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Psalms 90:8

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 8 You have set our sins before you, what we have hidden, by the light of your face.1

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1 You have set our sins before you, what we have hidden, by the light of your face. When we go to Lord, to wait on him in silence, listening for his voice, he first encourages us, tells us about himself, and even gives us prophecies of our life that come true. Then, once we know he is God and our friend who wants to help us become pure and holy, he begins to show us our sins. He shows in a non-condemning way, in a way that we can easily recognize as truth, in a way that is undeniable to all but the most stubborn, and in a way that shames us and motivates us to repent or change. When he shows us ourselves, that is his light exposing our secret sins, that is his word, which is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. There is not any created being that is not seen [continually] by God, but all things are exposed and open to the eyes of him [God] to whom we must give an account. Heb 4:12-13. And most important, when we have sorrow about our condition that he shows us, resolving to change, he then gives us supernatural help to be different, by removing the desire to sin from our hearts.