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James 3:2

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 2 For we all err in many things; and if any man does not err in his words, he is a perfect man, and able also to control his whole body.1

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1 My brothers, not many of you should be teachers, knowing that we who teach will be judged by a stricter judgment; or we all err in many things, and if any man does not err in his words, he is a perfect man, and able also to control his whole body. James is saying, until you are perfected, you should not be teaching because your words will have errors in them; and when you teach errors, you will incur condemnation. Jesus said the same: The disciple is not above his master, but everyone who is perfect will be like his master. Luke 6:40

If you are preaching or teaching religion before being perfected and specifically authorized, sent, and ordered the exact words to speak by Christ, to progress spiritually, you must stop. Every word you preach or teach that is not heard from the Spirit immediately before speaking puts condemnation on you, and until perfected and authorized your teachings will not be true.

From the Word of the Lord within:

However true your words are, unless they are spoken with His Spirit in control of your mouth, your words do not reach the heart of your listeners; such words are idle (non-edifying), and we shall give an account for all non-edifying words that come out of our mouth. Don't even talk about God or Christ until authorized by him. See To Religious Teachers and Preachers for more.

Your errors can result in the blood of your listeners being chargeable to you. Until you have been specifically authorized by the Lord to be a teacher, until you have been specifically been given the gift of teaching by the Holy Spirit, DON'T TEACH. Until you speak words supplied by the Holy Spirit, your words come from your carnal mind, which is enmity against God and from the nature of death. Until you can speak the words supplied by the Holy Spirit, your words have no life. Only words from the Spirit can impart life. To feed the sheep is to speak words and teachings heard from the Spirit of God. The Spirit gives life, so words supplied by the Spirit of God to a true teacher or preacher, increase the life of God in their listeners. Reading from the dead letter of the Bible, does not give life to the listeners. The letter kills, but the spirit gives life. 2 Cor 2:6; The words that I speak to you are spirit, and the are life-giving. John 6:63. As Paul said: Which things we speak, not in the words, which man's wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Spirit instructs; explaining spiritual truths with spiritual words. 1 Cor 2:13. As Peter said: If any man speaks, let him speak with God's words [oracles]. 1 Pet 4:11

Even Jesus did not judge, speak, or act without the Spirit's specific prompting. Jesus said:

Jesus said that a man who preaches from his own mind seeks his own glory. He seeks your money, your admiration, and your subjection to his authority. The preachers of Christendom stand condemned for seeking their own glory and then accepting pay for their worthless words; when to even charge for true words of life like Balaam, spoken from the spirit of God, is expressly forbidden by Peter and Jesus. Seeking their own glory, the preachers of Christendom speak from their carnal minds, the nature of death, and preach their opinions from the vain imaginations of their evil hearts.

So, don't witness until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord. He did not want man to bear witness about him, because he knew what was in their hearts. John 2:25. Don't teach until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord. Truly, truly, I say to you: We speak what we know, and testify what we have seen. John 3:11. Don't blog about your beliefs until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord. Don't write a book until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord. Don't put up a web site until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord. AND DON'T PREACH until you are specifically authorized by the Voice of the Lord.

He who does not gather with me scatters. Luk 11:23, Mat 12:30 (To gather with him, is by his direction).
When you witness, teach, or preach for him, not with him, you are scattering the sheep.
To gather with him, is to gather with his specific promptings, and words supplied at that moment.
If you lead someone to the Lord without his specific instructions, your convert is twice as much a child of hell as yourself.

Except obeying commands heard from Him to repent of your behaviors, words, or thoughts, don't do anything for God until you can distinguish the voices of the enemy from the voice of the Lord.

From the Word of the Lord within: "There are many traps and snares along the way." The devil is always working very hard to lure you into one of his traps and snares; and if you fall for one of his tempting schemes, he hopes you will become discouraged and give up your seeking God. He can hear all your thoughts, so he knows what you want; and he tailors his lures and traps to appeal to your desires. Almost always his temptations are something the Lord has commanded you not to do or that you know is wrong. The devil imitates the Holy Spirit's voice and issues very detailed, complex instructions over a lengthy period time, making it seem like the Lord is ordering you to proceed, convincing you that this is an exception for your special needs. From the Word of the Lord within, "Err on the side of caution."

Unguided preaching/teaching, investment schemes, and major purchases requiring debt are common.

There is a voice of the Lord like thunder over the waters described in many Old Testament passages. This is radically different than the small still voice we hear from within our hearts from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and the Word of the Lord within speak with words from Jesus, so we are hearing from the Son of god. But until we can truly hear the Voice of the Lord, we will not know for sure it is the Lord speaking to us. From the Word of the Lord within: "you will always have doubts until you hear His voice. My voice is like thunder over waters. You will hear His voice when He calls you." We will hear the Lord's voice like thunder over waters for the first time after we have submitted to the baptism of fire and death to then be called forth and resurrected with Him as a new creature. Then, as John 10:3-5 states: we will know his voice, he will lead us out of the world to the kingdom, and we will flee from other voices. When you hear His voice for the first time, you have passed over from death to life; and once you have heard His voice like thunder over waters, you will always know whether or not it is the Lord speaking to you.

We first have to listen to the Holy Spirit and the word of the Lord within to hear and obey His many teachings and commands. Then with long persistence and patience in doing obedient works of repentance, we experience the baptism of fire and death, to then hear the Voice of the Lord as we pass from death to life. Until then, we have to be on our guard to not be deceived by the enemy, pretending to be the Lord speaking to us. Based on the advice of Edward Burrough, (click to read), a giant in the early Quakers, until we can distinguish between the voice of the Lord and the voice of the enemy, we should do nothing  for the Lord but follow his commands to repent.

Look at ships, which though they are so great and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, wherever the pilot wants to go.
Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but can boast of great things. Consider how great a forest a little fire kindles!
And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. It is set among our members, defiling the whole body, and setting on fire the course of our life; and it is set on fire by hell.
For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and has been tamed by mankind.
But no man can tame the tongue, it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. James 3:4-8
. [Only the grace of God can tame a man's tongue.]