ignore it. We have waited some days since, but cannot speak to you. Therefore I was moved to write to you, and clear my conscience, and to leave you. Therefore hear the word of the Lord.

Thus said the Lord: I chose you out of all the nations, when you were little in your own eyes, and threw down the mountains and the powers of the earth before you, which had established wickedness by a law, and I cut them and broke the yokes and bonds of the oppressor, and made them stoop before you, and I made them as a plain before you, that you passed over them, and trod upon their necks. But thus said the Lord, now your heart is not upright before me, but you take counsel, and not of me; and you are establishing peace, and not by me; and you are setting up laws, and not by me; and my name is not feared, nor am I sought after; but your own wisdom you establishe. What, said the Lord, have I thrown down all the oppressors, and broken their laws, and you are now going about to establish them again, and are going to build again, that which I have destroyed?

Therefore, thus said the Lord: Will you limit me, and set bounds to me, when, and where, and how, and by whom I shall declare myself and publish my name? Then will I break your cord, and remove your stake, and exalt myself in your overthrow.

Therefore this is the word of the Lord to you, whether you will hear or forbear: If you do not take away all those laws which are made concerning religion, whereby the people which are dear in mine eyes are oppressed, you shall not be established; but as you have trodden down my enemies by my power, so shall you be trodden down by my power, and you shall know that I am the Lord; for my gospel shall not be established by your sword, nor by your law; but by my might, and by my power, and by my Spirit.

To you this is the Word of the Lord: Restrain not the eternal Spirit, by which I will publish my name, when and where, and how I will; for if you do, you shall be as dust before the wind; the mouth of the Lord has spoken it, and he will perform his promise. For this is that I look for at your hands, said the Lord, that you should undo the heavy burdens, and let the oppressed go free. Are not many shut up in prison, and some stocked, some stoned, some shamefully treated? And some are judged blasphemers by those who know not the Lord, and by those laws which have been made by the will of man, and stand not in the will of God. And some suffer now because they cannot hold up the types, and so deny Christ is come in the flesh; and some have been shut up in prison, because they could not swear, and because they abide in the doctrine of Christ; and some, for declaring against sin openly in markets, have suffered as evil-doers. And now, if you let them suffer in this nature by those laws, and count it just; I will visit you for those things, said the Lord, I will break the yoke from off their backs another way, and you shall know that I am the Lord.

Moved of the Lord to declare and write this, by a servant of the Truth for Jesus’ sake, and a lover of your soul, called,

Francis Howgill

How this was received, I am not acquainted; but I am given to understand that some of Cromwell's servants, Theopholius Green, and Mary, after to become wife of Henry Stout, were so reached by Francis' discourse, that afterwards they became members of the Society of Friends.

But because Cromwell ignored this warning and many other Quakers' warning messages from God to him, he died in office. Later his corpse suffered the indignity of being dug up, hung on the gallows, and beheaded, with his head displayed on a pike at Westminster Hall. He was warned many, many times by a patient God, whose anger is slow to kindle.

Predictions of  God's Revenge on the Puritans and Presbyterians :

Much blood was shed that year, many of the old king's judges being hung, drawn, and quartered. Among those that suffered was Colonel Hacker, the one who sent me to prison from Leicester to London in Oliver's time. A sad day it was and a repaying of blood with blood. For in the time of Oliver Cromwell, when several were hung, drawn, and quartered for pretended treasons, I felt from the Lord God that their blood would not be ignored, but would be required, and I said as much then to several. And now upon the king's return, it was a time when several that had been against the king were put to death, just as the others that were for the king had been put to death before by Oliver; this was sad work, destroying people contrary to the nature of christians, who have the nature of lambs and sheep. But there was a secret hand in bringing this day upon that hypocritical generation of believers, who having gotten into power; grew proud, haughty, and cruel beyond others, and persecuted the people of God without pity. ..For that which we suffered for, and for which our goods were spoiled, was our obedience to the Lord in his power and in his spirit, who is able to help and succor; and we had no helper in the earth but him. And the Lord heard the cries of his people, and brought an overflowing scourge over the heads of all our persecutors, which brought a quaking, a dread, and a fear among and on them all; so that those who had nicknamed us, the "children of light," and in scorn called us Quakers, the Lord made them to quake with dread and fear, and many of them would have been glad to have hid themselves among us; and some of them, through the distress that came upon them, did finally confess to the truth. Oh! The daily reproaches, revilings, and beatings we underwent among them, even in the highways, because we could not put off our hats to them, and for saying, thou and thee to them! Oh! The havoc and spoil the priests made of our goods, [property seized by the courts], because we could not put into their mouths [provide for them money] by paying them tithes! Besides casting into prisons, and besides the great fines laid upon us because we could not swear! But for all these things did the Lord God plead with them. Yet some of them were so hardened in their wickedness, that when they were turned out of their places and offices, they said, 'If they had power they would do the same again.' [But old Cain's sword and arms were taken from his hand, and Judas lost his bag, CamJnl]. And when this day of overturning was come upon them, they said, ‘It was all our fault.' For which reason I was moved to write to them, and to ask, 'Did we ever resist them when they took away our ploughs and plough gears, our carts and horses, our corn and cattle, our kettles and platters from us, and whipped us, and set us in the stocks, and cast us into prison, and all this only for serving and worshipping God in spirit and truth, and because we could not conform to their religions, manners, customs, and fashions? Did we ever resist them? Did we not give them our backs to beat, our cheeks to pull off the hair, and our faces to spit on? Had not their priests, that prompted them on to such work, plucked them with themselves into the ditch? Why then would they say," It was all our fault?" When it was owing to themselves and their priests, their blind prophets, that followed their own spirits into the ditch, and could foresee nothing of these times and things that had come upon them, of which we had long forewarned them; as Jeremiah and Christ had forewarned Jerusalem. They thought to have wearied us out and undone us; but they undid themselves. Whereas we could praise God; for despite all their plundering of us, we still had had a kettle, a platter, a horse, and a plough.

And this same year Mary Fell, the eight year old daughter of Judge Fell, was moved to go to priest Lampitt to tell him that the Lord would pour out the vials of his wrath upon him; and when the King came in, he lost his job as a priest. CamJnl

Many ways were these professors [a person who professed a belief in Christ] warned, by word, by writing, and by signs; but they would believe none, until it was too late. William Simpson was moved of the Lord to go at several times for three years naked, (as was Isaiah), and barefooted before them as a sign to them, in markets, courts, towns, cities, to priests' houses, and to great men's houses; telling them, 'So should they be stripped naked as he was stripped naked!' And sometimes he was moved to put on hair sackcloth, and to besmear his face, and to tell them, 'So would the Lord God besmear all their religion as he was besmeared.'

Many warnings of various sorts were Friends moved in the power of the Lord to give to that generation; which they not only rejected, but abused Friends, calling us giddy-headed Quakers; but God brought his judgments upon those persecuting priests and magistrates. For when the king came in, most of them were turned out of their places and benefices,* and the spoilers were spoiled; and then we could ask them, who were the giddy-heads now? Then many confessed we had been true prophets to the nation, and said, had we cried against some priests only, they should have liked us then: but we crying against all that made them dislike us. But now they say, ‘that those priests, previously regarded to be the best, were now as bad as the rest.'

*a guaranteed revenue to a minister of state enforced collection of tithes from all people living in the area.

The Vision of the Lord of Hosts, faithfully declared in his own time; and the Decree of the Lord God also Recorded.

- by Mary Howgill

In the year 1660, in the second month thereof, I was at the town of Colchester at my friend's house; and in the evening season, I went to my bed to take my rest in God, where refreshment from him I received to my soul, and also to my naturals, having at that time but little strength as to my natural life. So according to God's will, and the mind of the Lord, I gave up my self, and lay down upon my bed, in God's will and Word, in which Word I was kept and preserved.

After a little season, sweet sleep came upon me, and I was some hours in a deep and a calm sleep, which refreshed my naturals, and I was in the word of the living God, which did keep me and refresh my soul, and after a season did awake me.

The living God appeared unto me by vision, and showed me the dark, horrible, and miserable state that would come on this land of England, and on the people in it. He showed me a great cloud that spread over all the nation, and that there were many violent and bloody men in the cloud. As he showed me that the cloud would come upon the nation, so he showed me that it would break upon the nation; and the men of blood should fall in great fury and rage upon many, and do great violence to many.

Further, the Lord appeared to me in a vision, and he showed me a great and dark wood in these southward parts, and in the woods were many pits. In the pits were many beasts, which had many horns and sharp, and great jaws, and great paws also. There was among them one great beast, in bigness and fury above them all. These beasts had been long chained and fettered in the pits and woods of darkness, and they roared to be at liberty. It was shown to me that they would be greedy of their prey, even to the shedding of innocent blood, for which they had long thirsted.

After the Lord had shown me these things in the vision of the cloud, and that it should spread over the nation, and should break on the nation, and that the bloody men within would fall upon many with cruelty; then sorrow seized on my heart, and great grief upon my soul, and a great weight upon my body, which caused my lips to quiver, and my belly to tremble, and a cry ran through me, O Lord, what will you do with this land, or with your people therein, unto whom you have so largely manifested your name? O Lord, will  you hide your face from us, or take the light of your countenance from us, that has in so large a measure shined on us? Or will you allow these men of violence to bruise and destroy the bodies of them that bear your elect seed? Will you allow the beasts to come out of their pits, their chains to be broken, and their fetters to be unloosed, they being so greedy of prey? Then the cry was in me, O Lord, slay not the righteous with the wicked. And a great trembling was upon me, and I was in great travail in spirit, soul, and body, for the whole Land of England, and I had little or no comfort, until I heard the Lord's voice, who spoke unto me, and said: Fear not you, my Daughter, none of these things which I have shown unto you; but believe in my Name, made known unto you. Then I said: O Lord, who shall stand for you; or, who shall declare your name, or speak of your wonderful works, or of your great salvation by which you have worked, and brought wonderful and great things to pass, as in the years past? If you allow the cloud to come upon all, who then shall declare of it? Or, if you allow the night of darkness to spread over all, who then shall be able to work; or, who shall speak of your mighty Truth? Therefore, since I had upon my spirit a deep sense of the cruelty of those beasts, which where to be unchained and to come out of the pits of Darkness, I said: Arise, O Lord, and avenge your own cause, suffer not your name to be trodden down, or rooted out of this land of England, in which even above and beyond all other lands, you have so largely made your self manifest; do not allow it to be rooted out by the dragon and his followers. These were my Cries unto the Lord in the hour of deep suffering.

The Lord, who had shown me these things, also heard my cries; and he said, to my great satisfaction: Keep these things in your own breast, and seal these words in your own heart and wait upon me, said the living God, until I show you further, and until my appointed time, that I tell you to publish them abroad.

And further, the Lord said to my great satisfaction:

I will allow this violence to come, and the chains of the wild-beasts to be broken, that they may bow down a stiff-necked and a gain-saying [opposing] people, against me, and against my name. I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, that I may show my power upon every man and woman; and I will suffer the violent to go on in their violence, for the trying of the faith of my own people, unto whom I have made known my Kingdom, and entrusted them with my secrets, upon whom in the Light of my countenance will I shine, and they shall see the glory of my throne, and they shall magnify my name. And after the night of Apostasy, and after the dragon's rage, my people shall bear a further testimony of my great and glorious name, and they shall leave a more clear and heavenly declaration upon record, than my servants heretofore have done, and it shall stand to ages, and in generations to come, that they may see how God manifested himself unto his people in a day of great suffering.

Blessed, Blessed are all who wait upon the living God, and hear what he says to them, either by revelation, by vision, or by prophecy; and blessed are they that in the Lord's time either speak or write by revelation, by prophecy, or vision. And the time has already come, in which many prophecies, visions and revelations are already fulfilled, and are sealed up in him, who has revealed and made known himself by vision, as I have before-mentioned. The eternal God alone has sealed up many unto himself in his own seed, in which all the before mentioned ends. Blessed are all they that are in that state, for the blessed inheritance and crown of the Lord is assured unto them.

And now is the time of the Lord, in which he has required me to write what he showed me by vision, much of which has already come on this Land, and been fulfilled upon it, and that which is behind is near to be fulfilled. The cloud has spread over all, and violent men have done great violence, even unto God's worshippers. Many have risen out of the pits, their chains having been broken, and their fetters loosed, which have held them many years. As many beasts as have gained their liberty, have been greedy of their prey, having long thirsted for the blood of the Saints; and many are yet to arise, whose chains shall be broken. He, whom the Lord showed me, the biggest among them all and greatest in fury, he shall arise the last out of the pit, and will be allowed to give one great push, and no more, which will be terrible; but the Lord will smite him, and the beasts that were loosed before him, and God will turn them together into the pit of darkness from where they arose, out of which they shall never arise again against the Lord or his heritage.

Now all dear Friends everywhere, dwell in God, the Father of Light, that you may all witness his dominion, so will he nourish you all, even as the true woman in the wilderness, for a time, times, and half a time. The Lord nourish you all, and feed you all with his own living Word, that you may all see the smoke of the pit vanish away, and the power thereof, (which has for many years arisen against the Lord and his People), trodden down by the living God. Wait all until the Lord's time and hour be accomplished, in which you shall see violence put to an end, and also see the blessed state that I have before-mentioned. So in the blessed Truth I say to you farewell.

And now to you who have put out the candle of the Lord in yourselves, and have become altogether darkness, and have given your power wholly to the beast and his followers, you therefore shall feel the stroke of God's hand, which will be dreadful to you; and under which you shall confess that the holy Prophets of the Lord did in years past deal faithfully with you, when they prophesied unto you what would come upon you. Oh hearken you people, for to you I write, through whom the nation has become miserable, and you yourselves have become slaves, and your name has become a stench in the nation, with him whom God has cut off before you. Has not your form of worship and the glory of it withered? Yes, even as the flower withers before the sun in the summer season, so has it withered away, and your gallant glory is now trampled upon by the dragon, unto whom you gave your power, and the memorial of it shall die and rot, even those whose name and memorial has already rotted. Listen, you, who put out the candle of the Lord in yourselves, with which you were once enlightened; mark what God has done to Oliver Cromwell, even for this cause, that he put out the candle of the Lord in himself.

And all you magistrates of this land who are now in authority. Oh! You have grieved the Lord, and highly provoked him to anger, by afflicting his children; and you have grieved our souls from time to time, and afflicted our bodies also, and have the blood of many as a guilt upon you. Oh this, I tell you, will bring the Lord's judgment upon you by surprise, even as a thief in the night, will it break upon you when you are not aware. For you will not receive another warning from the Lord's People, and you must know the stroke of God's hand with them that proved rebellious before you, and when you feel the weight of that, you will then remember this warning.

From a lover of Truth and righteousness.

Mary Howgill

A Prophecy of God's Revenge on the Murdering Puritan Judges in New England

Christison Wenlock was being tried for his life by the Boston Puritan court. They had just recently hung four Quakers, Marmaduke Stephenson, William Robinson, Mary Dyer, and William Leddra. Christison had just warned the judges that they would suffer the severe judgements of God if they continued their slaying of God's people. One of the judges replied:

Major-General Adderton. You pronounce woes and judgments, and those that are gone before you pronounced woes and judgments; but the judgments of the Lord are not come upon us yet.

Christison. Be not proud, neither let your spirits be liftedup; God only waits till the measure of your iniquity is filled up, and you have run your ungodly race; then will the wrath of God come upon you to the uttermost. And as for your part, it hangs over your head, and is near to be poured down upon you, and shall come as a thief in the night suddenly, * when you think not of it. By what law will you put me to death?

*Events show that Wenlock Christison was speaking prophetically to Adderton, under the influence of that wisdom which is from above. Some time after, this daring and hardened persecutor was suddenly cut off in a very remarkable manner. Returning home one day, after he had been exercising the soldiery, his horse took fright, and threw him with such violence as to cause instant death. His lifeless corpse presented a shocking spectacle, his eyes being forced out of his head, and his brains out of his nose, while the blood flowed in profusion from his ears.

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