The Missing Cross to Purity


In ye Quakerswritings of ye17th Century, they used older spellinge conventions.

ou will notice that the word the is spelled ye ; and them is spelled, ymthat is yt ,

and G. Fox is spelled G. ffox.

There are other spellings used for words, but you should be able to sound them out to recognize them.

Below is a printed page from Penney's Cambridge Journal.

Exhibit 1.
Vol  I, Page 41, of the 1911 Cambridge Journal
(Note: Fox above, even declines an unsolicited gift of money, evidently having no need of it;
further evidence of his faithfulness to Jesus' command: freely you have received, freely give.)



Below is a photograph of a page from George Fox's original handwritten Journal.
The notations to the side are Chapter and Verse of the Bible, which supported his recordings.

Exhibit 2.
A Photograph of Page of the Original Handwritten Manuscript of George Fox.
He was careful to never contradict scripture and to reference scripture as the validity of his message.


Exhibit 3.
A Sample of George Fox's Very Beautiful Signature