The Missing Cross to Purity

Letters 291 - 315







George Fox

Volume 2 Contd.



291.- To all the women's meetings,
that are believers in the truth.


Keep your women's meetings in the power of God, which the devil is out of;
and take your possession of that which you are heirs, and keep the gospel order.
For man and woman were help mates in the image of God,
and in righteousness and holiness, in the dominion, before they fell;
but after the fall in the transgression, the man was to rule over his wife;
but in the restoration by Christ, into the image of God,
and his righteousness and holiness again, in that they are help mates, man and woman,
as they were before the fall.
Sarah obeyed Abraham, and called him lord.
Abraham also obeyed the voice of his wife Sarah,
in casting out the bond-woman and her son.

Dorcas, a woman, was a disciple.
So there was a woman disciple as well as men disciples;
and mind the women that accompanied her.

And women are to take up the cross daily, and follow Christ daily, as well as the men;
and so to be taught by him their prophet, and fed by him their shepherd,
and counseled by him their counselor, and sanctified by him who offered up himself once for all.
And there were elder women in the truth, as well as elder men in the truth;
and these women are to be teachers of good things;
so they have an office as well as the men,
for they have a stewardship,
and must give an account of their stewardship to the Lord, as well as the men.
Deborah was a judge; Miriam and Huldah were prophetesses;
old Anna was a prophetess, and a preacher of Christ,
to all them that looked for redemption
in Jerusalem.
Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary,
were the first preachers of Christ's resurrection to the disciples,
and the disciples could not believe their message and testimony that they had from Jesus,
as some now cannot;
but the women received the command, and being sent preached it.
So is every woman and man to do, who sees him risen, and has the command and message;
daughters shall prophesy as well as sons.
So they are to be obedient, who have the spirit poured upon them.
Women are to prophesy; and prophecy is not to be quenched.
Those who have the testimony of Jesus, are commanded to keep it, whether men or women.
Priscilla and Aquilla were both exhorters and expounders, or instructors to Apollos.
So in the church there were women instructors, and prophetesses,
and daughters prophetesses in the church;
for Philip had four daughters, virgins, who were prophetesses;
and there were women disciples in the church,
and women elders in the church, as well as men.
So women are to keep in the government of Christ, and to be obeyers of Christ;
and women are to keep the comely order of the gospel, as well as men,
and to see that all who have received Christ Jesus, that they walk in Christ Jesus;
and to see that all who have received the gospel,
walk in the gospel, the power of God, which they are heirs of;
for this is a day for all to keep their possession in the gospel order,
who are heirs with Christ, of the increase of whose government there is no end.
So the foundation of our women's meetings is Christ,
to all those who are heirs of him, and of his government.
And the ground of our order of the women's meetings is the gospel, the power of God,
which was before the devil was;
and all who are heirs of the gospel,
which has brought life and immortality to light in them,
which shines over him who has darkened them, and was before he was.
I say, they are heirs of the comely order of the gospel;
and therefore, I say, take your possessions of it, and walk as becomes the gospel;
and keep the comely order of it, and keep your meetings in it.
And here is the ground and foundation of our women's meetings.
Now mothers of families, who have the ordering of children, maids, and servants,
may do a great deal of good in their families,
to the making or spoiling of their children, maids, and servants;
and many things women may do, and speak of among women, which are not men's business.
So, as I said before, that you, both men and women,
be help mates in the image of God, in the righteousness and holiness in the restoration,
as man and woman were in the image of God before they fell;
and not only so, but in Christ the foundation,
and in his gospel that never fell, nor never will fall,
whose foundation stands sure,
for all his members and heirs to build upon.

And so see that nothing is lacking among you, then all will be well.

Postscript - And the elder women in the truth were not only called elders, but mothers.
Now a mother in the church of Christ, and a mother in Israel,
is one that gives suck,
and nourishes, and feeds, and washes,
and rules, and is a teacher, in the church, and in the Israel of God,
and an admonisher, an instructor, and an exhorter.
So all who have come to that office, growth, and stature, be diligent;
for a mother in Israel, or in the church of Christ,
is beyond all the mothers in Egypt, and in Sodom,
and the mother of harlots, mystery Babylon,
who had power over tongues, nations, and people, with the cup of her fornication.

But the mothers in spiritual Israel, and church of Christ,
have the cup of salvation, and the breasts of consolation,
which are full of the milk of the word,
to suckle all the young ones,
and to nourish, and instruct, admonish, and exhort, and rebuke all the contrary;
and to refresh and cherish every tender one.
So the elder women and mothers are to be teachers of good things, and to be teachers of the younger,
and trainers up of them in virtue, in holiness, and godliness, and righteousness,
in wisdom
, and in the fear of the Lord, in the church of Christ.

And if the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife,
then who is the speaker, and who is the hearer?
Surely such a woman is permitted to speak,
and to work the works of God, and to make a member in the church;
and then as an elder, to oversee those who walk according to the order of the gospel.

George Fox

292-To Friends in New England, Virginia, and Barbados.

Dear friends,

Be faithful in the power of the Lord God, in what you know,
and then the Lord will preserve you;
so that you may answer the witness of God in every man,
whether they are the heathen, who do not profess Christ,
or whether they are those who do profess Christ,
who have the form of godliness, and are out of the power.
And keep your meetings, you who know the power of the Lord, and feel it,
that in it you may have unity with God, and with one another.
The Lord God has a seed in those parts,
who shall be heirs of his grace that brings salvation,
which grace is it that teaches, in which grace they sing praises to the Lord.
So, now you who have come to the dawning of the day,
and to the ending of the night of the apostasy;
happy and blessed are you, who have come to see these things,
to see the hidden mysteries of God revealed,
and his glorious riches to the Gentiles,

through the power of an endless life.
And you who are and have been faithful, spread the truth abroad, you who know it;
and feel that which makes free;
let not principalities and powers separate you from the love of God,
which you have in Christ Jesus,
who has all power in heaven and earth given to him;,
mind his reign, his teaching, his kingdom, which has no end;
for God has some to be brought out from among those heathens,
if you are faithful among them, answering the witness of God in them;
for as the Lord said, 'I will give him for a covenant to the Gentiles;' and those are called heathens.
Therefore keep your meetings, and dwell in the power of truth, and know it in one another,
and be one in the light, that you may be kept in peace and love in the power of God,
that you may know the mystery of the gospel;
and all that ever you do, do in love;
do nothing in strife, but in love, which edifies the body of Christ, which is the church.
So as any are moved to go among the heathen, in the power and love of God,
to preach the gospel, (which is the love of God to them),
bring them to the power of God;
to that God, which is the God of the stones, which they make idols of,
and the God of the trees, earth, brass, silver, iron, and gold, which they make gods of;
and that he is the living God;
for those are dead gods that are made with men's hands.
He is the living God who clothes the earth with grass and herbs,
and causes the trees to grow, and bring forth food for you,

and makes the fishes of the sea to breathe and live,
and makes the fowls of the air to breed, and causes the roe and the deer,
and the creatures, and all the beasts of the earth to bring forth,
by which they may be food for you.
He is the living God, who causes the stars to arise in the night, to give you light,
and the moon to arise to be a light in the night.
He is the living God, who causes the sun to give warmth to you,
to nourish you when you are cold.
He is the living God, who causes the snow and frost to melt,
and causes the rain to water the plants.
He is the living God, who made the heaven and the earth, and the clouds,
and causes the springs to break out of the rocks,
and divided the great sea from the earth,
and divided the light from the darkness,
by which it is called day, and the darkness night,

and divided the great waters from the earth, and gathered them together,
which great waters he called sea, and the dry land earth;

he is to be worshipped who does this.
He is the living God, who gives you breath, and life, and strength,
and gives to you beasts and cattle, by which you may be fed and clothed.
He is the living God, and he is to be worshipped.
And that which gives you to be sensible of him, and to know him,
is that which convinced you in your hearts of sin and unrighteousness.

So all gods that are made of stone, mortar, wood, silver, brass, iron, or gold,
are not the living God, but are made by men's hands;
and the living God is he who gives you life, and breath, and strength,
and all things that are good,
and would have you to feel after him,
with that which checks you for sin and evil;
and would have you to worship him in spirit, and serve him who is holy and righteous,
and to live in peace;
who has promised he will give Christ Jesus for a covenant of light and peace to you,
who are called Gentiles and heathens.
And now the day, (this covenant of light), is approaching you,
by which you shall come to have peace with the Lord God, the king of the whole earth.
This is the King of kings, and Lord of lords, in whose hand is the breath of all mankind;
this is the God of the spirits of all flesh,
who has made all nations of mankind of one blood, to dwell upon the face of the earth.
And God having divided the sons and daughters of Adam,
and scattered them up and down the face of the earth,
being in the transgression and sin, led away with the god of the world,
the wicked one, the devil, who did not abide in the truth,

who causes people to destroy one another, and murder one another about earthly things.
This is the prince of darkness, who rules in all the hearts of the children of disobedience;
disobedient to that which is righteous in them,
which discovers the unrighteous actions and words from the righteous.
And Christ, the second Adam, the Lord from heaven, saves men from sin;
who is the prince of peace, and of life, and the covenant of God,
who brings men to have peace with God, and with one another,
who destroys the devil, the author of strife.
This is Christ the second Adam,
who brings the sons and daughters of Adam into reconciliation with God again,
and destroys sin, and finishes it,
and makes reconciliation for sin and iniquity.

George Fox

293.- To friends in Barbados.

Dear friends,

To whom is my love in the Lord Jesus Christ,
by whom all things were made, and by whom all things consist,
and who fills all things, and does uphold all by his word and power;
who is the first and last, the holy head of his holy church,

and the door into the holy way, for his holy people to walk in,
and the setter up of a holy worship in the holy spirit and truth,
to worship the holy God in;
and the setter up of a holy religion, to keep from the spots of the world;
which religion is pure in his sight.

And this never came out of the brain-beaten stuff of man,
nor of his chamber of imagery;

but for his people to walk in, so that they might sing forth his praises in righteousness.

And therefore, all Friends, be faithful in your men and women's meetings,
and see how you grow in the truth and power of godliness, and are circumcised;
and witness your renewings into the heavenly image of him that created you;
and that you all may be fruitful in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who is the orderer of all things;
and wear his livery and fine linen, the righteousness of Christ;
and hold forth his ensign and his standard,
and all to be filled with his grace, and love, and peaceable truth,
and be over all outward earthly things;
so that none are carnally but spiritually minded;
and walk as becomes the glorious order of the gospel,

having the water of life in your cisterns, and the bread of life in your tabernacles,
and fruits on your trees, to the praise of God. Amen.

And do not neglect all your family meetings, among your whites and negroes,
but do your diligence and duty to God and them;
which you will not neglect, if you keep in the faith of Abraham,
and of the blessed seed which inherited the crown.
And be at peace among yourselves,
so that each one may show that you are in Christ the prince of peace;
and that shows that you are the disciples of Christ,
and learners and followers of him.
So possess him who is life eternal. Amen.

And your love and kindness towards us,
the Lord redouble it by his mercy into your bosoms.
We are all pretty well. We have had great travail by land and sea,
and rivers and bays, and creeks,
in New England, Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Carolina,
where we have had great service among Friends, and governors, and others,
(and men and women's meetings), and with the Indians, and their kings and emperor.
Oh blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who is over all, and over all gives dominion.
And glory be to his great name forever. Amen.
And his truth is of a good savor in the hearts of people, and spreads.
So no more but my love.

George Fox

Read this in your men and women's meetings.

Maryland, the 24th of the 12th month, 1672.



The truth is above all, and will stand over all those who hate it,
who labor in vain against it,
and will bring their old house on their own heads,
to their great trouble;
and in the winter, and cold weather, when their house is down,
and their religion is frozen, and their rivers are dried up,
and their husks are gone, and the swine begin to cry about the plantations,
and the vermin run up and down among their old rubbish,
and their sparks and candles have gone out,
and hail and storms light upon the head of the wicked,
then woe will be to Gog and Magog, and to all the wicked, who have no covering.
In Christ you have peace, in the world you have trouble.
No peace with God can be enjoyed, except in the covenant of light;
without it is trouble. Amen.

George Fox



At the first convincement there is not so much danger,
for the spirit of God keeps in the fear of the Lord, and under judgment;
then after getting acquaintance or knowledge, and a familiarity, and a liberty,
but not in the holy spirit, there is greater danger;
and therefore your knowledge and familiarity must be in the invisible spirit;
for the flesh fades and withers, like the grass.
So that knowledge and familiarity is like grass that withers;
but the word of the Lord endures forever.
And the right knowledge of one another is this:
to know one another in that word which was in the beginning, before man fell;
'for man does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.'

This is the fresh and heavenly food from above,
and above all the husks that the swineherd feeds his swine with, in the unrepented state.

George Fox



All keep your meetings in the power of the Lord God, that has gathered you;
and none quench the spirit, nor despise prophesying;
and so keep up your testimony in public and private.
Do not let the mouths of babes and sucklings be stopped, nor the seed in males or females;
but all be valiant for the truth upon the earth.

Concerning your women's meetings;
encourage all the women of families who are convinced,
and mind virtue, and love the truth, and walk in it,
that they may come up into God's service,
so that they may be serviceable in their generation, and in the creation,
and come into the practice of the pure religion,
which you have received from God from above,
that every one may know their duty in it, and their service,
in the power and wisdom of God; for now the practical part is called for.
People must not be always talking and hearing,
but they must come into obedience to the great power of the great God of heaven and earth.

And so that none may stand out of the vineyard idle,
and out of service, and out of their duty;
for such will talk and tattle, and judge with evil thoughts what those in the vineyard say and do.
And therefore the power of God must call all into their duty,
into their service, into their places, into virtue, and righteousness, and into the wisdom of God.
For all who are out of their duty in their service,
though they have the knowledge of it,
yet they are not so serviceable in the creation, nor in their generation;
for the power of God must go over, and is over all such;
by which power all must be acted;
in which true obedience is known.

And, therefore, train up your young women to know their duty in this thing,
that they may be in their services and places;
which they are to do in the power and wisdom of God;
by which you are kept open to the Lord,
to receive of his gifts, and graces, and of his life,
through which you are to minister to one another.
And all keeping in it, then there is none to let or stop its flowing,
but through it you all are to be watered like a garden of plants,
by which they are nourished.

And so all be faithful and diligent in the Lord's business,
and make all the sober women,
professing truth in the country about you, acquainted with this thing;
and when you have them together at the Monthly Meeting, read this among them.
So no more but my love.

George Fox


Dear friends,

Keep in the power of the Lord;
for if you lose that, you lose the kingdom which stands in power, and peace, and righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost;
for out of the kingdom is strife, and no peace;
and therefore keep in the power, and life, and love, which you first received;
that you all may be heirs of the kingdom, and sit under your teacher the grace of God, which will bring your salvation,
that you may witness that you have a teacher from God, that brings your salvation;
which salvation is your walls and bulwarks, that he may be glorified,
and you may have your comfort in your salvation.
And keep your men's and women's meetings,
both being heirs of life, and of the gospel order, and of Christ and his government;
though you may have some opposers.
But this is a day of possessing Christ, and his government, and of the gospel order;
and therefore do not lose your authority, men nor women, in the gospel, nor in Christ;
though some may slight it.
For the foundation of our men's and women's meetings is Christ Jesus, who bruises the serpent's head,
who is the head of all false orders and foundations, and the gospel, which is the, power of God,
which brings life and immortality to light, shines over him who darkened you;

which power of God he is out of.
And therefore all in the power and spirit, encourage both men and women in their duty,
in the order of the gospel of Christ, in whom you have dominion,
and in him who does not change. My love is to you all.

George Fox


Dear friends,

To whom is my love in that which does not change,
the royal seed, which bruises the serpent's head;
in whom you have life and peace, in that live and walk,
so that you may bear fruit to the glory of God, and answer that of God in everyone.
And live in the peace that passes knowledge and understanding;
and in this troublesome time of wars and strife, mind the power of God,
and his kingdom that stands in righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost,
that is over all, and will never have an end;
and that will keep you over all these times of trouble, fresh in the life and power.
My troubles have been great in the service of the Lord;
and the convincement of people is great in America, and the islands in those parts;
blessed be the Lord God over all forever Amen.
Whose power, and life, and truth are over all;
and he in his power gave dominion over all, by sea and by land.
And people and Friends are well settled beyond the sea;
and meetings are precious beyond words.
So in haste, my love to all Friends, in all those parts, as though I named them;
and live in love, for that edifies you.

George Fox

Bristol, the 1st of the 6th month, 1673.

299.-To Friends in Jamaica.


We hear that some, professing truth among you,
do not keep to your meetings as diligently as they ought to do,
nor that only a few of you meet together on the First-days.
And the reason is, that upon the First days some of you write and make up your accounts;
so you cannot have time to go to and frequent the meetings.
Truly friends, this is an ill savor to come over here into England,
and shows that you mind your own business more than the Lord's,
and the things of this life, more than the things that pertain to the life that is without end;
which should be sought for first, if you desire to be blessed and to prosper.
And if you do not, you will grow loose and wither,
and not have the blessing of God with you; you cannot expect it.
And therefore, you who go under the name of the friends of God and of truth,
diligently keep your meetings on the First day together,
so that the Lord's power may stir among you;
for if you do not keep your meetings upon the First day of each week,
you are worse than the world, who meet in their steeple-houses or places of worship,
who prefer your own business before the Lord's.
The Lord, I say, will not, in so doing prosper you in it.
And therefore I say once more, in the name of Christ Jesus,
keep your meetings, who are gathered in it.
And let there be meetings on the week days, and also men's meetings,
to see that nothing is lacking among you, once in a fortnight;
and likewise a women's meeting, though there are only a few women.
For you who have seen the order of truth in England and other places,
how can you go out of the practice of it, without growing wild and withering.
So that men and women in their distinct places, may be help mates in government,
in the seed of life, and in the wisdom of God, by which all things were made,
and in the gospel, the power of God, which was before the devil was;
so that you may feel the presence of the Lord with you.
And that all Friends may be invited to the meetings;
and that you may be good examples and patterns to all in the island,
in righteous dealings and doings, in weights and in measures.
And keep to the sound language, and the honor that you have received from above;
so that your lives and conduct may preach in virtue, righteousness, and holiness,
that God may be glorified through you, and among you all,
that you may be patterns in holiness, and in truth,
as you expect the blessing of God in, with, and among you.
And owe nothing to any man but love.
And so seek first the kingdom of God, and keep in it,
then all outward things will flow to you
, so there will be no need of them,
if you enjoy God, who upholds all with his word and power, and gives the increase of all.
And see that there may be no ill example among you,
and no such ill report may be heard of you in Old England.
And when you have gotten up your First-days and weekly meetings,
and men and women's meetings, in the power of God,
which will preserve you in truth and righteousness;
see that nothing is lacking among you;
then send over how things are with you, how truth spreads and prospers,
from your men and women's meetings,
to the men and women's meetings in Old England. So no more but my love.

George Fox


Dear friends,

Let your faith stand in the power of God,
for that is your keeper unto the day of salvation;
so everyone who has not yet obtained it, come to that day,
for the kingdom stands in power, and not in words.
Therefore as I said before, let your faith stand in the power of God,
in which the kingdom stands, the kingdom of peace and joy,
which stands in righteousness, and holiness, and in the holy ghost;
where no unclean thing enters, neither can it.

For the power of the Lord God keeps you fresh, keeps you open,
and keeps you alive, and keeps you in a sense of the things of his kingdom,
the treasures, the pearls, and riches, and jewels of it;
and this power will keep you all in peace, and in unity, and quietness,
and condescension, and love, and kindness to one another;
and in the power of the Lord, and in his spirit,
you will be enabled to give the Lord his glory,
and continual praise, and continual thanks, which is due unto him from you all;
it will ascend to him who is worthy of all, blessed forevermore.
And so none quench the spirit, nor the motions of it in you,
for fear that Isaac's well be stopped up by the uncircumcised Philistine,
who must go down into the pit, who has lived aloft;
for as Christ comes to take the peace from the earth, which men are in,
as all sects and ways, which have peace in their ways, religions,
and worships, and traditions of their forefathers;

as in the days of his flesh, when he came among the Pharisees, Sadducees,
Herodians, Scribes, and other sects among them.
And likewise all others, who now have a peace in the earth, and who are settled in it,
they must know that peace taken away before they are redeemed out of the earth;
and so as he takes away that peace.
Those who come to learn of him, and to be his disciples and followers,
his peace is gives to them;
who is the King of peace, the Prince of peace, and of life;

and which is such a peace that the world cannot take it away from them.
And this you and all Friends everywhere, have sufficiently known,
who have been and are the learners of Christ Jesus, both men and women,
so that in all your persecutions, mockings, imprisonings, spoiling of goods,
they could never take your peace away, which you had from this Prince of peace.
Is not this true, and the scripture fulfilled in you?
Therefore let him have the praises and the glory out of all your hearts;
and keep this peace, in the unity of the spirit, the bond of peace;
you are bound to keep it with the spirit, this Prince of princes' peace;
you are all bound to keep it by the law of life, the law of the spirit;
for Christ is the same now, today as yesterday, and so forever;
the same as in the apostles' days, who said:
"Do you think that I have come to bring peace on earth? I tell you, no,; but rather division.
For the father shall be against the son, and the son against the father.
And the mother against her daughter, and the daughter against her mother.
And the daughter in law against her mother in law," Luke 12:51-53.

"And he who loves father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me," said Christ Jesus.
"Or he who loves son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.
And he who does not take up his cross, and follow after me, is not worthy of me.
He who finds his life, shall lose it;
and he who loses his life for my sake shall find it."

And, speaking to his disciples, said, "He who receives you, receives me;
and he who t receives me, receives him who sent me." Matt. 10:40

These things, friends, have been seen, and have been fulfilled, and must be fulfilled;
for Christ is the same today as yesterday, and so forever .
For have you not seen, son against the father, and father against the son;
and mother against the daughter, and daughter against the mother?
And this has been through retaining Christ, who sets at variance, and so not at peace;
for he does not bring a peace to that nature they lived in, in old Adam.
And so we may see, when people are convinced, what variance it makes in a family.
This has been seen and fulfilled, when a husband is convinced, or a wife is convinced,
or son or daughter in a family is convinced.
And this must be fulfilled, and interprets itself in the fulfilling;
for he brings a sword and war, and not peace to that nature they lived in,
and had in old Adam, before they received the Prince of peace,
and the sword of the spirit from him to war against the other peace which they had;
and so the peace of all religions must be broken,
before they come to the true religion from above;
and the peace of all worships must be broken,
before they come to the worship in the spirit and truth the devil is out of;
and the peace of all ways, must be broken, that men and people are in,
before they come into the way of Christ Jesus;
and the peace of all churches must be broken,
before they come to the church which is in God;
and the peace of all fellowships must be broken,
before they come into the fellowship of the spirit, and unity in it,
which is the bond of peace;

and the peace of all earthly teachers must be broken,
who are made by men by natural tongues,
before they come to the heavenly teacher, and the tongue of the learned indeed;
and the peace of all earthly bishops and shepherds must be broken
before they come to Christ, the bishop of the soul, and heavenly overseer,
and heavenly shepherd, who feeds with his heavenly food;

and so the heavenly priest, made higher than the heavens,
who is holy, harmless, separate from sinners,

breaks the peace of the earthly priests,
and of all those who are made lower than the heavens, (trouble makers),
who are not separate from sinners, nor from sin,
but hold up sinners, and prop them up, and plead for sin throughout the term of life;
this Prince of peace, made higher than the heavens, breaks all their peace,
as he did more than sixteen hundred years ago, for he is the same now as then,
and his power and spirit will make them rage still,
and those who confess him before men, they will rage at them still.
And therefore, as I said, keep in Christ's power, in which the kingdom stands,
and not in words
, that you may see the fulfilling of the scriptures;
and stand still in the power, which will keep you all to the day of salvation,
who have not come to it.
And so the Lord preserve you in his fear, and give you wisdom from above,
so that you may be preserved in the unity of the spirit,
which (as I said before) is the bond of peace,
which is your duty to keep the peace of the Prince of princes.

And all you who have received the power of Christ in your hearts,
have you not seen what wars, and what rumors, and nation against nation,
as it was in the two births in the womb, that came forth,
two nations, two births, nation against nation;

and much may be seen, what wars outwardly, and bringing down there have been,
before the appearance and receiving the Lord;
and so here he being received, here is people against people, and nation against nation,
and earthquakes, and shakings within and without.

Those who receive the Lord's power must feel this, and know this,
and see the fulfilling of it, and not look out, for his kingdom without,
like a company of Pharisees, lo here, lo there,
but as Christ, the power of God, is known within,
(as Christ said the kingdom of heaven is within);

and as they come to feel it there, they shall know the shakings and earthquakes,
and wars, and rumors, and that part that pertains to nations,
which must be shaken before they come to be of the holy nation,
which is against the other;
and this is to be known, and seen, felt, and fulfilled
with the power of Christ Jesus, and by his spirit;
as those who live in it may take a prospect of these wonderful things
and workings of the Lord God and his power in this age.
Therefore be still in the power of God, which is your keeper, as I said before;
for it is your keeper in the night, before you come to the day,
and it keeps you to the day of salvation.
For the virgins lamps burned in the night, and it was their light,
and those who were wise, who got oil in their lamps, entered;
for the voice of the bridegroom was at midnight, and bid them arise.

And so as outward midnight is a great while off from the day star's arising;
yet here is a lamp burning.
Therefore everyone see that you get oil in your lamps, so that you may not go forth,
that you may arise at the hearing of the heavenly voice of the bridegroom, and enter with him;
though satan's messengers have told you, there is no hearing his voice these days.
Sad messengers they are, and have been,
they see who have received the true message of the Messiah in his power,
through which they see over them,
and see their own foundation, Christ Jesus,
who was the foundation of the prophets and apostles.

George Fox

Let this be read in your men's and women's meetings, and copies kept in their books.
Worcester Prison, the 2d of the 7th month, 1673.

301.-To all the Women's Meetings.

Dear friends,

This is the day for all to take your possessions, who know the gospel,
the power of God, which brings life and immortality to light in them.

I say, this is the day for all to take their possessions of this gospel order,
which was the apostles' doctrine to the church in the primitive times,
that they should keep the comely order of the gospel.
The words are general to men and women;
and now you being heirs of the gospel, as was said before,
that has brought life and immortality to light in you,
by which you see over the devil, who has darkened you,
and before he was, in whom is all disorder.
Therefore keep this comely order of the gospel, the power of God,
the everlasting order and gospel, it will outlast all other orders in old Adam;
in which order of the gospel you have joy, you have peace and comfort.
So everyone take your possessions of this holy,
everlasting, joyful, and peaceable gospel and order;
for the peace is in the power of God;
so it is called the gospel of peace, which keeps all in the peace,
which you have from the Prince of peace, which the world cannot take away from you;
and likewise that you may be heirs and possessors of Christ,
and of his government, which is pure, holy, righteous, and heavenly,
of the increase of this heavenly man's government there is no end;
but there will be an end of old Adam's and the devil's,
which began in time, and will end in time,
but there will be no end of his, that was set up from everlasting to everlasting.
So all be possessors of this heavenly government,
and of this heavenly, glorious, and comely order.

And since it has been said by those who are without,
you must come to hear the gospel preached;
the answer is, and will be from the possessors of the gospel,
I am an heir of the gospel, and inherit it;
for it is my portion, and I know it and possess it,
and do not need you to tell me of it, and of my portion.

And since it has been said by those without,
you must come and hear Christ preached.
The answer from the possessors of him is: I have examined myself,
and proved myself, and have found Christ Jesus in me,

and he rules in my heart by faith;
and I am in him, and he is in me;
and behold (that is as much as to say, take notice) 'all things have become new.'

And since the saying has been by those who are without,
why do not you come to hear the word preached?
The answer is, and will be, from the possessors of him,
the word is near me, in my heart and mouth, to obey it and do it;
and need not say to any, who shall ascend to bring it down from above,
or who shall descend to bring it up from the grave;

for I have come to the righteousness of faith's speaking, (mark, faith's speaking),
that said on this wise,"The word is near you, in your heart and mouth,
to obey it and do it;" by which word I am born again of the immortal seed,
which lives, and abides, and endures forever ;
by which word I have milk to give freely to babes and sucklings.

So the possessors have breasts; and the possessors' breasts are not dry;
glory to the Lord forever.
So no more but love; and God Almighty preserve you in his wisdom,
that is pure and gentle from above, by which you may be all ordered,
and order all that you have under your hands to his glory.
And keep in the unity of the holy spirit, which is the bond of peace,
of the Prince of princes' peace,
which is every one of your duty to keep this heavenly peace of the Prince of princes,
which none can take away from you; for you are bound to keep it with the spirit,
so that your praise may be in the gospel;
that you may admonish and exhort all who profess the truth of the gospel,
that they may walk in the truth, as becomes the gospel,
and that everyone who professes Christ Jesus, and has received him,
may walk in him in the new and living way, out of the old way.

George Fox


To all Friends,

Who live in the truth, and have become God's freemen and women by it,
and by the truth and power of God are brought out of the world's vain fashions
and customs, in their feastings, and revelings, and banquetings, and wakes,
and other vain feastings,
where they spoil the creatures,
and dishonor the Lord God more those times and days,
which they call holy days, and feast days,
than any other times and days.
And therefore you who are brought out of such things,
and see the vanity and folly of them;
and likewise you who are brought out of
all the extravagant feastings of companies in corporations,
and of making of feasts,
when the masters of companies are chosen, and constables, and head-boroughs,
you see their vanity, and their folly, and madness,
in their destroying of the creatures, to the reproach of christianity,
and the dishonor of God, and the blaspheming of his name;
and many times through the abusing of themselves by excess,
are more like beasts than men, in these things and doings.
And therefore as you see the folly and vanity of all such doings,
in their voluptuous and vain feastings, and cannot observe their evil customs,
then that vain spirit is in a great rage and fury,
because you have, and do, break off fellowship with them in all these their vain customs.

And therefore you who are redeemed from these things by Christ,
and from the feasting of the rich,
and all other of their vanities, and voluptuous dishonoring of God in them;
I say to you, mind and practice Christ's words, as you may read in Luke 14:12-14.
Christ said, 'When you make a dinner,
do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or your rich neighbors,
lest they also invite you in return, and so you are repaid.
But when you make a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind.
Then you shall be blessed, for they cannot repay you,
but you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.'

So here you may see how Christ ordered you to make a feast or a dinner,
and for whom, contrary to the world;
and though it is a cross to them, yet it is to be obeyed, and observed, and practiced;
for it is the heavenly man's doctrine, and command, and will and he that does it shall know his doctrine;
and this will judge the world in their vain feasts, dinners, and suppers,
which they make for the rich, for which they have self-reward.
But when Christ's command are obeyed, self is denied, and has the Lord's recompense;
and all who call him Lord, should do as the Lord commanded;
and those who are his disciples, and love him, will obey his spoken words;
for said Christ, "If you love those who love you, what thanks will you have?
For sinners also love those who love them.
And if you do good to those who do good to you, what thank will you have?
For sinners also do the same. So give and it shall be given to you.
Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over into your bosoms;"
and the Lord is kind to the unthankful, and therefore,
"be you merciful, as your heavenly Father is merciful" Luke 6:32-38.

And therefore as you have forsaken all the world's vain feastings, dinners, and suppers,
(if so), give the blind, the lame, the maimed, the widow, the fatherless, and the poor,
a feast or a dinner, and obey Christ, the heavenly man's doctrine,
though it crosses old earthly Adam's will and practices;
and though he is angry, never heed him, but obey the Lord.

George Fox


Dear friends,

All be faithful in the eternal power of God that is over all;
I say, keep in this power of God, so that you may answer that of God in all,
and not that which is contrary; for the kingdom stands in power,
and in righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost;
so that which does not live in the power, and righteousness, and joy in the holy ghost,
does not come into the kingdom.
So this kingdom, and power, and righteousness, and holy ghost,
in which is the joy, is over all;
and this kingdom does not stand in word, but in power.
So know one another in the power, and in the spirit of God, (who is a spirit),
know and confess Christ in his death and sufferings, and in his resurrection.
So no more but my love in him.

George Fox

Worcester Prison, the 21st of the 9th month, 1673.

304.-To Friends in Virginia.

Dear friends, to whom is my love,

I am glad to hear of the increase of truth among you,
and the Lord prosper his work, and increase people in his knowledge, who will fulfill his promise,
'so that the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea,' in the new covenant;
though in the old covenant, the word was to Jacob, and the statutes to Israel;
it was not to other nations, but the new covenant is to all nations, Jews and Gentiles;
'For I will give him for a covenant of light to the Gentiles,
and he shall be my salvation to the ends of the earth;'

therefore he said, 'Look to me all you ends of the earth, and be you saved:'
and there is no salvation by any other name under heaven, but by the name of Jesus,
which means a savior.
And keep your men's and women's, and all your other meetings in his name,
so that you may feel him in the midst of you, exercising his offices;
as he is a prophet, which God has raised up to open to you,
and as he is a shepherd, who has laid down his life for you, to feed you, so hear his voice;
and as he is a counselor, and a commander, follow him and his counsel;
and as he is a bishop to oversee you, with his heavenly power and spirit;
and as he is a priest, who offered up himself for you,
who is made higher than the heavens,
(and that is higher than all the priests that are made upon the earth),
who sanctifies his people, his church, and presents them to God without blemish, spot, or wrinkle.
So, I say, know him in all his offices, exercising them among you, and in you.
I am glad to hear of some of your diligence, in taking that great journey to Carolina through the woods;
for if you visit them sometimes, it would do well;
and there is a people at that place you call New Country, as you go to Carolina,
who had a great desire to see me, among whom I had a meeting.
I received letters, giving me an account of the service some of you had with and among the Indian king, and his council;
and if you go over again to Carolina, you may inquire of captain Batts, the old governor,
with whom I left a paper to be read to the emperor, and his thirty kings under him of the Tusrowres,
who were to come to treat for peace with the people of Carolina,
whether he read it to them or not.
Remember me to major general Benett, and colonel Dew,
and the rest of the justices that were friendly and courteous to me, when I was there, and came to meetings;
and tell them, that I cannot but remember their civility and moderation, when I was among them;
and so the Lord redouble the love and kindness which they and you showed to me into your hearts, and theirs.
I have been a prisoner here about eight months,
and now I am premunired, because I cannot take an oath;
but the Lord's seed and power is over all, blessed be his name forever ,
and glory and honor to him, who is over all, and is worthy of all.

George Fox

Read this among Friends in their meetings.

Worcester, 1673.


My dear friends,

Live in the seed that bruises the serpent's head, who is the head of all false teachers,
and ways, and false worships, and religions;

but Christ is the head of all the true worshippers;
and keep your meetings in his name, in whom you have salvation,
and not by any other name under heaven.
And sit under your teacher, Christ Jesus, who brings your salvation, the grace of God,
so that you may all witness that you have a teacher from God, who brings your salvation;
and you have received him, and believed in him in your hearts,
and with your mouths confession is made to salvation, which your teacher has brought you;
so that you all may witness his salvation to be your walls and bulwarks,
which surround your camps and tabernacles.

George Fox

London, 1673.

306.- To Friends in Holland.


Do not grow barren, but abiding in the root, you will spring upward,
and bring forth much fruit in this life, and in the life to come inherit life eternal;
and so your lives being hid with Christ in God, you will be made conformable to his image,
and know the power of his resurrection,
and the fellowship with him in his sufferings
, and the fellowship with him in his death,
so that you may have fellowship with him in his resurrection and life;

and as you have borne the image of the earthly,
so also you may bear the image of the heavenly.

And as your vessels have been full of wrath and dishonor,
so your vessels may be full of his mercies, and praises to God;

and as in your old earth has dwelt unrighteousness,
so you may see and know the new earth, in which dwells righteousness.

There is a belief that God is not the author of,
for such do not have the witness in themselves of what they believe;
and a belief may be of God and Christ, and of the scriptures,
and yet such may be in death,
for they are not in Christ the light, and so are not children of the light;
and there is a faith, which Christ is not the author of, and that faith does not give the victory;
nor purifies the heart; neither do they please God, nor have access to God in it,
and that is the dead faith which has no works.

And there is a hope that does not purify, and that hope is that which is not of Christ,
who saves, and purifies, as he is pure;
but that hope is the hope of the hypocrites.
And there is a way that may be defiled,
where all the wolves, dogs, and beasts, and the unclean pass,
and has many turning ways in it, and many crooked, rough, and mountainous ways in it;

and there is the broad way that leads to destruction;
and these are not the way of Christ, that leads to life, which is the narrow and strait way.

And there are many names in the world by which there is no salvation;
the beast has many names, which all the world wonders after,
and receive the beast's mark, that he marks them with,
his beastly spirit and power which he has from the dragon;

but there is only one name under the whole heaven by which people shall be saved,
and that is the name of Jesus;

and they gathering in his name, by whom the world was made,
and receiving their Father, the Lord God Almighty's name and mark in their foreheads,
Christ is in the midst of them;
they will not receive the beast's mark,
and will not be marked by him.
And there are many religions in the world,
all which are spotted and defiled with the world's spirit,
with which they destroy one another;
but there is only one pure religion from above, that is undefiled in the sight of God,
and that keeps from the spots of the world,
and leads to visit the widow and fatherless in their distress;

and those who receive this pure religion from God, (who is above),
it is by God's spirit, the fruits of which is love;
and this pure undefiled religion from God
has the glory in all the hearts of those who receive it, who is the author of it;
and it is above all those religions that are below,
that are made by men's earthly, sensual, and devilish wisdom,
who with it compel people to conform to them,
and such are not gentle, pure, nor peaceable, as the wisdom which is from above is.
And there is only one true worship,
which the devil is out of, and his unclean spirit, and he cannot get into it;
which worship is in the spirit and in the truth,

which Christ the heavenly man has set up more than sixteen hundred years ago.
And everyone who comes into the spirit, and into the truth,
are the true worshippers of the God of truth, who is a spirit;
and all who are not in the spirit and truth, are in the beast's worship,
(out of the spirit of God), and in his wrath under the dragon's power.
And there are many instructors who cause people to err;
but there is only one spirit of truth, which leads into all truth;
and this is the one spirit that led the prophets and apostles to give forth the scriptures;
and all the instructors who are out of it,
cause people to err from the spirit that the prophets and apostles were in,
and so are in confusion.
And there is one leader, Christ Jesus, whom God has given;
and all who are not led by him, are led into the ditch, the corrupting place,
and they tell them, there is no perfection here.
And all the learned in Babel's confused tongues, who have the letter of the scriptures,
yet follow their own spirits, (see not), and the divination of their own brains,
and use their tongues,
these build up Babylon again,
who are not in the spirit the prophets and apostles were in,
and do know the tongue of the learned,
nor the scriptures of Christ, and the prophets, and the apostles;
but they are like a sealed up book to them;
and therefore they are raging and contending about the meanings of them,
teaching their people, by their example, to do the same.

George Fox


My dear Friends,

Who feel the precious truth of God,
by which you are made God's free men and women,

and have bought the truth, do not sell it for dross or dung,
but be valiant for the truth upon the earth.
You who have received God's seed into the good ground,
so that in this life some bring forth fifty, sixty, and a hundred fold
of fruit from God's seed, to his glory;

and who have received the anointing oil in your lamps from the Holy One
that they may burn and shine both night and day in your tabernacles,
through which you may be lighted into the bridegroom's chamber.
And the power of God has always been your keeper,
and will be unto the day of salvation;
which power of God is over all,
yes, over the power of the devil, the waster and destroyer,
who makes the world like a wilderness,

and fills it with unrighteousness, death, darkness, and cruelty.
Therefore let your faith stand in the power of God,
which the kingdom stands in,

which is a cross to the world's power, which causes persecution;
which power of God is the gospel,
which was before the devil was, who brought death and darkness into you;

this power of God brings life and immortality to light in you,
by which power you see over him who has darkened you, and before he was.
And you who are heirs of this gospel keep the holy and heavenly order of it;
by which power of God you come to dig,
and have found the pearl in your own field, of great price;
by which power of God you come to sell all,
and to purchase the field, then you have riches enough.

And have salt in yourselves, that you may savor withal;
and that your salt not lose its savor,
through which you may be kept from under the feet of men,

although those who will live godly in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution;
and it is not only given you to believe in Christ, but to suffer for his name,

whose name is above every name.
And there is no salvation by any other name under heaven, but by the name of Jesus;
whose name is a strong tower, and the righteous flee unto it, and are safe;
by whose name and power (that is over all) you have been upheld through all your tribulations,
sufferings, imprisonment, and spoiling of goods.
And Christ Jesus, and his power, is the same today as he was yesterday, and so forever.
And therefore, as I said before, let your faith stand in his power;
for Christ's kingdom does not stand in word, but in power, and in righteousness, and in joy in the holy ghost;
whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and the riches in it are everlasting.

Blessed are all those who are heirs and possessors of this,
their minds and hearts are kept over all fading things,
and the riches that have wings, that the spoiler may spoil.
And therefore consider all the faithful before you,
how they accounted all but as loss, dross, and dung,
to the excellency of the knowledge that they had in Christ Jesus;

and consider likewise the faith of the martyrs, the faith of the apostles,
and primitive christians
, who kept the faith and testimony of Jesus; their patience was seen.
And likewise consider all the prophets of God to Enoch,
how their faithfulness is made manifest;
and all the rest, how they were tried by persecutors, by prisons,
and by spoiling of their earthly goods and riches,
but never of the heavenly goods and riches;
for there the thief and spoiler could not come.
And therefore mind that noble seed, which never bowed to sin and iniquity,
nor the devil,
but bruises his head, and destroys him and his works,
that you may all be flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone,
who is your heavenly food and bread that comes down from heaven,
through whom you may eat, and live by him, as he lives by the Father;
and so by eating this heavenly bread that comes down from heaven,
you may have everlasting life.

The Lord may try you by persecution, or spoiling your outward goods that he has given you,
by permitting the spoilers and persecutors come to try you,
so that you may come forth like gold seven times tried in the fire, (the perfection of trial),
for many are the troubles of the righteous,
but the Lord will deliver out of them all;

and happy are those who are tried, that they may come forth more pure than gold.
And let none sell their birthright for a mess of pottage, and a piece of bread, Esau-like.
And let none have their eyes wandering after their carrying away the fleece;
nor look back at Sodom's judgments;
for the earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof;
and he can make the fleece grow again.
And, therefore, consider the riches of Job, and the poverty of Job,
and how his friends despised him in his poverty, and how they were reproved;
and God increased his prosperity, and lengthened his tranquility.
And as Daniel's windows were opened towards outward Jerusalem,
in the time of the informers, when he prayed to his God,
as he did before in the time when they were not;
therefore should not all your windows and doors
be open towards heavenly Jerusalem, your mother,
so that God may come in and help you against the false mother and her children.
And therefore keep your meetings in the time of sufferings, as you did before,
and preach the word in season, and out of season;
the word, I say, which commands the clouds and storms, and was before they were.
And therefore blessed are those eyes that see the sun of righteousness that never sets,
the sun of righteousness that does not change;
for the prophet speaks of a sun and moon that shall be turned into darkness,
before the notable day of the Lord come.

And where this notable day of the Lord is seen, and those by whom it is seen,
they see the glorious son of God, the son of righteousness, by whom were all things,
who is over all things, who is the head of his people, and dwells in them,
who is present with them, and who was, and will be, to all eternity;
of whose kingdom there is no end, who is God over all, blessed forever.

George Fox

Kingston, the 1st of the 7th month, 1674.

308. Given forth in the time of his sickness in Worcester prison, 1674

My dear friends,

In England, and all parts of the word;
keep in the gospel and the fellowship of it, which is the power of God,
which you have received from the beginning,
in which there is neither sect nor schism,
but an everlasting fellowship and an everlasting order;
which gospel brings life and immortality to light, in every one of your hearts,
and lets you see over him, who has darkened you.
Now every man and woman here, will have a testimony in their own hearts,
of this order and fellowship, being heirs and inheritors of it;
by which you will see over all the false orders and fellowships,
that are or may be set up or made.
Therefore it is good for everyone to keep their habitation.
For those who went in Cain's way, (as the apostles' speak of),
they envied the apostles who kept the fellowship.
And Korah's way, and Balaam's way; these were those who had been great professors,
who envied the apostles.
For mark, it was the way of those who were of Cain, Korah, and Balaam's spirit,
to oppose the power, who were against Abel, and Moses, and the apostles;
and so there began the apostasy.
And there came up the many orders, among them in the apostasy
so that at last the gospel order was lost among them,
and the government of Christ, and his worship;
and the beast was then set up.
And therefore now the gospel order is to be set up again,
and the government of Christ Jesus,
by those who are heirs of him, and of his government,
who is first and the last, the beginning and the end,
of the increase of whose government there is no end.
Now, I say, you who are heirs of Christ, possess him, and walk in him;
and as you have received him, so walk all in peace, and love,

and live in his worship in the spirit and truth, which the devil is out of.
And at your general assemblies of the ministry at London, or elsewhere,
examine, as it was at the first,
whether all the ministers who go forth into the countries,
walk as becomes the gospel.
For you know that was one end of that meeting, to prevent and take away scandal.
And to examine, whether all who preach him keep in the government of Christ Jesus,
and in the order of the gospel, and to exhort those who do not.
For the foundation is already laid, which is Christ, and his government is set up;
of the increase of which there is no end.
So had all these who are called christians, kept in his order, and government,
they would not have troubled themselves, and others, with so many disorders,
if he had been head of their church;
so if you keep in the gospel order, and government of Christ Jesus,
you will keep out of the apostasy, which they have been in;
and the many false orders, and governments, which they went into,
and made against one another, when they went from the true.
As you may see in the scriptures of truth,
it was some high Cain and Korah-like spirits that did so;
for Cain was able to build a city.
And Korah, who opposed the chief leader Moses, was of the princes of the people;
and so these opposed (with their many orders), the true order.
And Balaam, who was able to teach a nation, and prophesy before a king,
made the children of Israel stumble by his bad counsel.
These were men of esteem, these are those whom the world went after,
these came to ride upon the people;
and such as these opposed Abel, Moses,
and Christ, (the leader and governor), and his apostles,
and set up the many orders, and governments, in their churches,
and broke all into sects.
And therefore, friends, if you keep under Christ, the governor,
who governs his church in righteousness,
and who is a prophet, and preacher;
and keep in his gospel order;
none of these can deceive you, let them come with ever so fair pretences.
For Christ bruises the serpent's head,
who is the head of all false teachers, and false orders, that are not in his power.
Christ is the first and last;
and therefore, keep in his power,
and in the unity of his spirit, which is the bond of peace.
Mark, the pure, holy, eternal, invisible spirit of God is the bond of peace.
Therefore, do not forfeit your bond of the Prince of princes;
for if you do, you lose your life, and go into death, and into an evil spirit,
and break the Prince of princes' peace,
so that you lose your peace with him Christ Jesus.
And therefore it concerns all, who profess themselves to be ministers,
to be humble, else they are no learners of Christ;
not to be harsh nor high minded,
but walk as examples among God's flock,
and not to be lords over God's inheritance;
but let him be Lord whose right it is.

And you have known the manner of my life, the best part of thirty years,
since I went forth, and forsook all things;
I sought not for myself, I sought for you and his glory who sent me;
and when I turned you to him, who is able to save you, I left you to him.
And my travels have been great, in hungers and colds,
when there were few, for the first six or seven years,
so that I often lay in woods and commons in the night;
and many times it was as a by-word,
that I would not come into houses, and lie in their beds.
And the prisons have been made my home a great part of my time,
and in danger of my life, and in jeopardy daily.
And among you I have made myself of no reputation, to keep the truth up in reputation,
as you all very well know it, who are in the fear of God.
With the low, I made myself low;
and with the weak and feeble, I was as one with them,
and condescended to all conditions,

for the Lord had fitted me so before he sent me forth;
and so I passed through great sufferings in my body, as you have been sensible.
And few at first took care for the establishing men and women's meetings,
though they were generally owned when they understood them;
but the everlasting God, who sent me forth by his everlasting power,
first to declare his everlasting gospel,
and then after people had received the gospel, I was moved to go through the nation,
to advise them to set up the men's and women's meetings, many of which were set up;
and I was moved to write to other places, for them to do the like, that kept the power.
And this was the end, that all who had received the gospel, might be possessors of it,
and of the gospel order, which is heavenly;
and that all who had received Christ Jesus, might so walk in him,
and possess his government in the church,
who are members of him the heavenly head.
And so men and women being heirs of Christ,
they are heirs of him, and of his government;

so that men and women may both possessors of this government;
and men and women being heirs of this gospel, might inherit it.
Then men and women are heirs of the order of the gospel,
which is from heaven, and not by man, nor of man;
which is an everlasting order, which is from the power of God;
for the gospel is called, the everlasting gospel.
So that all now in the restoration by Christ Jesus, into the image of God,
may be help mates in holiness and righteousness,
as Adam and Eve were in, before they fell;

for in the church of Christ, where he is head,
there is his gospel, and his order, and his government;
there is his power felt in everyone's heart,
and there are these offices of admonishing, rebuking, exhorting, reproving,
among those who are convinced, and converted, by those who are in the power; for there are several states.
So those who would not have people to be admonished, who go under the name of truth,
and yet go into sin and wickedness, those are out of the gospel order,
and government of Christ Jesus, and of a loose mind themselves,
and would be up themselves, and lords.
But that spirit is for judgment, for it is out of the power of God,
and out of the spirit, in which is the fellowship.

George Fox



Seek the peace of all men; which peace is in Christ,
which is a peace that the world cannot take away.
And blessed are the peacemakers, who make peace among the brethren and people;
these shall have a blessing from the Lord, the king of peace;
but woe be to those who cause strife and offence.
And all walk in the righteousness of Christ the Lord, over your own righteousness,
and do, and act, and speak in his righteousness;
then you act, and do, and speak, and walk in that, in which you have peace,
and then God will delight in you,
and you will be loved by him, for he loves the righteous.
And let it be below any of God's people to raise an evil report on his people,
or any others,
or to give both their ears to any one's report of his people or matter,
until they have heard both parties;
so that righteousness, and truth, and judgment, may be kept up, and not fall.
And in your men and women's meetings,
you are in and about the Lord's business, and not your own;
and therefore let the Lord be in your eyes,
so that all of you may receive his presence, and power, and wisdom, and judgment,
to do, and act, and speak in.
And this keeps all in his fear, to be careful of their words and doings,
and keeps all solid, and virtuous, and sober;
and then whatever is of a good report, and is decent and comely,
and whatsoever is virtuous, and tends to virtue, and is lovely,
follow after and cherish
And here your eyes are kept open, to see that nothing is neesed,
and that you stand in that which shall never fall,
in the power, and spirit, and seed Christ,
who is the sure foundation, and the rock of ages.

George Fox



Give thanks to the Lord in everything;
for from him you receive every good thing;
for the apostle said in 1 Thes 5:18, 'In everything give thanks:
for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ concerning you;'

and those who do not obey this doctrine,
do not do the will of God in Christ Jesus.
And the apostle said,
'Every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused,
if it is received with thanksgiving,' etc. 1 Tim 4:4
And David said, 'At midnight I will rise to give you thanks,
because of your righteous judgments.' Psalm 119:62.

And David said, 'Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for it is good,
because his mercy endures forever.' Psalm 118:1.

So the Lord is worthy of all the thanks and praises, through Jesus Christ,
who created all by Jesus Christ,
to his glory and honor forevermore.

George Fox

311.-For the men and women's meetings in Barbados.

Dear Friends,

Let all things be done in love, and in the spirit of Christ,
which is the spirit of the lamb, who must have the victory;
for patience runs the race, and has the crown.

And keep down rough Esau's spirit,
for that will not let the inward Jew pass the king's highway.
And therefore quench nothing that is good;
but keep in the love of God, which is shed in your hearts,
and everyone keep to your own springs, and at your own breast,
and feel your own bread in your own house (from heaven.)
And do not strive for mastery, but let Christ be the master,
who is the wisdom of God, and your wisdom,
and righteousness, and sanctification, and justification;

and you to dwell in humility and love, which will bear all things;
and that is not easily provoked, and does not envy.

If your love is not in this love, it is not the love of God,
though you may be convinced of the truth.
But they are happy who obey the truth of what they are convinced;
and if they do not, they will lose the days of their innocence and simplicity.
And know the birth that is freeborn, which can give the cheek to the smiter.
For there is a birth of the mortal seed,
and there is a birth of the immortal seed, by the word of God,
which lives and abides forever;
which latter has a habitation that is forever.
And take heed, friends, in laying open one another's weakness;
but if anyone has anything to say, let them speak to the person concerned;
and if they will not hear, take two or three more, before they are brought into public.

This is the order of the head Christ, to his body, his church.
And if any report be upon anyone, let them speak to the parties that are concerned;
for the report may be false; and the Lord said, 'You shall not raise a false report upon my people.'
So in this you will have a care of one another, for one another's good,
preferring one another in the truth.

And so let the true brotherly love continue, and kindness, affableness, and courteousness,
and whatever is decent, comely, and of good report in the eyes of God,
and the hearts of all good men, follow after that;
and so, that in your men and women's meetings, nothing may be seen of the old leaven,
of the old malice, nor of the old man, nor his deeds,

nor his old image, nor his old bottle be drunk of, nor his sour grapes eaten of;
for if you do, it will set your teeth on edge, against one another.
But mind the royal seed, Christ Jesus, who makes all things new, that new and living way,
a new man, after God and his image;

so children of the new covenant, having the new leaven,
which leavens up into the love of God, which edifies the body, of which Christ is head;
and new bottles, full of new wine from Christ the vine;
the new wine which makes all your hearts glad
to God and Christ, and one in another.
So here is the new heart, the new spirit, the new life, in which the living God is served.
And therefore, this is the word of the Lord God to you all, 'Let this new way,
new covenant, new man, new leaven, new wine, new life,
show forth its fruits in the new life, from the new man.
So that the fruits of the old may not appear,
and that the bond of peace, in the unity of the spirit, may be kept among you.
So keep in this unity of the spirit, which is the bond of peace;
and none to break their peace, and go into the ill behavior;
for that is out of the spirit of God and Christ, which is meek, gentle, etc.
So that the Lord God of your lives may be glorified in you all,
and above all, who is over all,
God blessed forever and ever.

George Fox


All Friends,

Who are in the power of God, and in his spirit;
through this spirit you pray to God, and ask in the name of Christ Jesus,
(which all true prayers are to be in),
and the true singing and rejoicing are to be in the spirit,
and the true preaching and ministry are to be in the spirit;
for the saints were made able ministers of the spirit, and not of the letter.
Now when a minister, in the spirit of the living God,
ministers spiritual and heavenly things,
those who receive them, receive them with joy in the assembly.
Now he who is a minister of the spirit, and ministers spiritual things,
if those who receive them, receive them in sincerity, with joy and gladness,
and rejoice in the receiving of them, while the other is ministering them,
he who is a minister of the spirit, does not judge such;
but rejoices in those who receive them, and praises God for the same.
And so likewise those who sing in the spirit reach to the spirit in others,
by which they have a sense that it proceeds from the spirit;
for at the hearing of the speech of the true minister,
there is joy to all who seek and thirst after righteousness;
for the preaching the gospel is the glad-tidings, the joyful news,
and is a comfort both to soul, body, and spirit,
to all who receive it in integrity and sincerity,
and they cannot but rejoice at the sound of the power, where it is received;
and those who preach in this cannot judge those who rejoice in the spirit and power,
and praise God in their souls when they hear the sound of it.

Oh! the everlasting gospel, the everlasting power of God,
which is liberty [freedom],
where this is heard (the sound of it),
which is the liberty to the spirit, to the soul, to the creature.
If a creature should praise God in his soul, in his spirit,
in the very hearing of the sound of this glorious gospel, or make a joyful melody;
the minister of the spirit, who preaches the glorious gospel,
cannot judge such for that, and say it is a confused noise;
for that is the minister of the letter who so judges,
who may gather up parcels of the letter, and make a song of that, or preachment of that,
to which the gospel ministry of the spirit is the savor of death unto death,
and of life unto life.

And concerning praying in the spirit;
'which spirit makes intercession to God, with sighs and groans that cannot be uttered.'
Now where this spirit is prayed in, (which all true prayer is to be in),
it makes intercession through the veils, through the clouds and thick darkness,
by the invisible power, to the invisible God;
and this prayer being made in an assembly to the throne of grace,
there the assembly (in their spirits) join in this spirit, and make intercession,
and enter through the veils, clouds, and thick darkness to the throne of grace.
And if some of these should praise God in a joyful sound with their souls and spirits,
can he who prays in the spirit, and makes intercession in it,
judge those who groan in the spirit, and feel the intercession to the throne of grace?
No, he cannot; for he feels a unity in the spirit;
and in case some do groan and sigh, when another is praying in the spirit,
that makes the intercession easy in the invisible spirit,
to the invisible God, and throne of his grace;
which the spirit of God operating in the assembly,
makes some to sigh and groan, being sensible of their wants;
and the power has awakened such;
therefore can any judge such who pray in the power and spirit, that has awakened them?
No, but he hears them, and is glad where it stirs;
and so having the mind of the Lord, and makes intercession to him by his spirit,
who hears the sighs of the needy, and groans of the oppressed, he cannot judge such.
And therefore those who judge such sighers, prayers,
and those who make a joyful melody, (from the word dwelling in their hearts),
those who judge such, are not in the spirit that makes intercession;
and that which is contrary is to be reproved and admonished in private,
by those who are in the spirit of God, for fear that they pluck up the wheat and tares together,
and make a confusion in the church;
for God is not the author of confusion, but of peace and good order.
But that spirit which is high and lofty, and can form a praise by words,
and pray in his own spirit,
will judge such sighing, groaning, praising, and singing, as before;
but the exalted spirit is to be cut down with the sword of the spirit.
For if any should sigh, or groan, or rejoice, or make a joyful sound,
when another is praying in the spirit of God, and ministering in the spirit, spiritual things;
the spirit of error cannot bear this,
but swells, and breaks out into confusion and disorder,
which, (as I said before), is to be cut down with the sword of the spirit;
for he denies the effect of true prayer, and the spirit of prayer, which makes intercession,
who has, or would have, no feeling of the effects of true prayer;
but that which is formal, and in the imitation,
that makes many to groan and sigh,
who are burdened with that spirit; yea, many tender ones.
And therefore all are to keep low before the Lord,
in the humility, in the spirit and power;
out of the imagination, imitation, and self exaltation.
And so keep in the unity of the spirit, which is the bond of peace;
yes, the bond of the Prince of princes' peace.
Here the gospel of peace is known,
and the peace of God, which passes all understanding;
which is the King of kings, and Lord of lords, and Prince of princes' peace,
who said, 'In me you have peace;'
and all are bound by the spirit of God to keep his peace;
and all his believers, and faithful ones, and true christians,
are bound to keep it among themselves,
and in all their assemblies (his church) which he is the head of.

George Fox

Worcester Jail, the 14th of the 9th month, 1674.



All who are sensible of the power of God, and have received it,
which is immortal and everlasting, live in it, and grow up in it;
for the power of God is over the power of the devil;
which power of God is the gospel, and it is called the cross of Christ.
who have received the gospel, the power of God,
and come to be heirs of it, take your possessions of the same;
and keep your men and women's meetings in it,
in your possession of the gospel, the power of God.
Here is the holy, heavenly, and powerful order,
which is everlasting, and will have no end;
and this order of the gospel, which is the power of God,
is over all the orders in the world, and before they were,
whether Jews, Gentiles, or apostate Christians.
For the apostle said, in Gal 1:11-12
'Now I certify you brethren, (namely, the church),
that the gospel that was preached by me, was not from man;
for I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but rather through the revelation of Jesus.'

So I can declare to you, in the presence of the Lord,
that the gospel, which is the power of God,
I neither received from man, nor was I taught it, but rather through the revelation of Jesus Christ.
And all you who have received the same power,
(namely, the gospel), and are possessors of it, can testify,
that the gospel, the power of God, is neither by man, nor from man;
though some men and women, in their carnal wisdom, may oppose it;
but as Peter said, 1 Pet 1:12
'the gospel by the holy ghost, sent down from heaven,'

was it which was preached to the churches then, and so it is now.

And therefore, all you who have received it,
this heavenly and everlasting power of God, the heavenly dignity;
keep in your possessions of it,
being heirs of it, and in the holy order of it,
and walk, as becomes the gospel,
and let your conduct be according to it as the saints and the churches were in the primitive times;
for Christ who redeemed his people out of their vain conduct,
and purchased them with his blood,

and has become the head of the church, the heavenly and spiritual man,
has given them a heavenly and spiritual possession and order to walk in,
and to keep in, which is the heavenly, and eternal, and everlasting unity and fellowship;
namely, in the everlasting gospel, the power of God,
which I am not ashamed of, of the gospel of Christ;
for it is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone who believes. Rom 1:16.

And the cross of Christ is the everlasting power of God;
so no longer do you keep in fellowship, but as you keep in the cross of Christ;
for the enemy to the cross of Christ is the mind that runs into outward and earthly things,
and sets up another god, namely, their belly;
and another glory, namely, their shame;

and therefore it is called the mystery of the fellowship of the cross of Christ,
which is the power of God.
So this fellowship is not from man, nor by man;
for it is in the everlasting power of God.

And therefore, do not forsake the fellowship,
and the assembling of yourselves together,
as the manner of some is, and was;
but exhort one another, and so much the more,
because you see that the day draw near more and more to you;

for if there is a sinning willfully,
after you have received the knowledge of the truth,
there remains no more sacrifice for sin,
but only a fearful looking for judgment and firey indignation,
which shall devour the adversaries of God.

And therefore, keep in the new and living way,
which is prepared for all the true believers, as you may see in Heb 3:13
And 'exhort one another daily, while it is called today;'
mark, while it is called today;
for you may lose the harvest day, and be hardened before tomorrow comes;
and 'for fear that any of you be hardened, through the deceitfulness of sin;'
and this was the practice of the church, which was in the light, power, and spirit of God,
as in Heb 3:13. And in Titus, see how the apostle admonishes him,
who was in the power of God,
to exhort and rebuke, with all authority;
after he had showed him how the grace of God,
which brings salvation, appeared to all men, which taught the saints how to live,

and those who went from it were to be rebuked, and others exhorted to it. Titus. 2:11-12.

And also he instructs Timothy, who was in the power of God, to exhort the church;
and likewise that the scriptures, which were given forth by the inspiration of God,
were profitable for doctrine, to reprove, instruct, and correct in righteousness,
so that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished to all good works;

mark, the man of God, not the man of the world, who denies perfection;
and those who have the spirit of God, that gave forth the scriptures, do the same. 2 Tim 3:16-17.
And those who were to exhort, were to be an example in word and conduct,
in love, in spirit, in faith, and in pureness;
such were to give attendance to exhortation, and to doctrine, and still are, as you may see in 1 Tim 4:12-13.

And Peter said to the church in the primitive times, which ought to be the practice of the church of Christ now,
'As every man has received the gift, even so let him minister the same one to another,
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
If any man speaks, let him speak as the oracles [words] of God;
if any man ministers, let him do it with the ability that God gives;'
mark, God gives, and not man, or as God has ministered to him,
so that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ,
to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever. Amen.' 1 Pet 4:10-11.

And the apostle said, 'To everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ;
for there is one God and Father of all, which is above all, and through all, and in you all.'

So everyone, now as then, is to mind him who is in them all, who is above all,
and his gift, and the measure of grace, the gift of Christ;
for it will teach them, and bring their salvation;
and through the measure of the gift of grace they grow up to a perfect man,
and to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, as may be seen in Eph 4:12-13.

And as God has dealt to every man a measure of faith, in the faith they should walk,
which gives them victory and access to God, which purifies their hearts;
with which they please God.

And the apostle said to the church then,
which is to be the practice of the true church now,
that according to the grace that was given,
'whether we prophesy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;'
or any office, let us wait on the office; or, he who teaches, on teaching;
and he who ministers, on ministering; or, he who exhorts, on exhortation;
and he who distributes, let him do it with simplicity,' etc.
And' he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness;' as you may see, Rom. 12.

So all this is to be done, in the faith,
and according to the measure of the grace given to everyone;
so that all may be done in the faith according to the measure of grace given to everyone,
so that all may be done in the faith from one spirit,
which the manifestation of is given to every one to benefit all;
by which spirit they are all baptized into one body,
which Christ the heavenly spiritual man is the head of.

So all members, from the eye to the foot, are serviceable in the body,
in the grace of God, who are joined together by the spirit of God,
and to Christ their head, from whom they receive nourishment;
for the spirit of God distributes to everyone severally, as he will,
and so are all made to drink, (mark to drink), into one spirit;

in which they have all fellowship in the heavenly drinking of the spiritual drink,
and eating of the spiritual bread that comes down from heaven.
Therefore every man and woman's eye must be lifted up to heaven,
and minds, and thirsts, and desires, and hearts, and the soul that hungers,
and the needy who sighs, and the poor who groans,
for this bread that comes down from heaven;
and the spiritual drink,
and so they may have the spiritual bread in their own houses,
and heavenly water in their own cisterns,
with which they have to refresh themselves and others.
So here may all eat and drink to the praise and the glory of God,
for all drink into one spirit.
And as they eat of the bread that comes down from heaven,
then they can say the scripture is fulfilled; 'All eyes are lifted up unto you,
you open with your hand;' namely, your power; 'and you fill with your blessings;'

and, then with their souls, hearts, and spirits, minds, and lips,
they will show forth his praise, in praising God, the Creator,
who is in all, over all, through all, and above all.

And therefore, in the power and name of Jesus, in whose name you were gathered,
keep you meetings, your men's and women's meetings,
so that in the power you may be kept in the holy unity, and holy order,
in diligence, in the church of God, and in his business, and affairs,
admonishing, exhorting, rebuking those who talk, and do not walk accordingly;
those who profess, and do not possess;
such as are the sayers, and are not the doers.

So that everyone's life and conduct
may be as becomes the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the heavenly man,
and keep in the unity of the spirit, which is the bond of the Prince of princes' peace:
which, if you break, you forfeit your riches in your estate and inheritance of life.

Some men may say, man must have the power and superiority over the woman,
because God says, 'The man must rule over his wife; and that man is not of the woman,
but the woman is of the man.'

Indeed, after man fell, that command was;
but before man fell there was no such command; for they were both helpmates,
and they were both to have dominion over all that God made.

And as the apostle said, 'for as the woman is of the man,'
his next words are, ' so is the man also by the woman;
but all things are of God.'

And so the apostle clears his own words;
and so as man and woman are restored again, by Christ up into the image of God,
they both have dominion again in the righteousness and holiness,
and are help mates, as before they fell.

So then the man is not without the woman,
neither the woman without the man in the Lord.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.
But there are some dark spirits who say,
that for women to meet together to worship God, apart from the men,
is monstrous and ridiculous.
But this dark spirit has not defined what worship is;
for if a company of women should meet together,
and some of these women should kneel down,
and lift up their hands and eyes to God,
and pray to God, or praise God,
as John would have fallen down to the angel, this is worship.
And if the dark spirit calls this monstrous and ridiculous,
because men are not with them,
then it will follow that it is monstrous and ridiculous to pray to God,
or to worship God, unless men are with them.
Therefore, with the spirit of God,
all may see what confusion this dark spirit is running into,
that is against women's meetings,
and that women must not worship God apart from the men,
and calls it monstrous and ridiculous;
but from their own monstrous spirit, their own ridiculousness is manifest.
For you may see in the scripture what worship was,
and what worship is;
those who were not to worship idols,
they were not to lift up their hands nor eyes to them, nor to fall down to them,
but to worship God,
and to bow down to him,
and to lift up their hands and eyes to him.
For all men and women must lift up their eyes, hands, hearts, and spirits to the Lord,
and to bow to him, and worship him;
and ought in all their meetings, which gather in the name of Jesus,
to wait upon the Lord for wisdom, counsel, and understanding,
that by it they may be ordered and directed in his holy service and business,
in his holy church, which Christ is the holy head of,
as they are directed and ordered by the Lord's power and wisdom,
to praise, and magnify, and glorify him, with thanksgiving,
both in your men's and women's meetings,
and all other meetings, in the name of Jesus Christ.
For he is in the midst of them,
their prophet, priest, teacher, shepherd, bishop, and counselor,
opening with his heavenly power, feeding with his heavenly food,
counseling with his heavenly counsel,
sanctifying them, to present them to the holy God without spot,
overseeing them with his holy power and spirit;
so that God may have the praise and the glory through Jesus Christ,
in all, and through all, who is blessed forever.

So Friends are not to meet like a company of people about town or parish business,
neither in their men's nor women's meetings, but to wait upon the Lord;
and feeling his power and spirit to lead them, and order them to his glory;
so that whatever they may do, they may do it to the praise and glory of God,
and in unity in the faith, and in the spirit, and in fellowship in the order of the gospel;
and the devil and his instruments cannot get into this gospel, which is the power of God;
and that makes him rage;
and he would not have the woman to have a share in it,
(who first deceived the woman, and now would again), nor the men neither.
Nor can he get into the worship of God,
which is in spirit and truth, which the devil is out of;
and therefore keep your possessions in the power of God,
and your habitations there,
and in Christ Jesus, who bruises the head of the serpent,
who is the head of all false orders, and disorders,
and has made the world like a wilderness,
and he in his instruments is against the order of the gospel, and the power of God,
that men and women should be in the possession of, and the dignity of it.
And many spoke evil of this in the apostles' days, and they do so now;
but the power stands, and the order of it over his head, and his instruments;
and Christ is the same today as yesterday; and so forever;
and of the increase of his government there is no end.
So all who are heirs of Christ,
and of his power and righteousness are heirs of his government;
and they see there is no end of the increase of it.

And you may see how the apostle, after he had convinced people,
he brought them into the order of the gospel;
and the Jews after they came out of Egypt,
they were brought into the order of the law of God.
And as the christians come to believe in Christ,
then they are to come into the order of the gospel.

So as I was first moved by the Lord God,
to go up and down the nation to preach the gospel,
then after the Lord moved me to go up and down, to exhort and to write,
that all people might come into the possession of the gospel, (and the order of it),
which is the power of God, which was before the devil was;
which is not of man, nor by man and his word;
by which all things are upheld and ordered to the glory of God.
And Christ is a priest after the order of Melchisedeck.
So you may see there was a heavenly order in the power and spirit of Christ's priesthood,
as there was of Aaron's;
of whose order Christ did not come.

And the apostle said to the church, 'Let all things be done decently, and in order.'
And this order was in the power of God, the gospel, (1 Cor 14:40) where all decency is.
And the apostle said, "Though he was absent in the flesh,
yet he was present with them in the spirit, rejoicing and beholding their order;"

namely, the churches' order, and their steadfastness in Christ.
"And as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him."

So this was the spiritual order of the gospel, which the apostle beheld in spirit,
and admonishes them to; in whom their walking should be;
namely, in Christ, the spiritual heavenly man;
and not to walk in old Adam, who was without this spiritual heavenly gospel order;
which is the duty of all true christians, to walk in Christ and his gospel order.
And it is said in Psalm 37:23, ' The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord;'
and that is, by his power and spirit.

And in Psalm 50:23, 'To him who orders his conduct aright
will I show forth the salvation of God;'
'and who offers praises, glorifies me,'
said the Lord.
So those who offer up praises by the spirit, glorify God,
which all must keep to, and not quench it.
And all whose conduct is ordered aright, it is by the power of God, the gospel;
for they are kept by the power of God unto the day of salvation;
and this is the right order, and everlasting order, which all must keep and walk in;
by which all convduct must be ordered aright,
that all may see their salvation, Christ Jesus, who is the head of the church,
and whoever sees and receives him, has life everlasting,
and through him they have peace with God.
So all in him live and meet, in whom you have life,
and a peace that is everlasting, which none can take away;
which peace is not this world's peace.

And also the whole church of Christ,
which are the believers in the light, children of the light,
living stones, which make up the spiritual household;
over which house Christ is the head;

all such believers, men and women, are a chosen generation,
a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people,
so that they should show forth the virtue of Christ,
who has called them out of darkness into his marvelous light.

So into him the life, namely, Christ Jesus, by whom the world was made,
here in him they know their election before the world began.
So Christ's church is called a royal priesthood,
offering up spiritual sacrifices to God, who is a spirit;
and this royal priesthood has a high priest,
made higher than the heavens,
namely, Christ Jesus;
and this royal priesthood is not after the order of Aaron,
whose order was proved by his rod's bearing fruit,
laid over night in the tabernacle, and in the morning brought forth fruit;

but your order is proved by your rods' budding, and bringing forth fruit,
in the morning of God's day, which are the fruits of the spirit;
through which spirit you come to offer according to your order,
which is in the power of God, the gospel, the spiritual sacrifices,
the first fruits of the spirit to God, who is a spirit;
according to your order (as I said before) of the gospel, the power of God.
For the outward Jew was to offer the first fruits of the earth,
according to the order of Aaron;

but according to the order of the gospel, you (both men and women)
are to offer the first fruits of the spirit to God, who is a spirit, over all, blessed forever.
And show how the Lord has blest you in your spiritual fruits,
and how you have been captives, in spiritual Egypt, and how you were redeemed.
I might write much more concerning these things
but they are hard to be uttered, or to be borne;
for so much strife and foolishness has entered into the minds of people,
and a lack of the stillness and quietness in the pure spirit of God,
in which things are revealed that have been veiled;
in which things are opened that have been hidden, and uncovered that have been covered.
But all wait in the diligence, in the holy life,
by which the holy things are seen and received, in which the holy unity and fellowship is.
So no more but my love.

George Fox

314.- To all my dear Friends, elect and precious, in America.

Stand fast in the faith which Christ Jesus is the author of,
by his heavenly ensign, in your heavenly armor,
and your feet shod with the preparation of the heavenly gospel of peace,
and your heads preserved with the helmet of salvation,
and your hearts fenced with the breastplate of righteousness,

and so stand feeling and seeing God's banner of love over your heads,
manifesting that you are the good ground,
that God's seed has taken root downward in, and springs upward in,
and brings forth fruits in some sixty, and some an hundred fold in this life,
to the praise and glory of God,

always beholding the sun of righteousness, which never sets,
ruling the supernatural day, of which you are children,
and the persecutor's sun, (which rises and sets again),
the beat of it cannot scorch your blade,
which it may do to that seed that grows on the stony ground.

And therefore, be valiant for God's truth upon the earth,
and fear him who can break their fetters, their jails, and their bonds in sunder,
and can make your fleece to grow again, after the wolves have torn the wool from your backs;
for the rod of the wicked shall not always be upon the backs of the righteous.

And therefore mind Christ, who is the first and last,
who bruises the head of him who is the head of all persecutors, namely, the devil.

And consider how all the faithful in all ages suffered, from righteous Abel to just Lot,
and the children of Israel by Pharaoh, and the true prophets by the false,
and Christ and the apostles by the vagabond professing Jews, (out of the possession),
and what rejoicing it was to them to suffer for the Lord Jesus,
and how it was given unto them, not only to believe, but also to suffer;

so it was the gift of God to them not only to believe, but to suffer,
and to bear them up in their sufferings.

And consider how all the martyrs and saints have suffered since the apostles' days,
by the heathens and false Christians;
and so there is no new thing under the sun.

And therefore, keep your meetings in the name of Jesus,
whose name is above every name, in whose name you have salvation;
and be valiant for God's truth upon the earth, and sound his name abroad,
and keep in the truth, and give no just occasion to the adversary;
for the lamb must have the victory.
And keep in the Lord's power, which is over all, and in his peaceable truth,
in which you will seek the good and eternal welfare and salvation of all people.

And the prophet Isaiah speaking of Christ, says,
'In all their afflictions he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them;'
so all Friends feel the Lord in all your afflictions.

And the apostle said, 'We ourselves glory in you, (namely, in the churches of God),
for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that you endure.'

So here you may see the saints are one another's joy in the Lord,
who upholds them in all their persecutions, tribulations, and sufferings;
and therefore look over the devil, who is out of truth, who makes to suffer,
to Christ, who bruises his head;
and in Christ, who is first and last,
in him have you rest, life, and peace.

And you see, by faith, 'Moses chose rather to suffer afflictions with the people of God,
than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.'
So by faith, 'he esteemed the reproaches of Christ
as greater riches than the treasures in Egypt.'

And by faith, 'Moses forsook Egypt, nor fearing the wrath of the king,
but he endured, as seeing him who is invisible;'

and so by faith God's people now forsake spiritual Egypt.

And by faith 'the mouths of the lions were stopped;'
and by faith they endured tortures,
not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection;
and by faith they underwent all the cruel mockings, scornings, bonds, and imprisonments;
and by faith they underwent stoning and sawing asunder,
and were tempted and slain with the sword;
and they wandered about in sheep-skins and goat-skins,
being destitute, afflicted, and tormented;
of whom the world was not worthy.'

Now all these lived in the one faith, by which they saw him who was invisible;
which is the faith of God's elect now, (which Christ Jesus is the author and finisher of),
which faith upholds his people now, as it did then,
against the persecutors in days and ages past.

And hold fast the hope that anchors the soul,
which is sure and steadfast, so that you may float above the world's sea;
for your anchor holds sure and steadfast in the bottom,
let the winds, storms, and raging waves rise ever so high.
And your star is fixed,
by which you may steer to the eternal land of rest, and kingdom of God.
So, no more, but my love to you all.

George Fox

Swarthmore in Lancashire, the 12th of the 12th month, 1675.

315.-To Friends in Barbados.

Dear Friends,

To whom is my love in the holy truth;
my desire is, that you may all be valiant for it, against all deceit,
that the camp of God may be kept clean;
and all may be faithful in your testimonies of light, and life,
against all those things which have come up in this night of apostasy
from the light, life, and power of God.
So look at the Lord and his eternal power,
which has brought you out of the night of apostasy, to his eternal praise,
and his power has preserved you to this day.
The Lord with his glorious power
was with us in all our assemblies, at this Yearly Meeting;
he has the dominion, and gave dominion to his people over all evil spirits.
Glory to his name forever. Amen.

Great persecutions are in most counties in England,
and many are imprisoned in many places, and their property confiscated.
And we had a very large Yearly Meeting here, and very peaceable and quiet.
And the Lord's power and presence was richly manifest in our meetings,
and the Lord wonderfully supports Friends in all their trials and sufferings,
and Friends generally are in much love and unity with one another.

Now, friends, we desire that at your Quarterly Meeting,
you may write over a letter to the Yearly Meeting in London,
of the affairs of the church of Christ,
and the prosperity, and the spreading of his truth there;
for we had a large letter from the Half-Year Meeting in Ireland,
which declares that Friends were all in unity there;
and likewise an account was given from Scotland that Friends were in unity there;
and likewise an epistle was read in our Yearly Meeting here,
from the Yearly Meeting in Holland,
which gives an account that Friends are in love and unity there;
and in Friesland, Germany, and other places;
but at Embden and Dantzick, they are under great persecution;
and lately we have a new meeting set up beyond Holland,
who have been under much suffering and persecutions,
but they stand faithful to the Lord.
And at Algiers, in the Turks country,
Friends have set up a meeting among themselves, (who are captives), about twenty Friends,
and some other of the captives have been convinced at that meeting.

And one Thomas Tilby, a captive Friend,
has a testimony for God, and speaks there among them;
and their patrons, or masters, let them meet;
and one of their masters spoke to a Friend, as he was going to a meeting,
and thought he had been going to a public tippling house,
and he stopped him, and asked him where he was going?
And he told him, to worship the great God;
and he said it was well, and let him go;
and some of the Turks said,
they had some among them of their people, who would not buy stolen goods.
I have written a large letter to them to encourage them,
and that they might preach the gospel abroad in those parts,
both in their words, lives, and conduct;
and this meeting there, among the Turks, may be of great service.

And now, friends, all be careful of God's glory, and seek the good of one another;
and all strive to be of one mind and heart,
and that the peace and gentle wisdom of God may order you all.
And be courteous, and kind, and tender-hearted to one another;
and so the Lord God Almighty, in his holy spirit, preserve you all
in unity and fellowship with one another. Amen.

George Fox

And Friends you may send a copy of this to the Caribbean Islands,
to be read in their Quarterly Meetings; and you may read it in your own.

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