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Revelation 6:6

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 6 Then I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, "A measure of wheat for a day's wages, and three measures of barley for a day's wages; but see that you do not harm the oil and the wine."

4 Esdras 16:18-21

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 18 The beginning of sorrows and great mournings; the beginning of famine and great death; the beginning of wars, and the powers shall stand in fear; the beginning of evils! What shall I do when these evils shall come?

 19 Behold, famine and plague, tribulation and anguish, are sent as scourges for amendment.1 [God sends the troubles to wake man up from his drunken pride and lusts so that he will repent and be saved.]

 20 But for all these things they shall not turn from their wickedness, nor be always mindful of the scourges.

 21 Behold, food shall be so plentiful and cheap upon earth, that they shall think themselves to be secure and safe,2 and even then shall evils grow upon earth: the sword, famine, and great confusion.

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