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Revelation 11

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 1 Then I was given a reed like a measuring rod, and I was told, "Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count those who worship in it.

 2 But the court that is outside the temple leave out, and do not measure it; for it is given to the Gentiles; and they will trample the holy city under foot for forty two months.1

 3 And I will give power to my two witnesses,2 and they will prophesy one thousand-two-hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth."

 4 These are the two olive trees, and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth.

 5 And if any man tries to harm them, fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies; this is how any man who tries to harm them must be killed.

 6 These have power to shut heaven, so that it does not rain during the days of their prophecy; and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with plagues, as often as they will.

 7 And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, and will overcome them, and kill them.

 8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was also crucified.

 9 The peoples and kindreds and tongues and nations will see their dead bodies for three and a half days, and will not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves.

 10 And those who dwell upon the earth will gloat over them, and make merry, and will send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented those who dwelt on the earth.

 11 And after three and a half days the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who saw them.

 12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying to them, "Come up here." And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies watched them.

 13 And the same hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell, and seven thousand men were slain in the earthquake; and the remainder were frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven.

 14 The second woe is past; and behold, the third woe comes quickly.

 15 Then the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he will reign forever and ever."3

 16 And the twenty four elders, who sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

 17 Saying, "We give you thanks, O LORD God Almighty, who is, and was, and is to come; because you have taken to you your great power, and have reigned.

 18 And the nations were angry, but your wrath has come. The time that the dead should be judged, and that you should reward your servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear your name, small and great; and that you should destroy those who destroyed the earth."

 19 Then the temple of God was opened in heaven, and the ark of his testament was seen in the temple; and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

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1In New Jerusalem the temple and those within were measured (measurable, countable, finite); the location of the spiritual Jews, those whose hearts had been circumcised on the earth, to become Jews (obedient) inwardly. The outer court, was not measured. In Rev 21:16 a further measure is given. George Fox significantly amplifies the dimensions, referring to another translation:

The Greek copy with Arias Montanus' interlineary translation has it, Revelation, 21:16, that is, furlongs, twelve times twelve thousand, that is, one hundred forty-four thousand, that is the length and breadth, and the height being equal, is twelve thousand, being in all, one million seven hundred twenty-eight thousand furlongs, that is, two hundred sixteen thousand miles, that is ten times the compass of the earth, as it is commonly accounted, or thereabouts.

Using the above circumference and ignoring height, New Jerusalem would cover 24 times the area of earth. If each of the 6.72 billion people on the earth today were standing in a 3 ft. x 3 ft. square, every person would fit within 1/2 the state of Connecticut. (These calculations can be reviewed on a separate page.) So, New Jerusalem's outer court of the Gentiles, (of those whose hearts were not circumcised), is capable of holding the innumerable others, not redeemed from the earth, not first fruits — but reconciled to God, having passed through the lake of fire to become fit company for heaven.

In the old testament, only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies in the temple; those who produce fruit in this life become kings and priests, in the presence of the Lord and in the glory of his power forever, serving Him. Revelation describes heaven [the holy city] as the temple of God and an outward court. The temple of God is for the spiritual Jew, those whose hearts were circumcised while on earth; they serve and worship God as priests and kings in the temple of God, which is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb (Christ). Stephen Crisp, an eminent early Quaker minister said:

"The outward court was for representing the church of God in general, from the particular; the outward court was not measured, that the gentiles might come in; the unbaptized [did not have the baptism of death by fire, resulting in a circumcised heart] people, who were never regenerated, they might come so far as the outward court, but this did not entitle them to the privileges of the house of God, nor to any worship or sacrifice that was accepted upon God's altar."

But those who were not purified (regenerated) on earth do not even enter the outer court until they have been purified in the lake of fire. Again, the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of those that believe. 1 Tim 4:9-10. For more on this subject, see Is There Hope for All.

2 I will give power to my two witnesses, The witnesses in this chapter, prophesying, devouring their enemies, shutting up the heavens from rain, being killed, lying in the streets, and rising, like the rest of the Book of Revelation, are experienced in the hearts of believers, which experience kingdom-dwelling, early Quaker giant, Edward Burrough wrote:

I was wanton, and lived in the lustful nature, among heathens, crucifying the Lord of Life; but the blood of that which I had slain cried continually, and the witness which lay slain would give me no rest, which the earthly made merry over; and I grew to be weary of hearing any of the priests though never so high, for something which shined deep in me showed me ignorant in all profession, and I was put to a stand many times in myself at those things that had come to pass.

In you, O land, will the Lord manifest his power and will stretch forth his arm for the deliverance of his chosen, and for the redemption of his two witnesses, which have lain slain in the great city in this land, which those who dwell upon the Earth have rejoiced over and made merry, and triumphed in their slaughter;
for I saw myself to be in bondage to my own will and to my own lusts; and through the Word of the Lord spoken to me by him, began to see myself, (the witness being raised), where I was, and what I had been doing,

Exactly how this occurs within a believer's heart is a mystery, which is only revealed by experiencing the revelation (the revealing) of Jesus Christ (who has been hidden).

3 The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he will reign forever and ever. The Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations....the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah 61:11,11:9,2 Pet 3:13. From the Word of the Lord within:

Revelation foretells the future. The world in every man is destroyed by the Lord. I am going to thin the earth; whole families will die. Those who have no light, I will destroy. I will put my law into every man's heart. I will betray those who are happy in their sins. I will fill the whole earth with the dead. All those who destroy will be imagined to be my authorities. Whoever does wickedly and unjustly will be punished. Clearly there are some who will be greatly preferred. I will make men more precious than rubies. Every man was his own king. I will make obedience the fruit of righteousness. The Lord shall establish righteousness throughout the earth. It will be done. From this one earth shall many earths come forth.

The Lord will rule, but rule through his presence and control of his saints on the earth. See the Rev 21:1 for more information.

As with the book of Revelation and Jesus, who is, who was, and who is to come, this all transpires within the earth that is in a man's heart.


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