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Wisdom 2:20

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 20 Let us condemn him with a shameful death for by his own saying he shall be respected."1


1 Verses 13-20 is a remarkable prophecy of how Christ was to be despised, rejected, tortured, and killed by the Jews. George Fox quoted from these verses to prove that the Jesus was the Messiah and was shamefully put to death, just as predicted in the Jews' own scriptures:

Again [like Mat 23:37] , in 4 Esdras 1:30. ‘the Lord gathered you, as a hen gathers her chicken under her wings: but now what shall I do for you? I will cast you out of my sight.’ Would not the Messiah have gathered you when he came, but you would not hear? So your house has become a desolation [temple destroyed], and you were cast forth [scattered in exile].

And in Solomon's Book of Wisdom* Chapter 2: ‘He upbraids us for offending against the law (2:12); he makes his boast to have the knowledge of God and calls himself the Son of God (2:13); he is made to reprove our thoughts (2:14); it grieves us also to look upon him; for his life is not like other men's, his ways are of another fashion (2:15); let us examine him with rebukes and torments, that we may know his meekness, and prove his patience(2:19); let us condemn him to a shameful death (2:20).’ And did not you Jews fulfill all this? Are not these sayings verified by you concerning the Messiah?

And you sons of Adam, who are called Jews, what do you think of the saying in 4 Esdras? Chapter 7, ‘The bride shall appear, and he shall come forth and be seen, that now is under the earth: for my Son Jesus shall appear with those that be with him, and those who remain shall rejoice within four hundred years; and after these same years shall my Son Christ die.’ So do you think he spoke truth? What Jesus was this, the anointed, that was prophesied of should die after the four hundred years?