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Romans 6:12

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 12 Do not allow sin to reign as king in your mortal body, that you would yield to its desires and serve its lusts and evil passions. [The Romans had been freed from sin, but they could still fall to temptation if they were not watchful; they had a perfection like Adam and Eve. They were yet to advance to the union with Christ as a son of God to be protected from ever sinning again.]

Romans 7:5

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 5 For when we were in the flesh, the passions of sin, (evil established by the law), worked in our members to bring forth fruit to death. [We are all trees with corrupt fruit, including: sexual immorality (including adultery and fornication), impurity, lust, idolatry (including covetousness), sorcery, hatred, arguments, jealousy, anger, ambition, divisiveness, factions, envy, drunkenness, revelry (partying), etc., to start; but we must be changed while alive on earth to produce good fruit. Christendom would have you simply label the bad tree good, still producing corrupt fruit; but such trees will be cut down and sent to the fire, regardless of the label on them. The law does not cause one to sin; the law adjusts, regulates, and curbs sin. From the word of the Lord within: "Either make the tree good, or make the tree bad. A tree that is holy is a good one."]

1 Thessalonians 4:4-5

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 4 That every one of you know how to possess [control] his own body in purity and honor,1

 5 Not in the passions of lusts, as the Gentiles do, who are ignorant of God. [Sexual immorality includes fornication and adultery; adultery includes looking at a woman with lust.]

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