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John 3:36

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 36 He who believes in [depends on, trusts, obeys] the Son has everlasting life [of God]; and he who does not believe [depend on, trust, obey] the Son shall not see life [of God]; but the wrath of God remains on him." [To have eternal life is to have persistently believed and obeyed Jesus' spoken commands to you, so that you enter union with Him, to then obey His directed good works to his glory. If a man has any of worries, anger, wanting more, depression, lusts for sex, pride, envy, partying, filthy talk, lying, drunkenness, drug usage, etc., then whatever he may think about his being saved, he is not, and the wrath of God remains on him. To be saved, is to be delivered from all the those lusts, affections, and emotions of the flesh; and to have peace and joy forever, having been restored into the life and spiritual image of God in true holiness and righteousness.]

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